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Mind Movies Review Guide: Buy Vision Board Or Not?

Mind Movies Review

Ever heard of Mind Movies? Don’t worry; if you’ve never heard of this term, we will share all the important information about it.

Just keep reading.With over 4.2M users worldwide, Mind Movies seems to be a game changer when it comes to turning your visions into reality through its mind movies vision board.

What is Mind Movies?

Mind movies Natalie Ledwell

Mind Movies is a software program designed by Natalie Ledwell. It is a complete digital vision board that comprises of text, inspiring music, effects, inspiring images, and positive affirmations. The software will aid you to create movie files to watch on all your devices with an internet connection.

The software was developed as a powerful visualization tool to make it easy to create fun and short videos. The entire process of creating videos will help you to visualize what you want in your life by adding inspiring music to keep you engaged in a peculiar way.

What is Visualization?

Visualization is the way you can imagine of something as if it is already happening in reality. In other words, visualization is the process of transforming thoughts into things. It can also be said as a tool for focus and inspiration.

The Mind Movies utilizes visuals and audio and combines this with your goals or life experience to powerfully create the life you imagine.

Who is the Software Designed For?

The Mind Movies software is perfect for anyone who feels unsatisfied with their day to day life. Whether you feel burnt-out at work or you are feeling bored in your life, the software will help you create your future. The good thing about the software is that you can use it whether you familiar with technology or not. It is easy to use and it takes a few minutes to create motivating videos of your life.

What Mind Movies Has for You

The Mind Movies software features many different tools that are meant to help you create the life you desire. It includes:

Mind Movies Creation Kit

  • Mind Movie Creation Kit

The Mind Movies creation Kit includes everything you want to use when creating your videos. The kit will help you access the program and know-how for creating your own peculiar visualization boards.

The Mind Movies Creation Kit is beneficial in numerous ways in that it enables you to create a simple and fun, 3-minute music video that converts your subliminal through the systematically demonstrated power of visualizations and affirmations. The outcome is peak performance in everyday life. Your Mind Movies will get rid of stress, boost your creativity and keep away self-doubt in your everyday life.

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  • Video Class Illustrations

This comprises of step-by-step dream illustrations in form of videos meant to help you to learn your inner desires. The video class acts as a foreword before you can create a Mind Movie with the Mind Movies Creation Kit among other things.

Software Length

The Mind Movies Creation Kit helps you to create a 3-minute long video.

How the Software Works – The Mind Movies

Mind Movies Vision Board

The software is excellent and well designed. It is easy to use and it creates a stunning video of your text and photos with slideshows and your inspiring music. The greatest thing is that most Mac’s and PCs come with preinstalled software that includes images, music, and text.

Another good thing about Mind Movies is that you just need to log into your account and create videos online. After you’ve created your inspiring short videos, you can then download them into your computer. Thankfully, you can use the software anywhere on any device provided you have an internet connection. You just access your account and you are good to create your videos. It’s that simple.

Well, of course when it comes to using the internet, the fast the internet the fast it will be to use the software, so we would advise using the Mind Movies software with a fast internet, else the process of creating videos will be slow.

To create a movie, you simply insert your image from the interface into a slideshow and then type your text that will go along with the image. The software is packed with pre-installed images on different categories of Health, Money, Relationships and many more, so you will never miss your ideas. If you want to use your own images, Mind Movies allows you that; you will just need to upload your images from your computer and the software will show them in a folder so you just drag and drop them to the slides you want.

You can decide to add effects to the text and transitions from one slide to another yourself, but the software can as well do it for you. You can also customize the timing of the slides.

Pros and Cons of the Mind Movies Software

If you’ve ever used any software in your day to day life, you must admit that no software is 100% perfect, whether it claims to be or not. And the Mind Movies software too is not an exception since it has its own good and bad sides. However, the bad sides will not hinder you from creating a fun and simple video of your life experience.

Let’s look at the pros of the software.

The Pros

  • The software is simple and easy to use. For users who have used any other video editing software, you must admit that the editing process is usually tiresome and it needs quite a bit of time to edit a single video. This software will only take you around 4 minutes to create a complete and fun video. You can then download your movie to your computer or upload it to YouTube.
  • The software comes packed with useful images and inspiring music so you just need to pick your favorite and add to your slides. However, you can also your images from your computer if you don’t prefer to use those in the software.
  • You can use Mind Movies to create your movies on any device anywhere so long as you have an internet connection.
  • You get full 60-day money back guaranteed when you use the Mind Movies software.

 The Cons

  • For you to create a movie fast, you need a fast internet connection, else the process will be slow
  • You can still create a movie using other free software programs out there if you don’t have the budget to use the Mind Movies, however, you will not enjoy the benefits of free images, music and affirmations you could get when using the Mind Movies.

The Verdict

The Mind Movies digital vision board software is simple and fun to use software that comes with a complete library of images, music and other resources you would want to use to create different Mind Movies on various categories- Money, Health, Relationships and more. You just need to pay a one-off fee and you will get regular updates of the software plus committed support.

We hope this article gives you a complete idea on what Mind Movies is all about and how it can be beneficial to you.

Mind Movies Vision Board

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