May 29

How to improve personal growth?

There are many articles written on how to improve personal growth.No human is born empty. Each individual possess potential unlimited and sterling qualities bestowed on him by the divine being. But these inherent qualities can be cultivated by the constant practice which includes identifying your potential and talents and taking the right decision at the right time. Weeping, wailing and procrastination is not the mark of a successful individual. You have to be bold, confident and take the right decision at the right time. This is the first step on the way of the self-improvement.

With the divine will on your side, you have to forge ahead taking great leaps with reasonable risks because without reasonable risk, you just can’t succeed in life. You must find ways to believe in yourself, develop a strength of mind and fortitude of the will of a high order. Defeatist and wavering attitude will deviate you from the path of personal improvement as was the case with warrior Arjuna in the initial stages of Mahabharata war when lord Krishna delivered him a sermon on how to improve personal growth and how one should act.

The action is your duty, the reward is not your concern. It was what encapsulated the entire secret of the theory of personal improvement. Arjuna took the hint and fought the war successfully. It is imperative, therefore, to be a successful and happy individual, abandon all negative thoughts. Positive thinking is the hallmark of a good personality. You have to decide whether you want to be achieve something in life or just pass the time wailing and complaining.

Aspects of Personal Growth

One of the most significant aspects of the art of continuous self-improvement is that there is a complete identification of action and thoughts in your life. You should have a clear vision and live with an open heart. As a matter of fact, it is difficult to distinguish between the above two characters, that is, clean vision, open heart, and pure mind. They are not only interdependent and complementary to each other, but also entirely inseparable. Your mind should not be guided by the jealousy, ego, and prejudice. You should always be ready and keen to listen to what others have to say. These are very important qualities because they help to inspire and awaken the positive side of your mind. This is exactly what the professionals do while lecturing on how to improve personal growth.

A person with a limited sense of thoughts and closed mind can not have communication with others and this prevents him from establishing a relationship with others. A person with an open mind is always awakened, alert and sensitive to the situations and surroundings and that is why he does not react but respond to the situation. Because of this sensitivity and alertness, an open mind accepts new ideas and thoughts understandingly and this is exactly what you should always do.

You will remain conditioned as long as you are under the influence of baser and lower ideas and emotions. What you believe and think is the indication of your state of health and mind. Your state of mind affects and completely change your life, psyche, and conduct for the better and also smoothen and facilitate your life’s journey. The absence of good thinking makes you work against the principles of self-improvement, personal development and against the welfare of the society as a whole.

As was said by Benjamin Franklin, the maturing of mind begins with personal improvement and awareness of conditioning. So, in order to remove the darkness from your mind, you have to make efforts to enlighten the noble forces within and develop your creative and positive thinking. Do not forget that light when fused with love and hope produces life.

Seek continuous self improvement

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To learn how to improve personal growth, you have to have a sensitive and positive mind. The drop of rain provides an inspirational example thereof. When in the scorched heat of summer, the first cloud appears in the sky, if a drop of rain thinks what can I do to quench the thirst and heat of the earth? Better I don’t go there, then there would be no rain on the earth and there would be no vegetation and greenery. But it does not think so and the drops of rain come one after another. It happens so perhaps because they cannot go astray and can not be misguided like humans. They are a part of nature which goes on its path without any mental reservation, fear or prejudice. Thus, they provide cool and greenery to the whole environment and new life begins.

Talking about the self-improvement Nobel laureate Herbert Simon said that there are no perfect human being since such a concept hinges on the assumption that the man is the superman, the all powerful, omnipotent and omnipresent. Since this is not how things work in the real world, you must realize that no matter how much time and energy is devoted to perfection, you can never be perfect but you can be better.

Robert Browning was not wrong when he said that whatever come to perfection dies. Things learned in this life you will practice in heaven; work done least rapidly are more cherished. Your job is to move forward and not to look back and ponder on deeds done in the past. You have to make your own way. You should always remember what Swami Vivekananda said, “This I have learned in life-he who is over cautious falls into trouble. He who don’t want to lose respect and honor lose everything.” The moral-you don’t have to be diffident and apprehensive. But you should boldly move forward on the path of self-improvement and personal growth.

A life which does not go into action is a failure. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is yet come so live in today and make your dreams come true. Cherish your dreams, cherish the music that stirs your heart. This is the secret of how to improve personal growth and this is how you should lead your life. Don’t forget that it is by chance that you are born human and you live but once and may not get the second chance.

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