October 14

Review Guide : Power Quadrant System v Individualogist – Archetype Test

There are two go and find yourself products that I would like to review on and they focus on helping people find the true abilities of a person that are still unknown for themselves. The first product is the Power Quadrant System and the second one is Individualogist – Archetype Test Reveals The Mysteries Behind Your True Self’. This is a comparison guide that will review the pros and cons of each product and how they can help each of us to bring up the best potential in ourselves.

Product 1: Power Quadrant System – Finding Their True Calling And Getting Paid To Do It!’

Power Quadrant System

Decoding Your True Identity (And Starting Your New Life) Takes Just 53 Minutes

It is stated by the producers of this product that the secret of a person’s life has been encoded and lies in his DNA and it can be unlocked or decoded through the use of an ancient stone calendar. At present, it is difficult for a person to know what he truly is. All the information about someone is being carried in “code form” from birth and the only need is to discover that code and decode it.

Before Roman calendar, an ancient calendar was used by the people to know everything they wanted to know about themselves, like when they will be married, what is the suitable time to harvest corn, etc. For more than 1,750 years, people used to find their respective secret codes from the ancient calendar to know more about themselves. But then the Spanish came with their ships and the ancient stone calendar was lost due to pillaging and burning by the Spanish. The Spanish has also made the laws of the land to use the Roman calendar from then on.

There are a lot of problems in the Roman calendar. Firstly, it does not contain the secret code that was used by the people to decode their DNA’s code, in order to know about the potential that lies in them. Secondly, the new calendar misses some days, like leap years day. Furthermore, the names of the months are wrong like ‘octo’ means eight, but in calendar October is at number ten.

With the power quadrant system, we got that ancient stone calendar for you and now you can unlock any information you want to know about yourself. This big calendar is in the form of a round stone, which contains the information that was hidden from you for hundreds of years. It will take only 53 minutes to get revealed information about you and start a new life. There is no need to go to great lengths and find the secret abilities that you have, rather you have to just decode the secret inner code that lies in your DNA from the time of your birth.

The ancient calendar will answer the three basic questions about you that are as follows:

  • Who will be your soul mate?
  • Which career will be more suitable for you?
  • Why is it important to know the code of your kids too?

The above questions are the three basic questions that are answered by this decoding product and you can even get answers of hundreds of questions whom answers are wanted by you.

In short, no information about yourself will be hidden anymore and you will be able to know your potential abilities.

The power quadrant system is not perfect

  • It could take weeks to months before you can see the results
  • As per everything, not everyone will benefit identically from it as it can be difficult to change someone’s personality

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Product 2: Archetype Test Reveals The Mysteries Behind Your True Self

Archetype test

The second product that is to be discussed in this article is the discovery of which archetype are you by solving a quiz that requires following questions to be answered:

  • What’s your name?
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address

After answering the above stated questions, the reading starts by specifying what are your strengths and weakness. This product reveals very appropriate information about a person and he can compare the data provided in the reading, whether actually he has those strengths and weaknesses or not. He or she will also know about his or her hidden qualities. Amazingly, the reading is highly accurate in determining one’s strengths and weaknesses and it also provided ways to improve oneself in terms of weaknesses. This quiz will bring a new world of hope and a person will be able to deal the matters of life in a new confident way.


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Our verdict

If you believe in the Mayan calendar, then the power quadrant is the ideal choice for you. You will start to realize a lot of hidden qualities about yourself that you can tap on for further growth. This is a key takeaway for me from the power quadrant system.

However, the Mayan calendar believes that things in life are pre-ordained. This concept would mean that your life has a fixed path based on your calculations from the Mayan calendar. I am less inclined to believe so as I think that life is 90% cause and effect and 10% luck. You are the things you choose to do and become. This makes Archetype quiz a far more convincing product, as not only you get to find out about yourself, you also get recommendations on how to improve yourself.

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