October 20

Numerology Secrets Review Guide : Numerologist.com vs Royal Numerology

The belief that there is a mystical relationship between the numbers secrets and the events that are being coincided is known as numerology. In fact, numerology is a person’s belief in divine numbers. Numerology has a long history. It goes back to good old Pythagoras who believed that mathematical concepts could be used to analyze life, that everything around us has a numerical relationship. Numerologists take this a bit further and believe that numbers can offer insights into your personality, goals, dreams, and dramas. Essentially, numerology is a way of tapping into the universe, accessing information through formulae and interpreting that information in order to answer life as questions. A numerologist is one who studies, practices and preaches numerology. Although practice of numerology dates goes back to the Vedic period, but the term “numerology” was not officially recorded until the year 1907.

Product # 1: Numerology Predictions by numerologist.com

If you want to know more about yourself and who you really are, as well as the perceptions of others about you, then a good numerology reading is for you. An extension to this would be the opportunities and hurdles you need to overcome from the understanding of your numerology report. You will see that that numbers have a significance influence on your life. Such influence is very beautiful and also mysterious one. The numbers will reveal more than what you may have expected about your personality, purpose of life, and potential events that can influence you.

A lot of surprising truths will be revealed to you that were hidden from you till now through this ‘Numerologist Free Reading’ by telling just your name and date of birth. By telling these two things, this product will uncover the truths and facts that are hidden in your personal specific numerology chart, including the directions and process of reading the universal clues that will give you the road map leading towards the real happiness. This product ‘Numerologist Free Reading’ can be utilized by just adding your name and date of birth. The following image show how this can be done:


When the start button is pressed, a detailed report about your hidden facts and figures comes on the screen. The free numerology reading calculates the life path number, your expression number, as well as your soul urge number, in order to uncover and reveal following things:

  • Why the flukes that are apparent actually fate?
  • What are the facets of your personality that were still hidden?
  • What are your innate talents?
  • What are the opportunities that are waiting for you?
  • The numerology charts will show the gifts that are secret and uncovered and how theses secret gifts can be utilized efficiently to achieve what you want in reality.
  • It will also tell what are your deepest desires and what steps should be taken to attain those desires.
  • The report will also give a paved way that how self-awareness and confidence could be achieved.
  • It will also be revealed what are the wrong areas where you are wasting your energy and skills. The right areas that can be beneficial to you will also be mentioned so that you can employ your skills effectively to be successful.
  • The challenges and hurdles that you have to face and the opportunities which could be utilized properly are also a part of the numerology report from numerologist.com


Product # 2: Royal Numerology

Numerology is a language that allows you to expand your spiritual knowledge. To me, it definitely works, as it opens new avenues of awareness. As your horizon widens with numerology and you will begin to see more possibilities. Numerology is a tool or a language of which you learn and the effects include healing you internally.

Royal Numerology is a product in which you have to enter your name, date of birth, email address and your special number. After this an email will be sent to you and this contains all the information regarding the following things about yourself:

  • Information about your health and marriage
  • How many kids will you have?
  • What profession is suitable for you?
  • When will you get a promotion?

And the list goes on…

Free Numerology Report from Royal Numerology

Our Verdict

Both products have fantastic numerology reading with numerologist.com being the longer one in the industry. If you ask me, numerologist.com might have more database of readings and therefore will be able to come up with a more predictive numerology reading report as compared to royal numerology.

However, I find the royal numerology chat bot experience somewhat unique and refreshing. I can simple post my questions there, and the chatbot will provide targeted answers for what I wish to ask for in numerology. If you have the time as well as the resources, why not try both readings and see which one is more accurate for you!

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