March 5

What Frequency Do You Need To Be On To Manifest Dreams?

To manifest dreams and our desires, we must use the power of our minds in tandem with that of the Universe. This is not some kind of supernatural ability, but rather a very real and beneficial thing that can bring more riches, happiness, and love into your life and the universe. When we begin to align ourselves with the universe’s vibrational frequency, we can boost its frequency as a whole. When we elevate our manifestation frequency, we filter out negativity and attract positive energy.

You’re physical, emotional, and mental bodies feel lighter when you’re operating at higher frequencies. Back to my original point: you manifest not your desires, but your character traits. You draw high-frequency energy into your life if you’re a positive force of high vibration. However, if you have a low vibrational frequency, you will attract tension, depression, and other negative emotions.

396 Hz is the first frequency. An excellent natural antidepressant, it turns sorrow into joy. Use it if you’re going through a difficult time and want to return to a state of joy.

Second, it’s 417 Hz. Traumatic experiences can be cleared and new beginnings can be created by using this frequency. For those who have had adversity and can’t move on, this is a good tool. They have also used it to treat stress, even stress disorders, and to calm nervous patients.

The natural frequency of the Earth is 528 Hz, which is 528 Hz. This is nature’s vibrational frequency, which they can test for DNA repair using. Using this manifestation frequency, miracles can be brought into your life. The things you desire most will come to fruition at this frequency. A person who operates at a frequency close to this one is more likely to attract what they want in life.

The 638 Hz frequency is the fourth one. You’ll be a better friend, spouse, and communicator if you use this frequency. Empathy and fury are released as a result, and you are more able to relate to those around you.

The 741 Hz frequency is the fifth. Use this to improve your ability to articulate yourself. As a writer, it improves your creativity.

The 852 HZ frequency is the next in line. It’s especially helpful if you’re feeling spiritually stranded. In many cases, those who were exposed to this frequency found God again. Although no one knows how it works, it allows us to see life and existence as they truly are.

It’s 963 hertz for the last and final time. This is God’s resonant frequency. Let it help you get back in touch with who you were as a child and reclaim the hope, joy, and laughter that you once felt in your heart.

After being exposed to these manifestation frequencies, it’s amazing how nice people will react to you. With practice, you’ll be able to express yourself more clearly and even make people fall in love with you. When I first started this, I saw it as a miracle because it was so effective.

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