My name is Hubert, and I am the author of 67 Golden Rules ebook and blog.

From a very young age, I felt and saw the importance of being successful due to the various circumstances in my life.

I am not a rags to riches story, but my parents are from the middle class and therefore I also inherited the middle class mindset.

There is nothing wrong about that, but I felt that since we only have one life, I needed to make the most out of life, whatever I define happiness to be (That’s another topic altogether).

I reflected upon my life from time and time, and I really wanted to know how to become more successful in whatever I want to achieve, be it in school, at work or even in general life itself.

And since mindset is the key to success, this led me onto a path to understand more about mindset and success.

Specifically, how does a growth mindset relate to success?

Fast forward few years later, after reading hundreds of books and attending seminars and so on, while applying these specific principles of the successful, I was manifesting the success I wanted in my life.

I was actually seeing results. I felt the need to inspire and share the message of what and how to become successful.

This ebook also serves as a guide for myself should I get lost in any future situation and needed a way out to survive.

You should be able to download my ebook rather easily on my blog. This is my gift to the world.

Download your copy right here!