April 26

212 Daily Affirmations For Happiness

The way that we talk to ourselves helps us to create the way we feel, and this is how this daily affirmations for happiness guide can help us. If we speak to ourselves badly, we will feel bad, but if we speak to ourselves with love and compassion, we create happiness in our lives and develop a much stronger sense of self that will in turn make us more positive people ready to face and inevitably overcome any challenge or obstacle that life throws at us. If we develop a stronger and more positive relationship with ourselves than there is nothing that can stop us from being truly happy.

It is suggested that you say a few of these affirmations out loud to yourself daily. You can say them to yourself in the morning, or whenever you start to notice that you are feeling stressed or are engaging in some negative self talk. These positive affirmations full of love for the self are great at countering the effects of harmful negative self talk.

There are affirmations for all kind of situations, such as stress management, motivation, weight loss, and overcoming negative thoughts. This list of 202 daily affirmations for happiness is bound to have many that you will love, and will be beneficial to you in your daily life.

1. I have the power to make me happy.

2. I am here for a reason and I am worth it.

3. I am way more than enough, and I will shine through this

4. I have made it through every obstacle so far, and I will make it through this one.

5. By following my dreams, I will overcome my fears.

6. I have a special purpose, and I aim to share it with the world.

7. I am bigger than my stress, and my stress is not bigger than me.

8. I am the superhero I need

9. I don’t need to compare myself to my coworkers. I am great, and they are great too.

10. I will let go of all negative thoughts.

11. I will never give up on myself, because I am worth fighting for.

12. There is love and beauty everywhere, and I will accept it.

13. I will make myself proud of how I overcame this obstacle.

14. I am a gift to the world, and I will show them that.

15. I will breathe deeply, and let go of stressful thoughts.

16. I have immense inner strength, I will use it to get through my day

17. I trust myself, and I have my best interests in mind

18. The love in me is like a light, and I will shine it on everyone I see today

19. I am a unique and beautiful being, worthy of being happy and feeling love.

20. Something beautiful will happen to me today, and I will accept it graciously.

21. I will give myself a gift today, and every day.

22. I trust myself, and I know my intuition is strong and good.

23. I will inhale calm energy, and exhale negative thoughts.

24. I will not let my stress get the better of me today.

25. I will see myself as the beautiful and amazing person that I am.

26. I will strive to see the absolute beauty in every situation.

27. I trust that good will arise out of this stressful situation.

28. I am smart, and I will make the best decision for me today.

29. I approve of myself, and need no one else’s permission to be me.

30. I am brilliant and beautiful, and that is how people see me.

31. Today I will walk on a path of success.

32. Today will be a joyous one for me and everyone around me.

33. I will work to positively change my world today.

34. The happiness and beauty in me will attract happiness and beauty to me.

35. I will not waste my precious energy on petty worries.

36. Only I have a say in what my future holds.

37. I will follow my dreams wherever they lead me.

38. I have the intelligence and inner strength to get through anything.

39. Every problem has a solution, and I will find the solution to this.

40. I will choose to love myself today and everyday.

41. I am happy to be who I am, and the world is happy I am in it.

42. I am wonderful and amazing, and I will improve with each passing day.

43. I am worthy of praise from myself and others.

44. I see the beauty in my flaws, and love myself regardless.

45. I am a good person, a good friend, and a positive influence.

46. I have everything I need to be a happy and positive person.

47. I will not let the negativity of others effect the day I’m having.

48. My sense of self is deep and strong.

49. I celebrate the love of everything around me by being the best person I can be.

50. I am my best self, but I am still getting better.

51. I will not hold on to resentment. I will release it and fill myself with love instead.

52. I am supported by the love in everyday life.

53. I have the power to end any destructive patterns I find myself in.

54. I love myself too much to think negatively of myself.

55. I will live my truth

56. Fears and doubts will not hold me down.

57. I will be kind to myself.

58. I will guide myself down the path of joy and happiness.

59. My happiness begins in myself.

60. I am beautiful and loved.

61. I will give myself the present of happiness.

62. I am perfect just as I am, and do not need to change for anyone.

63. I will say only positive things to myself and others today.

64. I will express the love I feel to others today.

65. Today will be full of new beautiful experiences, and I will be stronger by the end of it.

66. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and I am shining it.

