May 21

10 Golden Tips to Improve Your Self-Esteem

Your greatest gift is the life you have today, your past and the ability to hope for a better future. Maria Robinson, one of the greatest authors on the subject of self-esteem, wrote in her book, ‘Nobody can travel back into the past to start a new beginning, but we all have the chance to start today and make a new ending.’ Her words complement the fact that there is nothing more important in life than having a positive mindset.

You need a high self-esteem to succeed in life, and it starts by having a high regard for who you are. This will determine your quality of life. In this guide, we explore why and how to build and improve your self-esteem in 10 steps.

Here are 5 reasons why you should have a high regard for yourself and all that you can be.

1. Higher Inner Stability

With a high self-esteem, you will stop trying to seek validation for everything you do and squash the need of attention from the people around you. This makes you strong, courageous, and more grounded. This way you will soothe your nerves and emotions and achieve stability.

2. You Become More Attractive

People with better self-esteem, have better stability to handle tough times with strength. This is important in building relationships you may get into in the future. This makes you more attractive, and people will gravitate towards you since you come off as an attractive person, comfortable in your skin and life. If you feel insecure because of skin conditions like eczema, you may have to invest in a better balancing skincare that can relieve the symptoms and help boost your confidence.

3. Life Becomes Lighter And You Will Appreciate Living Minimalist Lifestyle

Your life becomes easier and simpler with a high self-esteem. Building your self-esteem allows you to shed off any emotional baggage. You will not have to beat yourself up or drag yourself through the mud when during your shortcomings. Nobody is perfect and realizing this fact will make your life lighter and simpler to concentrate on what matters.

4. Less to Sabotage

People with a low self-esteem unknowingly sabotage themselves and think that life is unfair. Building and knowing how to maintain your self-esteem will help you feel motivated to do the things that will get you a better life. You are less likely to sabotage your life and that of the people care about you when you build a high self-esteem.

5. More Happiness

You cannot be happy if you have a low self-esteem. You must earn true happiness, and it starts with building up your self-esteem. As you work on your esteem, you learn how to be optimistic about the circumstances. Your self-esteem determines how happy you are.

Raising and keeping up your self-esteem may seem like a tall order, but making small changes in your life will get you there. Discipline is the name of the game, you will have rough days, but you will come out stronger if you commit to rising above negativity and your self-esteem will soar. Below are certified ways of building and maintaining your self-esteem.

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Step 1: Avoid Negativity

Every time that life turns out in a way that you did not expect, your mind will react by flooding you with negative thoughts. To build and maintain your self-esteem you have gain control of your mind; it is your inner critic. Your mind can easily spur you to handle the circumstances in your life for the sole purpose of gaining acceptance from other people. Whenever negative thoughts creep up on you, use a stop word or phrase, and focus on doing something more constructive.

This way you will take back the reigns of your life and a step in the right direction on improving your self-esteem.

Step 2: Take on Healthier Motivation Habits

To weaken the voice of the inner critic, you must take action and develop healthy motivational habits. These include reminding yourself of the benefits of having better self-esteem and focus on doing what you love. Combine this with your stop word or phrase, and you will have control on your inner critic.

Step 3: Take a Self-appreciation Break

This is one of the healthier ways to motivate yourself, and when you follow this course of action, you will have better self-esteem sooner than later. Whenever life has you on the ropes, take a deep breath, slow down your thought process, and come up with at least three things you are good at doing.

Start writing a journal and write down the things you did in the service of others that made you feel happy. Make sure to read it often, and it will change your perspective on those days you are unsure of yourself.

Step 4: Do the Right Thing

Take time out and figure out the right thing in every situation. This is one of the proven ways of raising your self-esteem. This could include trying to understand others instead of being judgmental, focusing on the opportunities you have instead of feeling sorry for the opportunities you lost, being grateful for what you have, offering genuine complements, working out, et al.

Knowing the right thing to do is not easy but focusing on being positive and self-mastery will direct you to the right mindset in every situation. This will raise and help you maintain your self-esteem even when the odds are not in your favor.

Step 5: Kick Out Perfectionism

Statistically, perfectionism can hold you back from taking action out of the fear of not living up to your standard or that of the society around you. Perfectionism can also make you look down upon yourself and your accomplishments. This will only lead to having a negative opinion about yourself and a low self-esteem.

You can beat the perfectionism mentality by accepting the good enough out of every situation and avoid buying into the societal myths of perfection.

Step 6: Learn from Mistakes

It takes a positive mindset to accept your mistakes and learn from your shortcomings. In life, you will have many mistakes, take them in a positive stride will boost your self-esteem. The best way to be positive and learn from your mistakes is to be your best friend when you fail and make mistakes, as well maintaining a positive outlook on life. This will make you wiser and bring you a step closer to success in all aspects of your life and a higher self-esteem.

Step 7: Be Kind

How you treat other people is a representation of how you think of yourself. Being kind to other people will result in showing kindness to yourself. They will also reciprocate the kindness, and your life will be much easier with kind people around you. Focus on being kind every single day, for example by encouraging and helping other people to follow their dreams, holding the door for the next person, being a friend, et al.

This will not only boost your self-esteem, but you will have done the right thing.

Step 8: Do Something New

Trying something new is an opportunity to test your limits and no matter the outcome, you will feel better stepping out of your comfort zone. You will appreciate yourself more, and it is one of the necessities of boosting your self-esteem. The best way to feel positive after doing something new is to expect nothing, and you will feel better that you did it.

Practice makes perfect, and this will raise your self-esteem as well as broaden your horizons.

Step 9: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

There will always be people that are better and ahead of you in life. By comparing yourself to what other people is a destructive behavior that will ruin your self-esteem. Instead of comparing yourself to other people, look at how far you have come over the years, appreciate where you are today, and aim to be better than the person you were yesterday.

Step 10: Seek Out Supportive People

Despite how hard you try to boost your self-esteem, without the right people for support, your efforts will be in vain. Carefully choose who you associate with because it counts if you will maintain your newfound self-esteem. Distance yourself from perfectionists and negative people because they will only feed off your energy, rather spend time with positive, non-judgmental people who will uplift you when you doubt yourself.

In conclusion, nothing should stop you when you make a decision to build your self-esteem. Invest in books on self-esteem, self-discipline, positivity and read articles of how people overcame their inferior complex to become successful by maintaining their self-esteem. However, the best way to have high opinions about yourself is to remind yourself of the benefits of having a high self-esteem.


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