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5 Reasons For Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Do you want to improve the quality of your life? Do you want to traverse all the predicaments and problems that have hampered you till now? And do you want to become more socially able, more focused and optimistic when it comes to life? Well, then this Guided Mindfulness Meditation Program is for you. It is a system that has proven to be immensely effective at enhancing the quality of life for the better. Some numerous studies and researches support the efficacy of this study. From ancient Buddhist ideologies to present ones, the workability of this Program has been vindicated again and again.

Mindfulness Meditation, What it is:

According to the thousand-year-old Buddhists monks’ traditions, we know that they used to meditate to better understand themselves and their connections to all beings, as they believed that doing so would release them from suffering and will ultimately help them gain enlightenment.

In recent times, several studies have been performed to gain insight into the benefits of practicing this ancient tradition. More secular studies about mindfulness meditation have shown that meditation and mindfulness encompasses the ability to fully experience the current moment and to accept it without judgment can have various benefits. The research was done on this topic to date suggests that mindfulness-meditation affects many aspects of our physiological as well as psychological well-being. It ranges from reducing stress and anxiety to help counter chronic pains and other ailments.

Let’s delve deeper and look into some other reasons you should consider giving mindfulness meditation a try.

1.     Improves Attention and Memory

The entire focus of mindfulness meditation is to train your mind to pay attention to the present and to become more aware of your body’s sensations, thoughts, and emotions. This training eventually helps to improve your ability to focus and stay attentive. Research has shown that practicing meditation leads to an enhanced ability to sustain attention. Another research a few years ago by Sara Lazar, a neuroscientist, concludes that mindfulness meditation can increase the brain’s gray matter.  The study showed that this increase in gray matter concentration occurred in regions involved in memory and learning processes, sense of self and regulation of emotion.

2.     Banishes Negative Thoughts And Emotions

Mindfulness Meditation helps you to effectively manage your negative thoughts. It is a valuable tool for understanding your situation and hence pulls you out from the cycle of unhelpful thoughts. According to observation, people often replay a cringe-worthy or bad historical event repeatedly in their heads. Even though this repetition of negative thought patterns is harmful to their psychological health. Different studies have suggested that practicing mindfulness meditation can help break these patterns.

3.     Helps Prevent Depression Recurrence

In recent years, Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) has gained immense popularity. MBCT is an eight-week, group-based program that combines elements from mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT).  This therapy integrates mindfulness exercises like yoga, body awareness and daily assignments, such as eating or doing household tasks, with full attention to the task one is doing, moment by moment. Several studies have shown that MBCT may prove beneficial in preventing depression recurrence.

One study proved that MBCT was as effective as antidepressant medication in preventing depression recurrence relapse. Another study showed that MBCT was extremely effective in managing depression in participants with increased vulnerability for depression because of an associated history of childhood trauma and provided significant protection against the recurrence of depressive episodes.

4.     Helps Coping With Anxiety

Research over the years has repeatedly shown that practicing mindfulness meditation can help in reducing anxiety. One of the studies has shown that the reduction in anxiety starts as early as after the first session. For this specific study, the researchers worked with participants having high levels of anxiety but normal blood pressure and focused on the effect of a single session of mindfulness meditation on these participants.

5.     Lower Stress Levels

The world we live in today has become extremely fast-paced, the challenges of this fast-paced life often contributes to increased stress among the individuals. With this program, such individuals will be able to effectively mitigate their stress levels. This will, therefore, make them more socially capable of pertinence in dealing with the trials of everyday life.

What Mindfulness Meditation Evinces:

  • All you need is some time and a relaxing cushion or bench to start with it. You can dedicate 10 to 20 minutes of your daily routine to this program for excellent results.
  • Focus on the present and not the past and certainly not the future. This is a prerequisite that you will need to master if you want to engage in mindfulness meditation.
  • Embrace objectivity and let your judgments pass away freely.
  • Remember to keep returning to the present moment and don’t let your mind wander off
  • Remain empathetic towards your self and don’t judge yourself either.


Who is it for?

Mindfulness Meditation is a technique that is for everyone. Anyone from any class, creed, physique, thoughts, and background can practice it. The level of effectiveness that can be reaped is equal for all. So, there is no limit or precondition for utilizing this amazing program that holds immense promise for turning one’s life around.

Pros and Cons of Mindfulness Meditation:


  • You get to understand your mental and physical pain in life on a much better level
  • You can enhance focus and concentration considerably through this technique
  • It allows for palpable mitigation in stress levels
  • It enables one to form stronger connections with friends, family members and colleagues
  • You can alleviate the chattering in your brain and reduce stress eminently as well


  • It can be difficult to master at first
  • It takes considerably longer to master the tenets of this program
  • Some might become fed-up and disappointed with this program in the initial stages

So, if acquiring more success and focus in your life interests you then this is the program for you. Mindfulness Meditation will allow you to tackle stress at an improved rate and will make you more appropriately adjusted, both socially and mentally. Give it a go and it will most definitely not disappoint you.


Selena, 28 from North Carolina:

I have to say that this program works! There is no bullshit here……I love how it helped me to get out of the mess that was my life. I recommend it highly.

Brad Cooper, 43 from Detroit:

I can’t express the gratitude that I feel towards this program. It has turned my life around and improved my focus to levels that I didn’t dream were possible. All I can say is that it is worth it and you should give it a go.

Sameer Jindal, 34 from South Carolina:

Working in sales, I happen to also come across a lot of stress. It played havoc with my life until I discovered this program. It turned everything around for me in a better manner. Therefore, I am now 100% infatuated with this program and recommend it to anyone with a guarantee of effectualness.


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