June 10

8 Interesting Facts About Angels That You Probably Never Knew

There are so many occurrences in life that we actually never get to understand let alone experience; and one can’t’ really explain something that hasn’t been witnessed. For instance, you’ve probably heard some very weird stories about angels citing by now, people claiming to have seen them, perhaps had conversations with them or something like that.

At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of perspective, whether you are a spiritual person who believes in their existence or maybe you are an atheist who thinks that the whole notion of angels is just some hoax. Be that as it may, this piece focuses only on the factual information on angels that is absolutely free, and if you do have the opportunity you can always look it up at your own convenience.

Angelology (the study of angels), is a fitting topic for anyone to study because it usually enlightens our understanding of God. Indeed, most people identify with the thought that man is the highest form of created being. Still, it is factual to state that, when comparing man with other living creatures, there exists lower forms of life, filled with beings of diverse classifications; due to this fact, there’s the realistic possibility that between man and God there exist beings with advanced intellect or power than that of the average human being.

Angles are heavenly beings; this automatically accounts for their superiority when compared to humans. They normally serve as attendants and messengers of God, some serve as guardians of the people on earth.

From the Bible, we can attest that angels characteristically have wings, some angels have wings that are graceful and remarkable, but, I’m certain that if you were to essentially witness the physical form of some angels, especially Seraphim, Cherubim or Thrones, most people would probably freak out; it’s not every day that you’ll get to see something or someone with four different faces on a single head.

It’s no secret that since ancient times humans have been fascinated with angels, what they are and how they work. All the current information that have on angels, which has not been indicated in the Sacred Scripture, is usually taken from the Saints, the Doctors, Church Fathers and even from the experience of exorcists.

Listed below are 8 interesting facts you may not know about God’s angels!

1.    Not All Angels Have Super Human Strength

Now, I know you are probably thinking it’s a lie, but before you quickly snub this fact, let’s go back to the Sacred scriptures of Genesis where Jacob is fighting an angelic stranger after sending his family, servants and possessions across the streams. Point to note is the fact that they wrestled for hours until dawn, and the man saw that he “could not” overpower him; he then decides to mysteriously dislocate his hips using a touch of his hand. Not a punch, not a shove just a mere touch. This proves to us that angels may not have super human strength, but they surely have super natural abilities.

2.   Angels Cannot Die

Did you know that angels were created to live for eternity? This information is revealed to us by Lord, Jesus Christ in the apostolic book of Luke.

The everlasting God, Creator of all living things, made some angels specifically for your benefit. For example did you know that every human has a guardian angel? It is true that God created an angel just for you, and the angel’s duty is to get you to Heaven.

In view of this fact, when was the last time that you said something to your angel?

3.   Angels Are Emotional Creatures

There are several accounts in the Sacred Scriptures where angels are associated with different emotions. They normally work hard on bold duties such as praising God in heaven, saving people from danger, etc.

Just like the King of Kings, and even human beings, angels experience both positive emotions (like joy and peace), as well as negative ones (like anger and sorrow.)

Angels can express a full range of emotions, and this ability assists them to relate to God and humans.

Several accounts in the Bible describe accounts where angels become angry like in Numbers 22 where a man known as Balaam had an encounter with an angry angel; Archangel Michael has also been associated with righteous anger, which helps him to fight the devil and his lot of demons.

4.   Angels Are Innumerable

No one really knows the real population of existing angels. What we know is that it is a very large number; some people even believe that there are more angels than all humans who have ever existed

Even though the Sacred Scriptures give no definite number, we are told that they are so many. For instance, when King David describes the chariots of God, you automatically get the sense that angels are just too many to be counted

Perhaps, just like the earliest events of creation, all angels were created at one time. This is possible, since we know that angels neither marry nor have children like humans, therefore no new angels are being added to the number.

In addition to all this, angels do not die, making it impossible for them to decrease in number.

5.   Angels Speak All Languages

Indeed, angels have a more superior intellect; humans normally have 3 styles of communication (body movement, voice and text). Angels have diverse form of communication; apart from the fact that they can communicate with humans, one is only left to imagine the form of dialect they use when communicating with God, or other angels.

Depending on the orders given to them by The Almighty, angels may deliver messages in different ways; examples include writing, voice, music, physical contact, etc. The magnitude of their powerful voices has been compared to that of thunders.

6.   Angels Can Teleport

In order to fully understand the notion of teleporting or quantum leaps you can always do some research on the net. In Layman’s terms, this basically refers to an occurrence where something moves from A to D without passing through B or C. Angels have the ability to move from one place to another without having to pass through any stopovers. For example if it was a case of reaching Dallas, Texas from Johannesburg, S.A, an angel, will not be compelled to pass through the existing areas in between the two locations.

A fact to note is that whenever an angel is sent, the angel speaks with God given authority. Therefore, you can be certain that if an angel visits you, the form of communication will be overwhelming.

This is an interesting fact considering that angels are spirits and thus do not have matter, so they do not technically move at all. Because they are spiritual beings, they are not subjected to the laws of physics like human beings. Nonetheless, when God orders them to, angels can and will appear on earth.

7.   Angels Have a Will

We learn this from the Sacred Scriptures, for example, instances when angels who refused to keep their positions of authority but decided to abandon their own home, were kept in darkness, bound with everlasting chains for judgment on the great Day.

Lucifer/Satan was once a prominent angel in Heaven, but when he decides to revolt against God, he was cast down on earth until the Day of Judgment where his fate has already been determined.

All the other angels, (now demons), who followed him were also judged in the same measure.

8.   As Far As We Know, There’s Only One Archangel

The Bible only mentions the names of three angels i.e. Michael, Gabriel, the fallen angel Lucifer. Out of all the angels in the Bible, Michael is the only angel to be called an archangel.

This probably means that Michael is the highest angel in Heaven or he is the one who is in charge of other angels.

To conclude this piece is knowledge that is rather blurred; as some of you know, there is a passage in the Bible where Archangel Michael had to dispute with Satan about the body of Moses. This occurrence poses a lot questions, which might help us understand the way angels work. It seems that, the same way God orders an angel to watch over you, so does Satan, who send a demon to lead you astray. There’s also the possibility that the Devil is always aloof whenever you repent your sins to God.

It is my hope that you found this article to be informative about angels. Keep in mind that there’s always a guardian angel out there watching over you to guide you through your life as you wait for day of judgment and the second coming of Jesus Christ. Also be wary of false prophets and teachers who claim to have seen an angel, remember that Lucifer is like a roaring lion, searching for weak souls to devour.

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