September 16

12 Scientifically Proven Ways of Reinventing Yourself

Life is not static, its dynamic and so should you if you want to realize your full potential and God given talents and capabilities. Regardless of the phase you are in your career or the industry that you specialize in, you need to always looking for new ways of spicing up your life. You cannot afford to do things the same way for years. You need to look for superb ways of reinventing yourself.

For the reinventing process to be successful, you have to first commit yourself to the process and make the changes that you want to see in your life a reality. Today, we will look at 12 scientifically proven ways of reinventing yourself.

1. Learn a New Skill

This may sound obvious to some people who have in the past sort to reinvent themselves but it is important to cover it in this article for people who have not tried this process yet. Science has proven that spending 10,000 practicing a new skill does not guarantee that you will become an expert in it. Other factors such as passion and aptitude will come into play and determine if you actually achieve any success.

The moral of the story is that, you have to not only practice but also be committed and passionate about the skill you want to learn. Embrace it fully and make sacrifices to tune your mind and body into it. More importantly, the new skill preferably should be something that you at least enjoy.

2. Strive to Meet and Connect with New People

Does walking into a conference room full of professionals scare you? Relax, you are not alone. Thousands if not millions of people from all across the globe has the same fear. But, you should not let it hold you back from realizing your inherent potential. A new contact list will help you advance in your career or business. One of the guaranteed ways of diffusing this fear is by attending as many events that expose you to new people as possible.

3. Purchase New Clothes

You probably already know that the clothes that you wear have a direct impact on how people perceive and treat you. It does not matter the occasion or event that you intend to attend, you have to dress right to paint the right image to the audience. Studies have proven beyond doubt that new clothes can impact your productivity positively. Based on this fact, it is of paramount importance to be conscientious of the clothes that you wear to work or to business meetings.

4. Become a Volunteer

There are hundreds of volunteer groups in your community that you can join to keep yourself busy during your free time especially on holidays and weekends. Volunteer work will significantly enhance your resume as most employers are keen on hiring people who are already making a positive impact in the community or neighborhood that they live in. This kind of work can also help to lower your stress levels as well as boost your self-confidence.

It does not matter how complex or difficult the task if, something as simple as mentoring the youth or feeding the homeless will help you to realize your inborn humanity compassion. The tasks can also offer the sense of well-being that you need to address the challenges you face in your career.

5. Consider Changing Your Career

We are aware of the fact that changing a career is easier said than done as there is a ton of things that need to be put into consideration. There are some studies that show people who make unprecedented but well-calculated mid-career changes get a fresh kick of energy that helps them to move forward.

Even though this process if complicated, it can help you to achieve your professional goals by the time you retire. Don’t get it twisted though, you can change career at any age as long as you know what you are doing and have a plan on how to handle the challenges that may come up as a result. If you are a senior citizen, the change can invigorate you just like anyone else who is just fresh in the industry.

6. Test New Productivity Tools

Advancement in technology has led to development of apps that you can download and install on your computer or mobile devices to enhance your productivity. There are people who are able to increase their productivity by using a paper-pen-solution while other prefers using mobile applications.

You will hit a plateau if you use the same productivity tools for months. Change things up by testing out new productivity tools in the market. Most of them have multiple reviews published online that you can read to get a clear perspective of how they work before downloading. Concisely, find an app that resonates with you and use it on a daily basis.

7. Start Being Cautious About Your Health

Poor health=low productivity. Take control of your health by dropping bad eating habits and lifestyles that predispose you to diseases and health complications such as excess weight. If you are used to snacking on junk food at night or at any time of the day, you could be accumulating unnecessary fat in your body.

If you must eat snacks, go for healthy snacks that are made from healthy ingredients. By doing so, you will realize a sharp increase your energy levels, better concentration, and focus. Consider consulting an accredited nutritionist if you are not sure about the type of foods that you should be eating or the kind of exercises that you should take part in to avoid any downsides along the way.

8. Meditation

Most people are of the idea that meditation only offers temporary stress relief and anxiety. Science has proven that meditation can actually make drastic positive changes to the brain. It will give you new insights on how to deal will daily stressors, conflicts, and other challenges that you face as you go about your other daily chores. Eventually, instances of discouragement and distraction will have little or no impact on your moods and productivity during the day.

9. Have Multiple Recess Periods

Work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Even we grownups who are already deep in our careers and have families need time to relax and recess. Find an activity that you enjoy such as playing basketball or spending time outdoors and do it. Even if your career is going on well and you have no challenges, these side activities will make you a healthier and happier person in general.

10. Steer Clear of Envying Others

Don’t waste your time and resources concentrating on what other people in your circles are doing. There are some scientific studies that link jealous and envious feelings to genetics, but the flip side of this is that you can make a decision today to stop envying other people. Most people who envy others feel that they are inferior or need to do something to hinder their peers from continuing being successful.

If you are to succeed in reinventing yourself, you need to master how to control your thoughts and find new ways of using your energy to think positively. Well, at first it will feel like you are fighting a losing battle or going against the tide, but eventually, you will win the battle.

11. Which Activities Waste your Time?

Regardless of how busy or productive you think you are, there are certain things that you do that result in massive wastage of time. Identify these activities and come up with ways of wiping them off your schedule. For instance, if you spend too much time on social media, make a decision to only log into your account after work or during the weekend.

Eliminating the time wasters will help you to get more work done as well as streamline your work schedules in a way that you never though was possible.

12. Discuss your Goals with Likeminded People

Discussing your goals with likeminded people will significantly improve your chances of achieving them. The people in your circles who are aware of what you want to achieve will keep you on the track by motivating you and providing ideas on how you can improve yourself.

Bonus Tips

Reinventing yourself fully would be great but the catch is that it is not possible to do that overnight. Start with specific areas of your life that you can manage before proceeding to the challenging phases.

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