May 26

10 Tips on How to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts occur to anyone including the most positive people, and if not dealt with, they can manifest themselves by affecting your life. In many ways, negative thoughts relate to a snowball that is rolling down a very long and steep hill. Such a snowball starts off small. However, as it gathers momentum, it starts to become bigger in a way that it can crush you. This example may seem dramatic, but it gives you a clear picture of what negative thoughts can do to you.

Such thoughts have the tendency to drain your energy, keeping you from being in your present moments. The more you let them draw you in, the stronger they become. It’s like you are building a prison in your mind and it can hold you captive for good if you don’t do something to help yourself.

On the other hand, positive thoughts can blossom into a fantastic outcome if nurtured correctly. Most people understand this, and that’s why they try various tricks like diversions and distractions to break out of negative thought patterns. Often such actions cause more problems and before you know it you are stuck in your negativity completely. This can feel like an internal battle. What can you do to overcome negative thoughts?

If you are an individual who seems to be seeing the downside of anything you do or think of, you definitely need help. With proper understanding and practice, it’s possible for you to change your life completely. Below are ten tips to guide you on how you can overcome negative thoughts and also assist you to become a happy person again.

1. Change your thoughts on life

When you have a negative thought, it’s very easy to accept the idea without questioning or challenging it. But, it is important to know that you shouldn’t let negative notions influence your decision. What if you could turn the thought on its head? For instance, you may be thinking about how you have to pay large bills by the end of the month, and your funds won’t manage it all. Rather than concentrating on the negative apart, you can change your thought’s tone and figure things out from a positive perspective. Tell yourself that although it’s going to be a challenge to raise the funds you need to make the payments, you will try out other ways to make extra money.

Take a decision today to never allow negative thoughts to dwell in your mind. Whenever you feel that a negative thought is coming, don’t think about it. Try recalling something positive and pleasant. If you try, you can train yourself not to think negatively in no time.

2. Realise the benefits of meditation

Another ideal way of overcoming negative thoughts is through meditation. Meditation has the ability to turn each person’s characteristic Beta brainwaves (this is our usual state where we experience anxiety, anger, stress and sadness feelings) into Alpha brainwaves. When you are in this new state, light relaxation techniques start melting away the sadness, anger or stress feelings. To get the best results, consider using slightly deeper relaxation techniques so you can start experiencing feelings of motivation and inspired thoughts.

In sum, meditation will help you to bring your body and mind to the present rather than authorizing negative thought processes to project the future on what may or may not happen.

3. Practice yoga

Any type of yoga, including its poses, can hit acupressure points which deal with your emotional joy centers. When you begin to practice yoga, even if you don’t believe in its so-called miraculous impacts, you will realize that you’re relieved almost immediately.

Yoga takes away your focus from negative thoughts since you’ll be required to focus on your breathing. To begin with, your face clears up, breathe relaxes and expressions shift, helping you become less anxious and more open. Yoga will ease your mind and assist you to stay in the present rather than jumping to what can happen. The “now” moment is an essential time of your life.

4. Read something positive each day

It is very easy to wake up feeling a bit negative. Imagine this, it is a Monday it is raining, and you know that the day will be busy, but you don’t like the job at all. It’s very easy to understand how a situation like this one could cause negative thoughts. However, instead of seeing how hectic the day will be, you can choose to begin your day with a motivating quote, you can even write it on a sticky note and place it on the bedside table, fridge door or your computer. Ensure that it’s the first thing you read when you wake up. You will be amazed how this note can inspire and uplift you each day.

5. Have a laugh

This is another simple way of overcoming negative thoughts. It’s said that laughter is a perfect cure whenever you want to stay positive, and it certainly helps. Consider standing in front of your mirror and force a smile even if you can’t smile naturally. It’s been shown that a forced smile can help you improve your mood so don’t hesitate to give it a go. You can also put your favorite TV series or comedy film or even think about a certain funny experience. This changes your mood as well as your positive levels.

6. Speak to positive persons

Avoid listening to pessimists. The world has many pessimists who will want to share their negative thoughts with you. Just because they are negative, it doesn’t mean that you need to agree with them at any point. Recognize such people for who they are and avoid paying too much attention to what they say.

Positivity is infectious just like laughter. When you find yourself stuck, surround yourself with genuinely positive people. Talk to a person who can offer you constructive and caring feedback. They will put everything into perspective on your behalf because they aren’t feeling the negativity like you.

7. Ensure your mind is occupied

An empty mind will always be a perfect negativity breeding ground. Keep yourself occupied always to avoid giving negative thoughts the space to grow. Use your spare time to do anything useful and productive be it to your friends, community or yourself. This way, you won’t find the time to start thinking negatively.

8. Note that no one is perfect

Often, negative feelings are caused by feelings of inadequacy and lack of self-confidence. However, no one is perfect, and you’re not different from the other people. Everyone goes through challenging times, and they also make mistakes. The only difference that changes everything is that positive and happy people never dwell on their mistakes and they accept when they fail. You can only be excellent at being yourself.

9. Learn to express gratitude

Immediately you notice that negative thoughts are snowballing in your mind, stop them by writing down some of the things that make you feel thankful. This can be your kids, family, a vacation, business or career. Remind yourself that the positive things in your life outweigh the negative ones, so be grateful for what you are or have.

10. Bring positivity into another person’s life

Whenever you are stuck in negative thoughts, you can simply get out of your thoughts by focusing on helping someone else. If you add positivity into their life, you too will start to feel more optimistic again. You can help by being kind, offering assistance or advice on something they need or just listen to their problem and support them find a way out. After helping someone, you’ll realize you have the ability to overcome your challenges and negative thoughts altogether.

Most negative thoughts and fears may seem to be caused by present circumstances, but they can be as a result of unresolved issues and core beliefs that exist in the unconscious part of the brain. Some people face enormous challenges and overcome them unscratched while others face little problems and end up broken. The unconscious part of the brain is where we are programmed, and the responses we have to stressors run through the program without our alertness. We can easily rewrite the program when we use rote learning techniques. The unconscious brain part only works with repetition no matter how the brain’s conscious part rejects the positive statements. Once you instill that sense of acceptance, self-control, resilience and self-regulation, positive thinking becomes easier especially when you face difficulties in life.



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