March 11

6 Signs of Angels You Should Never Ignore And Why

You must be wondering “do I have a guardian angel“? Yes, we all have guardian angels who are divine spiritual beings working with humanity and are meant to guide and protect us from the world’s darkness. It is true that each person has their own guardian Angel whether you are aware of it or not. We may not see them physically but there are certain events and situations that occur to us and are a confirmation of their presence in our lives.

There are times when one feels this higher vibration and it could be something like a little voice that is directing you to do the right thing. This is what we normally refer to as our higher self or our guardian angel but there are other more signs to watch out for. It is important to create awareness of the existence of guardian angels as they always bring wisdom in our hour of need. If you meet someone who always works alongside their angels, they will confirm their greatness. If you personally aren’t working alongside your angels then it means that you always miss the signs they left for you.

There are so many reasons why you should never ignore these signs and this includes the fact that angels bring you new opportunities, introduce you to the right people, help you solve problems etc. the thing is that these signs normally come in so many different forms but you need to know that they are also things that one can easily notice. It is important for a person to notice these signs as it will keep them safe, happy and successful. I say this because the signs are normally a link to something big or significant in your life. They will help you out when you want to make certain decisions or take certain actions. Let’s, therefore, look at these signs:

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1.Voices of angel

There are tiny voices that people hear and these are a confirmation that guardian angels are not just in our fantasy world but are real and are always trying to help us steer through life’s journey. When those voices come really strongly to you and you feel some kind of attachment to them then don’t ignore. It could be something like, “what you are doing is not right.” “Don’t quit.” “Watch out.” This is true because every single person has an angel watching over them and are there to help you make the right choices. You should, however, know that not everyone receives a message from their angels through a voice and that hearing your angel’s voice or God’s is called clairaudience. It is also important to note that these voices can originate from within the mind, within the body or just outside your head. It is normally hard for some people to detect the voice messages because some may think that it is their imagination or wishful thinking. One thing you should know is that angelic voices are always supportive and loving. You, therefore, need to be very keen to hearing them as they warn us of any impending danger or confirm to us that we should take certain steps or make certain decisions

2. First Instinct

Another very common sign from our guardian angel is the instincts we normally have within us. This is when your feelings or thoughts communicate certain information to you and is mostly felt during events or situations that require decision making or when an individual is taking a certain step in life. It could be a message that is directly related to you or to someone important in your life like a family member. We are always advised to never ignore our instincts because it is an easy sign to understand and mostly a message from 0ur guardian angels. By instinct, I mean a deeper urge to either do something, not do something or expect something. When you are for example planning to take a trip but there is a deeper feeling that is negative about it all it is at times a good idea to reschedule your trip, if you left your loved one at home and are at work or anywhere else then there is a part of you that keeps bringing them in mind or keeps telling you to check on them then it is best that you do that either through a call or physically. There are also those positive instincts which could be when one thinks about starting a business and there so many positive vibes pushing you to move forward with your idea then you should.


3. White Feather Angel

It is also believed that in times of need or trouble, one is likely to see or come across a white feather. This is normally a sign from your guardian angel that they are around and are watching out for you. You should never ignore this sign because it is enough confirmation that no matter how difficult things seem at the moment, you are definitely not alone. God has angels taking you through every difficulty and that you should never give up because you will definitely come out of it stronger than before. What happens is that an individual will find a white feather in places least expected or in places where there are never any feathers. These feathers can be of any size and are actually one of the most common signs from angels. There is also the idea that when a feather lands on you then it is a sign of a positive omen which could mean that your cries or calls have been heard and will be answered. But all in all, feathers are a general confirmation that your guardian angels are showing their support and full guidance. With this sign, you need to remain calm and hopeful that you will be okay and that there is nothing much to worry about.

  1. Bumping Into Someone Often

Another common sign from our guardian angel could be when you keep meeting a certain person several numbers of times. This could mean that the two of you are meant to be together in any situation or aspect of life and a good example could be you should be in a relationship. That person could also be a reflection of certain traits that you need to adopt like gratitude or assertiveness. If you keep meeting a person so many times and you feel attached to them or that there is always this good feeling when you come across them then it could mean that you are meant to be together in one way or another. There are also those we meet and we realize that there are certain things about them that are admirable in terms of their character. This is normally a sign from our angel that we need to pick a lesson or two from these people and that if we do we become different and better. Another way to view it is if you get to interact with them you might learn of a difficult situation they could be dealing with in life. That would be a sign from your angel that there are people out there who are dealing with harder things than yours and that you need to be more grateful for who you are and what you have in life.

5. Music or messages on TV

Another sign that could be your angel trying to communicate with you is when you hear a certain song or see something on TV that relates to your situation. It could be that you were going through a challenge or obstacle in life and the situation could be weighing you down. A message may be sent to you through a song or just a program on TV that you were not intending to hear. It will just cross your thoughts and you somehow realize that whatever is being passed across is very similar to what you are experiencing. Normally, a solution is offered or you will get some kind of motivation and end up feeling about yourself or life. You may also have some questions in mind or are supposed to make certain decisions then you hear about someone else in such a dilemma and the move they made. In most cases, these are angels trying to direct you and show you the right path.

6. Dreams

This is another sign from guardian angel that is used to send messages to you when you are asleep. Guardian angel may use dreams to send specific messages to you about your life and this is mainly because you’ll be more interested and open to their messages as compared to when you are awake. When asleep our body is in a relaxed state that allows us to easily listen to what the guardian angel is telling us without fearing or feeling stressed. While dreaming, your guardian angel may use telepathic communication by sending feelings and thoughts or make personal appearances; like a friend. Your guardian angel may also use intense emotions, symbols and vivid details in your dreams to convey a message. There are various kinds of messages your guardian angel may try to communicate and some of them include creative ideas, warning, encouragement, healing, a prophecy about the future and fresh insight into your life.

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