September 12

How to Manage Your Life During Lunar Changes

Astrology is a science of cycles. It stands on the fact that every planet can have influence on our lives depending on its rays and energies. And, as the closest body to the Earth, the Moon and its lunar changes always has the most straightforward and immediate influence on the lives of people. That’s why, many different nations have developed moon calendars, and some cultures, like the Chinese, even consider it the main one, building all of their beliefs around the Moon’s motion and the lunar year.

Today, we decided to take a look at how the advancement of the Moon affects our lives throughout the lunar month, and what are the activities that we can or should not do during certain lunar phases. Thanks to the free daily weekly and monthly horoscopes that are always available online, you will be able to watch the Moon events closely and help these forecasts adjust your everyday activities and plans.

The Important Phases of Moon

The lunar calendar month usually has 28 days. During this period, we can observe different lunar phases from the Earth, like the new moon, its growing in quarters, crescents (when you see less than 50% of the surface of the moon) and gibbous (when more than 50% of the moon can be seen) until it gets to the full moon, and the cycle starts again. In these phases, the Moon goes through every Zodiac sign, just as the Sun does in a much longer cycle (a year). Here, you always see at which stage the Moon is today.

Sometimes, Moon eclipses occur.  It takes place when the Earth’s position appears to be between the Sun and the Moon, and the Earth is covering part of the light coming towards the Moon to lighten it up. There is a term partial eclispe, when only a certain portion of the Moon will be obscured, or total eclipses. Total eclipses happen a little more often than once a year, and around 4 of these occur on a yearly basis. Astrologers believe it has a big influence on our daily lives, as well as major life occurrences that happen in or around an eclipse period.


What Influence Does the Moon Have on Our Lives?

Traditionally, the phases of the Moon are thought to reflect the growth and fading periods of everything on Earth. For this reason, while the moon is growing, it is advised to initiate everything that is associated with growth: plant seeds, start a business, conceive a child etc. It is not advised, on the other hand, to cut your hair, because it is thought to grow faster afterwards. Similarly, during the fading phases of the moon, initiate actions that are aimed at making something smaller: cure diseases, pay out debts etc.

According to the astrologist Susan Miller, the Moon is traditionally associated with the feminine side, emotions, intuition and other women in your life. It also rules female health, so women are particularly susceptible to the lunar advancement and changeability. There are many resources where you can find today’s horoscope astrology based on the moon cycle. When you read lunar horoscope for today, the advice you will find there will concern, first of all, these areas of your life.

Every day, the moon is in a certain Zodiac sign and a certain growth phase. It is very easy to follow the moon phases regularly here. In accordance with the phase and the Zodiac sign, you can obtain certain recommendations you need to watch for during the day. provides such lunar horoscopes with general advice on the current day.

However, there is much more to the Moon cycles than its daily phases. The bigger events that have their footprint on the lives of people are the most important moon phases: new moons, full moons and eclipses. These may influence your life for months or years ahead. Below, we provide general information about these phases and what to do and not to do during them. However, it is important to remember that each moon phase occurs in a certain house of your Zodiac sign. Depending on which house it is currently visiting in your sign, the recommendations will concern that one definite sphere of your life. For instance, if you are a Capricorn, and the new moon for you occurs in your house of travel, it will be a great time to initiate new trips. However, this very same new moon can occur in the house of earned income for Taurus, and this advice will no longer apply. In order to know what to do on a certain new moon, full moon or eclipse, consult an experiences astrologist website – your monthly horoscope is the place to look for advice on certain lunar phases. Or, if you want to know your own horoscope deeper, an individual birth chart is always very helpful and fascinating to read.


Dos and Don’ts for Every Moon Phase

The bigger phases of the moon are new moons, full moons and eclipses. Every event brings a certain news in a particular area of your life and pushes you to undertake certain actions.



A new moon symbolizes a new beginning. There are certain areas of life that promise new beginnings, depending on your current horoscopes. A new moon is a good time to initiate a business, conceive a child, sign a contract, depending on which house it is in for your sign. It is also a very good time to set intentions, to create new ideas and launch them into the universe so it can start working on their fulfillment. An important fact about the new moon is that it provides good conditions for you to initiate something, but if you don’t choose to do it yourself, the opportunity may go by. So, while you know your horoscope for the new moon, you should still play your part in the Universe’s plans and actively initiate something. Life does not always push you to do new things without your own effort.



Full moons are the period when important life events come to a close, finish, whether we want it or not. Judging by what house and degree in which the full moon falls in your sign, it can be a positive or a negative full moon. Almost every full moon, as well as eclipse, will be quite emotional, because, as we well remember, the moon rules emotional life. When it gains full power is when emotions run high. But full moons bring closure to some important period in our lives, and give us the opportunity to finish something, be done with it and move forward.

A full moon will not always mean a breakup or an end of a good life period. It can also mean you can close projects and get paid for them, finish negotiations on a new project that is only about to start, or get rid of a health problem that has been torturing you for a while. As life always develops in cycles, endings are just as natural as the beginnings. And the full moons make us embrace these changes and move on.



Eclipses are the most mysterious moon cycle events that always bring drama and change. Eclipses push people forward to achieve new levels or finish something that no longer has a place in your life. An eclipse will fall in a certain sphere of your life, and throw changes and updates at you very quickly. You will always need to alter something in your life in order to make the corresponding adjustments. Any eclipse will have much more strength and effect than any full or new moon, the areas and happenings in your life will most surely be big, like a new job, promotions, birth and death, change of the country of residence etc. For this reason, it is crucial to know when and in what spheres of your life the eclipses happen, and be ready to deal with them respectively.

Unfortunately, eclipses come with many emotions and are often painful. The painful part comes from the fact that often the eclipse news is unexpected, and requires you to react quickly and change your life even when you are not really ready for it yet. Lunar eclipses are more about things coming to an end. You will likely feel emotional and vulnerable when an eclipse is on regardless of the sector of your life it penetrates.

Eclipses are difficult times, and it is important to approach them with wisdom. At the same time, eclipses come in series, and are often interconnected. If you would like to know more about the eclipses’ mysterious nature and get good life advice, read this article.


As the last word, it’s vital to remember that astrology does not indicate fate. Its advice will only work if you take initiative and follow the wise advice while making life changes yourself. Many astrologically justified opportunities go by, because people did not do anything to realize the good opportunity or haven’t been cautious enough to avoid negative influences. We and only we can make astrology work to our benefit.

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