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Inbox BluePrint VS Profit Genesis – Reviews For Online Business

After the internet was introduced, buying, selling, communication and connecting among other activities have been made easier. Today, you can make money online easily after getting the knowledge on how to. You can also connect and engage with your customers through email marketing.

Want to do email marketing like a pro? Or you want to make money online?

Do not worry, everyone does!

In this article, we will learn about two products to help you understand how to go about all that.

With the internet, many things are possible to those who devote their time and effort.

Inbox Blueprint Review

According to Anik Singal, the developer, and owner of Inbox Blueprint, you can make up to $5,000 within the first 3 months. If that doesn’t happen, he will devote his time to work with your so that you can find out where you are going wrong with your business.

Does Inbox Blueprint really help? Or is it a scam?

Let’s find out if Inbox Blueprint will do exactly what the owner claims.

What is Inbox Blueprint?

Inbox Blueprint is a complete Email Marketing course created by Anik Singal that comes with plenty of resources to help you earn money online by building a powerful email list of subscribers from scratch.

Anik goes further to support his claims that if you have 1 subscriber, you can potentially make $1 per month, what if you have 5000 subscribers?

In this course, you will go through 8 modules in a step-by-step approach and in the end, you will be able to build a profitable business via email from scratch.

Who is Inbox Blueprint For?

If you want to make money through email, then Inbox Blueprint is for you. Whether you are a beginner, you are a website owner who relies on search traffic or social media, this course will benefit you a lot. With real-time email address verification at www.zerobounce.net/free-email-verifier.html you can validate each newly acquired email address to prevent fake accounts from creating additional unwanted hard bounces.

However, the price of this course might be a put off to people who have no idea of the potential of online marketing. But if you really want to make money online, you are an affiliate marketer, email marketer or you want to launch your product, why not take advantage of this comprehensive course?

How Email Marketing Works And How Inbox Blueprint Will Help You.

Email marketing is a 4-step process as depicted below:

  1. Bring more traffic to your landing page
  2. Offer an incentive and collect email contacts
  • Engage your subscribers by sending them interesting, informative and helpful content without selling them straightaway.
  1. After you have built trust with your subscribers, start promoting products- can be yours or for other people.

That’s exactly what the Inbox Blueprint course will train you on.

Now Inbox Blueprint will help you to find a potential niche, create an effective landing page, bring more traffic to your landing page, create emails, find products to sell to your subscribers and start to make money online.

Inbox Blueprint Course Details

Inbox Blueprint training is administered in 8 modules with various lessons within each module purposely meant to help you to quickly and easily create your first email marketing campaign.

The 8 modules are

Module 1: Addiction MeterHow to choose a profitable niche

Module 2: The BaitHow to build a landing page

Module 3: TYP MethodHow to create a Thank you page

Module 4: Email MachineHow to use Autoresponder

Module 5: List RelationshipHow to create emails that build trust and relationship with your subscribers

Module 6: Payday SecretsHow to monetize your list

Module 7: Easy Traffic– How to drive traffic to your landing page

Module 8: Unlimited SuccessHow to boost conversion rates and grow your business.

Inbox Blueprint Pros & Cons


  • Easy to follow and implement training
  • Quality training
  • 12 months unlimited support
  • Live examples
  • Access to ready-made landing page samples
  • Text and video training
  • You learn how to make money even with a small list


  • Ideal for people who have an idea how to make money online
  • It’s expensive but worth it
  • You have to devote your time fully
  • Not beginner-friendly

Is Inbox Blueprint a Legit or a Scam?

Inbox Blueprint is not a scam but a legit course for you if you want to make money through building email lists. It comes with powerful tools and resources and here is what people who have gone through it are saying.

“Anik takes you by the hand, and tells you, SHOWS you step by step, exactly what you need to do to be a successful internet marketer”

Jack Cardoza

“Inbox Blueprint is making it possible to give mum the care the i want to give without having to take time away from a job. I can do everything on my time”

Betty Fellows

“Inbox Blueprint makes it so easy. They give you with materials, videos, and swipe files… everything you might possibly need!”

Gina Fedon

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Profit Genesis 2.0 Review

Most of the pros say making money online is simple but if you are still a beginner, you are going to think that other people say is not true. While other people may find it easy to make money by trading online, crypto, forex, gambling, and marketing, others may not be able to hack it, especially me and you.


What is Profit Genesis 2.0?

Profit Genesis 2.0 is a drop shipping course created by David Miller to guide people in making money online. The course will show you how to gain access to hidden systems to allow you to make money just like other successful online marketers.

It’s a 3 step course where you:

  • Watch a webinar where you are guided through step by step instructions
  • Start making money online.

It’s that simple.

How Profit Genesis 2.0 will help you?

  • Profit Genesis 2.0 will help you to understand the best way to generate income online through the internet in the fastest ways possible
  • The course will guide with step by step instructions to familiarize yourself with it in less time.
  • The program will help you even if you have no idea what making money online is.
  • The course will help you to know how to get money by promoting products you don’t own.

Profit Genesis 2.0 Pros & Cons


  • It’s easy to follow and understand the course
  • It saves your time and money
  • It is affordable and ideal for beginners


  • It is a digital course that is accessible only if you have an internet connection
  • You have to devote your time and effort to see results.

How Much Does Profit Genesis 2.0 Costs

The program costs $37 but there are numerous upsells when you get to the member’s area that can increase the cost. However, you can just work without the upsells since the main product is sufficient to guide you on how to start making money online. The course offers 60-days money back guarantee if you buy it.

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Is Profit Genesis 2.0 a Scam?

Here are some testimonials from people who have used the course.

Final Verdict

Making money online is not easy but is possible. With the best tools, you can start to have those dollars flowing in your pocket. However, you must invest in your time, and effort to get the most out of any program.

I hope these two courses will help you to know how to make money online.


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