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10 Reasons To Use The Power of Numerology

The power of numerology is still not widely known. Numerology is defined as the branch of knowledge that deals with the occult significance of numbers. From time immemorial, numerology has been an inseparable part of astrology where many people have drawn their inspirations in life. Due to the controversial nature of the topic of occultism and astrology, it goes without mention that there are a good number of people who still do not subscribe to the notion that numerology could influence their fortunes in life.

However, in the interest of the many people who believe otherwise, and the many more who are coming forth to acknowledge this vital branch of knowledge, we have prepared some of the strongest reasons why you should use the power of numerology in nearly all areas of life.

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1. It can help you identify your life purpose

It is commonly believed by many numerologists that the specific day, month of year one is born has an immense significance on their personality as well as daily choices and in essence, the entire meaning of an individual’s life. We are all familiar with the common saying that ‘all men are born in equal, but only the best are born in October’’. Well, this could change depending on which month you are born in and to what extent you think your destiny is influenced by your specific month or date of birth.

It is also believed that in order for one to find their path of life and their destiny number, they would simply have to add each single digit of their birth date and then reduce the number down by adding each figure up until a single digit is reached. In doing this, it is important to note that numerology only works with digits one to nine, which means that an individuals’ destiny number will always be a single digit unless it ends up as a master number such as 11, 22 or 33. 33 for example, is associated with 33 numerology angel.

In order to understand this better, the following are some of the common traits associated with the digits, the very traits that could define your character and personality.

1. Beginnings, leadership, courage and individualism

2. Intuition, emotion , relationships and balance

3. Artistic skills, adventure, creativity and communication

4. Balance, logic, stability and calm,

5. Change, travel, spontaneity and spiritual growth

6. Truth, sincerity, love and harmony

7. Wisdom, mystery, learning and magic

8. Power, business, wealth and success

9. Influence, satisfaction, mystical and achievement

11. New beginnings, vision, higher ideals and purity

22. Personal power, justice, the future ad knowledge.

33. Humanitarianism, healing, revolution and knowledge.


2. It Can Highlight Your Best Suited Career

Many people today struggle with career choices and indeed, there is a good number of those who join the wrong vocational training programs as they are not especially sure what is ideal for them. If you choose the wrong vocational training, chances are you will not be happy with your work and this will open a vicious cycle marked with work apathy, despondency and disinterest in almost all pursuits in life.

However, the power of numerology can greatly help point you in the right direction. This is due to the fact that life path numbers are better aligned when it comes to certain fields as opposed to others. For example, those with a life path number 3 are believed to be more efficient in working in the media industry. On the same breath, those with life path number one are likely to be in positions of stewardship, hence vocations that border on training on the administrative courses would be more ideal for such people.


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3. It Can Point You towards Your Hobbies and Interests

One of the major challenges of millenials is the difficulty in discovering their hobbies and interests. In many world societies today, there is an overemphasis on the role of education in shaping the destiny of young men and women. While there are good reasons to advance this school of thought, it is not entirely true as there are many people who made it in life on account of their hobbies and interests as opposed to the mere fact of applying the knowledge they gained in classrooms. We have numerous cases of computer wizards who went on to create some of the most popularly-used software based on the fact that they had an interest in this field as opposed to having academically trained in it.

However, discovering ones hobbies and interests has its challenges but thanks to the power of numerology, you can now get it right. You only need to know what path number you are and you can as well determine what hobbies and interests you are most likely to succeed at. For example, if digit 4 is your life path number, then it means you are more likely drawn to activities that require a cool, calm and collected disposition such as chess.


4. It Can Help You Track Down The Dream Home

This one is interesting –we all have our dream homes but interestingly, we simply never seem to figure it out. At times, we manage to go the extra mile of purchasing a home we believe is ideal for us, only to be met halfway by a less-than-perfect ambience. This leaves us more disillusioned as the happiness we always sought may continue to remain elusive at the prospect of not landing the home you so worked hard and long for.

However, you can now track down your dream home, thanks to the power of numerology. All you need to do is add together your house, room or flat number with all the other digits that comprise your address and then reduce the sum to a single digit. By cross-comparing this with the energy of your life path number, you may figure out whether your present abode has the right vibe for you.


