October 22

8 Effective Ways To Attract Positive Energy In Your Life

No one can stop negative circumstances from ever happening in their lives as some people will be rude, emails will continue coming, your boss will sometimes be hard to you, children might be demanding and other bad things will happen. Having a positive life full of energy is what most people desire as this is what leads to success. This requires one to start by preparing their mind, body, and home and being mindful of the environment so that is can help you attract the things you desire in life. You need to have a body and mind which is renewed, revitalized and ready to accept opportunities. Your environment, especially your home or workplace, also needs to be clutter free and well organized so that it can reflect the promising future you want.

Positive energy is normally attracted when you are relaxed and at peace with yourself as well as your surroundings. We are magnets and whenever we release positive feelings, vibrations or thoughts, we attract more positive energy. When we think or dwell on negative things, we normally attract negative energy in the process and this drains our strength. Be it your ex, girlfriend, parents, friends, boss or traffic, your perception is what will attract toxic negative feelings or thoughts and create stress. All circumstances are neutral and you will generate positive energy when your inner state is peaceful.

We all have a choice of either being at peace or being in resistance no matter what situation you are going through. There comes a time when we all go through bad or negative circumstances that life has to offer and it’s a normal thing that happens to us. It’s easy to overcome these feelings but most of us choose to think about the negative feelings that will make the situation worst. Instead of waiting for positivity to come back to us we should bring it to our lives. “The worst times can be the best if you think of positive energy,”- Domenico Dolce.

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Below are some of the effective steps that will help you attract health, wellness, and vitality in life:

1. Meditate

There are many types of meditation and they are all helpful provided they are kept simple. The simplest meditation technique involves sitting in a comfortable and relaxed posture, close your eyes and feel your consciousness or presence in the midst of thoughts and emotions. As you meditate feel the spaciousness in your body that can be filled with positive energy. This is a highly effective and powerful practice that calms your spirit and generates positive vibrations throughout the body; putting you in a relaxed and peaceful state of mind. You can also include uplifting music, chant a mantra and focus on the vibration and sound produced; this normally creates positive vibes all over your body. You can also pay attention to your breath as you inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth slowly.

As you meditate ensure all your focus is on positive things and don’t allow negative feelings or thoughts to cloud your mind. When something negative occurs, learn how to meditate and focus on the positive things that will help you solve the negative. Early in the morning, begin your day by meditating so as to get rid of scattered emotions that might leave you stressed and anxious. Practicing meditation on a regular basis will help you gain control over the thoughts and emotions generated by your mind. This is a very crucial step that will release negativity from your mind or body and help you to stay mindful.


Visualization is a technique that has been used for decades to create inner peace and to break out the negative emotions in your life. Good energy is usually attracted when one visualizes a peaceful life full of happiness, fulfillment, and success. Visualization is simple and involves staying conscious and seeing your mind overcoming fearful images. Make sure your mind doesn’t give energy to the negative thoughts but instead visualize a peaceful flow of energy in your life and do your mind. Imagine feeling calm, relaxed and fulfilled; this will be channeled into your body and create a positive vibe. Always keep in mind that visualization is a powerful tool that attracts positive energy in your life since everything you feel, think or say becomes a reality.

3.Set Achievable Goals

Setting long-term, medium-term or long-term achievable goals is one of the best ways of planning your life and deciding how you want to live it. Not having goals is the same as setting out on a major journey without knowing your destination. Lack of goals simply implies you are not getting anywhere worthwhile. Set SMART goals that will motivate you to work towards achieving them and write them down. SMART usually means specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. The purpose of goal setting is to help you identify things you should concentrate your efforts on and easily identify distractions that might lead hold you back.

Goal setting helps you to focus your knowledge and this gives you time to organize your resources and time to make the most out of life. Setting goals will also boost your confidence and allow you to recognize your abilities to attain success. Some of the goals you can set include attitude, career, family, education, finance, physical among other goals. Some of the things to keep in mind when setting effective and achievable goals include; be clear, precise and realistic, ensure the goals are positive statements, determine your priorities, write them down and make sure you have performance goals rather than outcome goals.

4.Declutter Your Environment

The environment plays a huge role when it comes to our feelings, thoughts or even actions. Everything from your home to your car has a big impact on your emotions and moods. When you are surrounded by negative things then your body and mind will be filled with negativity making it hard for you to surround yourself with positive energy. It is always important to ensure you are in a clutter-free environment that is clean and well organized as this is a sign of value and appreciation of everything you possess. Decluttering your space attracts good positive flows that bring great things into your life.

Get rid of anything that reminds you of bad things and replace them with things that can make generate positive energy. Other things you can do is wear comfortable clothes, get a haircut, pay any overdue bills and update your lights. Cleaning your living space and being comfortable with your surrounding allows you to feel so much relaxed. Focusing on making your environment spacious and clutter free allows you to overcome negative energy and easily bring back positive energy.

5.Live in the Present

We should always live in the present moment and avoid worrying about the future as this is what will help you stay positive and live a fulfilling life. Living in the present involves being fully conscious of your thoughts, actions, and surrounding. There might come a time where you will need to think about the future especially when setting goals but try to be in the present moment whenever you want to relax and attract good vibes. Worrying won’t solve any problem instead it will make the situation more worst and make it hard for you to achieve success. Worrying about the future creates negative energy which is very harmful to your health and whole being. Focusing on the present allows you to put all your focus on what’s happening in the present moment and this creates positive vibration in your life.

6.Have an Open Mindset

Being open minded is all about the ability to stretch your thoughts, knowledge and ideas beyond the boundary that we consider self constructed. It is significant to always exercise open mindedness as it allows you to see varying aspects of life and situations in it. What open-mindedness does for someone is that it gives you the willingness to embrace and accept change, try new things, avoid passing judgment, be open to the opinions of others, live in the present and most importantly turn problems into opportunities. All of these and more put you in a position where you can easily attract positive energy in your life. This is definitely because being open to life means that you leave no room for self-pity and regrets. Research documents that the main characteristics of open minded people include the fact that they are amazing, confident, charming, mentally strong, charismatic, positive and responsible. With these you can attractive as much positive energy needed to improve your general health and wellbeing.

7.Be Positive With Those around You

This generally involves treating everyone the way you would like to be treated. You will ruin your day and attract negative energy when you start holding anger and resentment against others. We might appear different in terms of age, gender, and other forms but always keep in mind that everything is oneness. This will help you treat other people as yourself and not harbor negative emotions but your attitude will attract positive energy from people that surround you.

8.Eat Healthy Foods

Food is a very important aspect when it comes to attracting positive energy in your life and this is mainly because they vibrate at either lower or higher frequency. Processed, junk or foods filled with chemicals normally vibrate low frequencies while organic foods (such as fruits, vegetables, and other homemade foods) leave you vibrating higher frequencies and this recharges positive energy throughout your body. It is therefore imperative to closely pay attention to the kind of foods you consume and try eating healthy foods that attract positive vibrations.


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