67. I see myself as the powerful person that I truly am.

68. I am worth knowing, I am worth loving.

69. I feel peaceful in my own skin, and can feel this peace anywhere.

70. My treasure is within, I am rich with self love.

71. There is a beauty to the world, and I will see it today.

72. Today may be stressful, but I will be even stronger by the end of it.

73. I am perfect as I am, and I am certain of this.

74. I choose to feel good about my self today.

75. I will keep my heart open and embrace any challenge in my path.

76. I am safe, and I am happy.

77. I deserve the best, and I will move towards it.

78. I am loved and accepted for who I am, and I have no need to change myself to please anybody.

79. Today is a new day, and I will make it the best one I can.

80. My self worth is not determined by others opinions of me.

81. I can tell myself that I love myself and mean it.

82. I am truly and deeply beautiful.

83. I deserve to do something nice for myself today.

84. With each sunrise, I love myself more.

85. I am full of endless possibilities.

86. My day will be awesome, and it will be because I make it so.

87. Everything happens at the time it is meant to.

88. I am in control of my thoughts, and will use them to positively influence myself.

89. My mind, body, and spirit are strong.

90. The thought of a new day excites me.

91. I am the creator of my feelings.

92. I choose to be optimistic today.

93. I am happy because I wish to be happy.

94. I have a big heart full of love for all.

95. I am destined to be happy.

96. My potential is limitless, and I will make my dreams come true.

97. Yesterday cannot be changed, but I can make today the best I can.

98. Today will be full of beauty.

99. I will make a positive contribution to the world today.

100. I am a natural leader, and I lead down a path of love.

101. I am grateful for who I am, and I am thankful for myself.

102. My circumstances do not define me, my decisions do.

103. I have decided to love myself today.

104. Everything will be fine today.

105. I will stop seeing only negative things.

106. I will greet the day with a positive smile.

107. I am healthy, happy, and worthy of love.

108. I will plant a seed of happiness in myself today.

109. I will be patient with any stressful obstacle I find today.

110. I will adjust my attitude to be a positive one today.

111. I support my happiness in any way that I can today.

112. I trust that I will do the right thing in all scenarios today.

113. I will treat myself like my best friend.

114. I love everything about me, even the things that I previously saw as flaws.

115. I am confident that I know how to love myself.

116. It is easy to love me because I am worthy of love and happiness.

117. It is fun to see myself in a positive light.

118. I honor my past self by treating my present self with love and respect.

119. I will be kind to others and treat them with the love that I want them to show me.

120. I will be patient with those who have previously caused me stress.

121. I am loved by all that I meet.

122. I will see the value in everything today.

123. I am worth taking care of, and I will take care of myself.

124. I will choose only the best for me today.

125. I am worth doing the right thing for.

126. The day starts and ends with my happiness.

127. The beauty and love in me will bring out the beauty and love in others.

128. All my friends think the world of me.

129. I think the world of all my friends.

130. I am fun to be around.

131. I aim to be a positive influence on the world around me.

132. There is a force for positivity inside of me.

133. I know my own truth, and I will live it proudly.

134. There is a deep joy in me, and nothing can take it away.

135. There is joy everywhere in my life.

136. The beauty of the world is the same beauty that is in me.

137. I am thankful for everything that I have.

138. I have enough in life to be content.

139. I will find a simple solution to the problems facing me today.

140. I can handle whatever comes my way.

141. I will find the answers to obstacles I face, and will move through them with joy and light.

142. I am confident, calm, and smart.

143. I am an extremely capable person.

144. I will do my best everyday, and be kind to myself.

145. There is a positivity that guides me through my day.

146. I hold on to the light that my happiness shines.

147. I brighten up the lives of everyone around me.

148. I am amazing.

149. I will be successful in everything I do today.

150. I will not doubt myself.

151. I am always growing and changing in to a better version of my self.

152. I forgive any mistakes I make and treat myself with love.

153. There is no challenge that will beat me

154. My love for myself is infinite.

155. I will be kind to myself if I make a mistake today.

156. I feel truly lucky to know myself.

157. I give 100% of myself to everything I do.

158. I am whole, just by myself.

159. There is nothing that can make me feel less than amazing.

160. I am a creative person.

161. My world is beautiful.

162. I accept myself for who I am.

163. People I know are lucky to know me.

164. I accept my whole being, and will treat myself with a gentle love.

165. Everything I do comes from a place of love and joy.

166. I am always aiming to be even better than I am now.

167. My body is beautiful, and I accept it.

168. The words other people say will not negatively affect me.

169. I love the way I look, and the way I talk.

170. I will speak to everyone today with kindness.

171. I choose how I feel, and I choose to feel amazing.

172. I am moving ever closer to my goals.

173. I will fill the day of everyone around me with joy and love.

174. My personality is a bright one.

175. I am healthy, happy, and safe.

176. Everyday I feel happier, healthier, and more at peace.

177. I am a vibrant and beautiful soul.

178. People enjoy being around me.

179. I will not hide from social situations.

180. I am confident that I will do well today.

181. I will give myself space to relax today.

182. I will treat my body and mind with respect and love.

183. I will do something fun for myself today.

184. There is no reason to fear today.

185. I will smile through difficult situations today.

186. There is no obstacle that I cannot defeat.

187. I will not allow myself to be mean to myself.

188. I will treat myself the way I would treat a friend.

189. I am more than capable of handling anything that happens to me.

190. I deserve happiness.

191. Mistakes will be met with compassion.

192. I know what is best for me.

193. I was a success, I am a success, and I will be a success.

194. I inhale confidence and exhale doubt.

195. I know my greatness.

196. I am truly a special individual.

197. I choose to feel pride in myself.

198. I will keep my mind filled with positive thoughts.

199. I will not become angry over things I cannot control.

200. I am in the moment and feeling joy.

201. I will focus on loving myself today.

202. All is well, and all will be well.

203. I will live in the now, and not in the past.

204. I will do everything I can to make today truly great.

205. I am always getting more at ease with myself.

206. I live a peaceful life.

207. I will aim to be peaceful no matter the situation.

208. I will engage today’s tasks fully and completely.

209. I will not judge myself for anything today.

210. I will keep my thoughts on the present moment.

211. I take comfort in knowing myself.

212. I will energize myself with love.


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