5. It Can reveal Whether Your Phone Number Is Aligned With You Or Not

In these modern times, we want everything to be aligned with our purpose and vibrational energy, and our phone numbers should be no exception. In order to find out whether your phone number is compatible with this kind of energy, all you need to do is add all the digits of your phone number.

At times, adding the digits the right way may not bring about the desired success so in these cases, you are free to add the digits in reverse order. The goal is to ensure the number is as aligned with your dreams and ambitions as possible. In the event the result for either way is not pleasant, it doesn’t break a bone to get a new phone number that will add more to your energy.


6. It Can Decode Your Relationship Dilemmas

One of the major challenges facing relationships today is incompatibility. Many people get into relationships because of mutual and temporary conveniences and when these shared interests are met, the relationships begin to go south. As we know, relationships founded on shifting sands have a way of leaving the partners with incurable wounds in the event of a breakup.

The power of numerology can, however, be used to determine whether someone is your perfect match even before you make that bold move to approach them. A common red flag in relationships is conflicting life path numbers as this often indicates incompatibilities. On the other hand, life path numbers that show harmony may mean the couple is compatible.

While there are many other variables involved in the art of romance, numerology has its role and its role is big as it could spell the difference between a long-lasting relationship and one that is destined to fall from the start. It saves relationships one of the biggest challenges by helping in the often-daunting task of match making and compatibility tests. In simpler terms, it makes couples know whether or not the chemistry clicks between them even before they can get down to serious dating.


7. It Can Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

The power of numerology has been used from time immemorial to try and offer insight into certain individual traits. In this respect, it may be used in three ways; it may be used to say a lot about how one perceives oneself, how one is perceived by others as well as how one perceives others. Numerology is therefore a significant component when it comes to the initiation, fostering and sustenance of interpersonal relationships. It is also in this respect that it plays a significant role when it comes to social relationships as one can use it to find those with whom one would best associate based on consonance of character and personality.

In order for you to discover your personality number, all you need to do is write down your first, middle and the last names or the names as they appear on your birth certificate. This is then followed by matching each of the consonants with the numbers below and then adding all the numbers until you arrive at a single digit.

B 2 C 3 D 4 F 6 G 7 H 8
J 1 K2 L3 M4 N5 P7
Q8 R9 S1 T2 V4 W5
X6 Y7 Z8


8. It Can Help You Find Your Soul’s Home

Many is the time when we find ourselves in a town, city or country but just don’t seem to know our way around. At times, we may be in a place we are familiar with, the very place we often comes to but still feel so much disoriented that we are unable to tell what changed s much. Well, as strange as it sounds, nothing may have changed at all so whenever this happens, it often indicates that the numerological energy of this particular location is in conflict with us in some sense.

It is these times that we summon the power of numerology to help us get out of this disorientation. In order to find out the numerical vibration of this place, you will need o use the values for each of the constants as depicted in number 7 above and match them with the name of the location. Next time, you will find yourself drawn to locations that seem to liven your spirits as opposed to those that make you feel lost and alone.

9. It Can Help You Find The Best Name For Your Pet

Pet names, just like human names, have a significance bearing on the personality of the pet. In fact, the good old saying that if you give a dog a bad name you hang him can be loosely translated to mean that a pet with a bad name is likely to be unfortunate in life.

The same way the power of numerology defines our destiny as human beings, it is used to assign an appropriate name to pets based on what we desire them to be. Usually, the energy of a name is what is considered when giving a name to a pet. As soon as you have got a name you think is inspiring, the next step is to take your time to think about the deeper meaning of the name and the energy associated with each letter in that name.


10. It Can Unveil Your Unlucky Numbers

We all have certain digits reappearing in our lives. It is common that many people have experienced an unexplained phenomenon where the digit 11 appears unexpectedly. These digits may appear in ones dreams, visions or even in an actual visualization of objects as is the case with a digital clock. The very fact that these digits or sequences appear spontaneously makes them even more mystical.

When such things happen, it is believed that the universe may be trying to send some obscure messages to you and all you need to do is decipher these messages to know what their true meaning is. The power of numerology can then be used to try and unlock the energy vibration of the numbers or these sequences that keep popping up in our lives. It is these energy vibrations that will help us understand what the significance these numbers have in our lives. The messages need not be ignored as they could portend danger, luck, a catastrophe or any other happening that is poised to shake us in a big way.

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