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9 Most Effective Meditation Techniques

Meditation is an approach in which people train their mind and induces a mode of consciousness. It generally refers to the practice that includes techniques designed to encourage relaxation, build internal energy and develop compassion. Meditation is an internal effort to self-regulate the mind.

Regular practice of meditation may cure various health issues like high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and so on. It may involve generating an emotional state for analyzing various states like anger, hatred and so on. It is a state in which you build your connection with the soul. Though an ordinary person may consider it as a prayer, but it’s not true. It is more than a prayer; meditation means awareness of the inner soul.

In the process of meditation, you need to concentrate on something. Whatever you do with awareness or consciousness like watching your breath, listening to music and so on is meditation. The activities which are free from the distraction to mind said as effective meditation.

Basically, meditation is never a particular technique; it is a way of life. It is a thought process that describes the state of consciousness. When the mind is free from the scattered thoughts, the observer realizes that all the activities of the mind become one.

The physical and outside world is always full of pressure, chaos, and negative emotions. As a result, most of us find it so tough to be able to relax and cope up.

But through the help of meditation, there’s a great chance that you can put yourself into pure silence and peace.

If you reach this stage, you get the liberty to relax, think deeply, and keep composure. But what are the most effective meditation techniques for you? Read on and you’ll learn some of them.

Nine Techniques For Correct Meditation Techniques

There are actually thousands of  correct meditation techniques out there but here are nine of the most used and popular

1. Staring At An Object Meditation

Find a few minutes in the morning and evening and meditate while you look at these objects for several minutes. Once you get used to this, you will wonder how you did not try meditation sooner. Remember that this is an exercise in mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness is not about visualizing your whole body while looking at a blank wall, but rather about taking a small action and letting it become a habit.

People who have difficulty sleeping use the technique of staring at a certain object in order to effectively sleep. But aside from being a sleeping aid, it is also a very good meditation technique that can help your mind relax through focus and spotlight. By doing so, your mind is stripped off the pressure and clutters of other stuff. It becomes preoccupied with the object you are staring at.

2. Deep breathing

Breathing really slow and deep can provide relaxing effects for the body and mind. IF we are always on the move and get a lot of stress, our adrenaline keeps pumping and that makes us breath fast and heavy. If you want to meditate, deep breathing is a very good technique since it lets your mind relax and be placed in its calmest state.

3. Get along with nature

Are you feeling stressed and pressured lately? Do you feel like the world has become so congested and cluttered it seems like you can’t get out? One way of meditating effectively is by getting along and absorbing nature. You can do this by going outside and find a place that best resembles nature at its best. You can lie in the fields, smell the flowers in the garden, or stay at the beach. These things will make you relax and keep off the usual pressures of everyday life.

4. Find others to meditate more with you

Sometimes meditation is difficult when you are alone since you may lack the ability to concentrate. If this happens, the best technique would be to meditate with a group. The effect of group meditation is so great that more and more people these days are doing it instead of being alone. The company of others while meditating is a very comforting concept since you’re actually getting an inspiration to do it by seeing others do the same.

5. Mindfulness meditation

This kind of technique in meditation deals with being aware of your senses. What you do is you start the process by breathing slowly and then be able to identify your senses. Erase the tension, pressure, or any outside negative force. The purpose of the mindfulness technique is not to control yourself but to be able to observe your senses to the highest and deepest levels without altering them.

6. Mantra

This meditation technique meanwhile is an old way of putting oneself to the deepest levels of the mind. It is done with the chanting of a certain phrase or word that can result to deep relaxation mode.

7. Walking

Most of us don’t realize it but walking is actually a form of meditation. People who are tired and fed up with sitting all day long in their offices can find some time meditating by walking outside; preferably a quiet and secluded place where there is no presence or symbols of clutters and congestion. Any environment that can put a soothing calm in your mind will do. The concept is really based on a notion that if a person wanders to a place he’s never been, his mind is put exclusively to it.

8. Empty your mind

Emptying your mind is a meditation technique that most of us commonly use but we don’t really pay much attention to it. Have you ever felt like closing your eyes and letting your mind float to the air without any regard or concern to anything that surrounds you? Emptying your mind with anything that concerns you will put you to a very deep level of meditation.

9. Listening to binaural beats in meditation recording

Finally, a very effective technique in meditation is through music. However, the experience can be more satisfying if you opt for binaural beats. Put your headphones on and you will obtain a very successful journey to the deepest corners of your mind.


Apart from the various psychic benefits, meditation also involves various health benefits like it lowers oxygen consumption, increase flow of blood, slows the heart rate, decreases respiratory rate, reduces anxiety attacks, decreases muscle tension, helps in all the chronic diseases and so on.

So you see from above that there exist many types of most effective meditation technique. This allows one to find the correct way to meditate and choose a type that is most suitable for their personality and disposition. The best way to discover the enormous benefits of meditation is to jump in and participate. What are you waiting for?

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