September 9

How to Communicate Effectively with Official Zodiac Signs

Astrology is one of the powerful tools that we can use to build our communication with other people. Why? Because official zodiac signs are a great predictor of a person’s character. Knowing another’s Zodiac sign can help you not only to understand the person better, but also to choose the right words and make the right decisions. That’s why, asking for another person’s birthday date can be very helpful in both business and personal interactions.

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How do official Zodiac signs shape character?

The classic, Western, Zodiac is based on the Sun’s movement in the sky, the movement that can be observed from Earth. The Sun moves around following a circle pattern and going through each of the 12 constellations throughout one year. When a person is born during Sun’s stay in one of the constellations, the energy of this constellation shapes the future character of the child. So, it is much more than a daily weekly and monthly horoscope – it can tell you an entire story about who you are.

However, not only the Sun, but the entire Solar System takes part in the energy exchange. A unique combination of planets’ positions in the sky shapes your personality. That’s why, even if Zodiac signs have common basic traits, people are so different from each other, and everyone is so unique.


Understanding Zodiac Sign Elements

So, what is really important to know about the Zodiac signs in order to communicate effectively with other people? First of all, it’s very important to know which element rules the sign of the person you are interested in, doesn’t matter if it’s business or personal connections. The elements are 4:

  • Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). The Fire people are the initiators, active and quick in their actions. They usually act and then think. They are usually full of energy and initiative, and thus they can attract many people to follow them. But they burn out just as quickly as they light up
  • Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). Earth people are slow, practical, very grounded. They will never bother with higher ideas if their stomach is not full. They are usually thrifty, successful at earning and multiplying money. They are very realistic and try to rely only on facts.
  • Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). Air people are fun, very talkative and easy to deal with. They tend to be emotionally detached and prefer superficial conversations to in-depth talking. They prefer the intellectual to the emotional, and they are always full of plans for the future that they may never fulfill.
  • Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). Water people are overly emotional, they tend to overthink and take everything very close to heart. They are very intuitive at the same time, and they can “feel” people very well.

How can we use this information in finding an approach in communicating to people? First of all, it is crucial to accept that your communication will not be the same with everybody: some people will make it very easy, with others you will suffer every step of the way. That’s why, always take your own personality into account, and put in an extra effort if you feel that your character does not go in sync with the other person’s.

How to communicate with:

  1. Fire people: say what you want quickly and to the point, and be ready to get numerous interruptions and questions. Fire people are impatient, so they will rarely let you finish. Appeal to the great ideas and the universal good, and they will be enthusiastic about what you have to say.
  2. With Earth signs, hide your emotionality (it can even irritate them!) and use cold facts instead. Show them you are rational, and you prefer mind over heart. They are extremely stubborn, so it is very difficult to make them change their mind. If you really need to do that, do it step by step by hinting and softly presenting an alternative point of view.
  3. Air people: don’t go too deep into the conversations with them. They prefer to keep it casual. Leave them a lot of space to talk: they love it! They will even feel better after they have talked it out, so maybe you will not have to say anything at all. Appeal to the intellectual part of them, and present rational facts mixed with fun ideas. Air people love fun, and will easily lose interest in the conversation if it gets too serious.
  4. Water people will love to listen to you, and they will understand. They are emotional, dreamy, and they will feel your mood very well. Come to talk to them in a calm state of mind, prepared to understand and be extremely careful with what you say. The most conflicts of Water people happen with the Fire and Air people who don’t really bother filtering their words.

Useful Communication Strategies for Each Sign

Now that you already have a basic idea of how to talk to each of the elements, let’s see what each sign has in store. Before you begin any interaction, and even in the process of it, the most important question you need to ask yourself is: “What is really important to this person?”. Based on today’s horoscope astrology, when you grasp what is really important, then you will know what to do and what not to do.



Be prepared that these people like to dominate everything. For Aries, it is essential to be on top of the game, to the first one in everything. They like winning, and they are very good leaders. So, when you talk to an Aries, don’t try to be more stubborn then them or winning an argument with aggression. Deep in their heart, they can’t stand humiliation and other people’s arrogance. Let the Aries be on top, and they will give you what you need.



Taurus love comfort, and everything that pampers their senses. It is important for them to feel warm and comfortable anywhere. As any Earth sign, they love to think before acting. They will be slow in making decisions, and they will also ask a million questions to get to the bottom of everything. They like to rationalize, so speak in raw facts with them (preferably in lists).



Gemini are very intellectual, they also appeal to facts rather than emotions. But, unlike Taurus, they don’t like to think too much about something. They would rather prefer many facts at the same time, in order to avoid boredom. In fact, boredom is what they are afraid the most. Let them talk as much as they like, and be sure the environment and the conversation are stimulating enough for them.



As a Water sign, these people are eternal worriers. They get offended easily, especially because of lack of attention. They are very traditional, conservative, they are not the people who will prefer innovative solutions to problems. They are usually family oriented and never open up to strangers, so don’t expect a frank conversation at the first meeting. Show Cancer understanding and empathy, and they will follow you.



Leo are proud. Sometimes, it seems like all they need is attention, so this is what you need to give them. They would even work for free sometimes, and a mere recognition (better if public) of their achievements is enough for them. Let them know how appreciated they are, and how great the world is because of them.



For Virgo, the important thing is order. They hate chaos and unorganized people. They are very often irritated by small, insignificant details (that’s what Aries or Leo would say). They are very analytical, so sometimes they can be perceived as negative for scrutinizing everything. Be tolerant to their ways, and you can get a very helpful and orderly person.



Libra are very tactful and appreciate harmony. They will always be diplomatic, easy going and will let go of things easily. They are also very rational, and thought-through decisions are important to them. Since they are optimistic, they want other easy-going people around them. You need to show that you are a good company and an interesting person to speak to.



These people keep everything in-depth. On the surface, it may seem like there are no emotions, but it’s a volcano inside. What is really important to them is your respect and 100% loyalty. If you give them that, a Scorpio will be a true friend (or more) forever. They also hate lies, so any truth would always be better.



They are very ambitious and active, love to initiate a million projects and be in 100 places at the same time. A Sagittarius will like you if you are funny, this is enough for them. If you are optimistic and will maintain a fun conversation with them, they will find you attractive. Sagittarius lack organization sometimes, and they need other people to help them with that.



It would seem that career and fame are crucial to Capricorns. But they are very responsible, hard-working and reliable people. Usually patient and stubborn, they will never leave their set goal. So, never try to argue with them. Accept their ambition and slight vanity as a given fact.



Aquarius appreciate their independence most of all. They need to be given freedom in anything they want to do, because they are very individualistic. Let them do what they do on their own, and you will see gratitude and relationship improvement very quickly. Never force anything on them, and remember – they like to be different.



Pisces need to be taken good care of. They are chronic overthinkers, often pessimistic and dreamy. They need peace, rules and harmony. They often try to please everybody around, and they love helping other people selflessly. Never reject a Pisces or their help. Acceptance is very important to them.

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