April 22

12 Paradoxical Personality and Traits of Creative People

In the current highly competitive world, you need to strive to be the best of the best. Research studies have shown that the most successful people in the world are very creative and smart. Having these two personal traits will help you to achieve almost anything that you set your mind and body.

Today we look at 12 paradoxical personality and traits of creative people in the world. It is with sincere hope that this article will give you tips on what you can also do to enhance your productivity and overall personal development.

1. Physically Fit and Energetic

The creative people in our society are physically fit and energetic. It is these personal traits that enable them to work for long hours without losing concentration. As they interact with people in their social circles, they project an aura of enthusiasm and freshness.

2. Equally Smart and Composed

If there is one common trait the most successful people have is flexibility and ability to provide ideas and solutions in every situation. They have the potential to come up with an unusual but implementable association of ideas. Most of the personal development workshops held across the globe work smart to enhance these skills. Also, most of the creativity tests are designed to put to the test these individual thinking capabilities.

3. Combine Responsibility and Irresponsibility

Creative and highly productive people have the ability to combine accountability and irresponsibility by applying endurance, perseverance, and a quality of doggedness. Don’t get it twisted, they are playful, but they often make sure that they do not exceed the limits.

4. Alternate between Fantasy and Imagination

To discover your inherent potential, you need to have a certain level of imagination and creativity. As you continue to find yourself, you will understand the fact that great science and art is hinged on a leap of imagination. More often than not, you will need to plunge yourself into the world that is different from the current one and hidden from millions of people who do not think beyond their current situations.

5. Tend to Be both Introverted and Extroverted

The first thing that you need to note at this point is that you are either an extrovert or an introvert. Both personalities exhibit varying characteristics that are used to define people. Personal counselors and advisers also use the two to understand and guide their clients to self-realization. Unlike popular believe, creative tend to have traits of an introvert and extrovert. These traits help them to blend perfectly with people and complete projects that other people are unable to complete successfully.

6. Humble and Proud of their Successes

Remaining humble in spite of being very successful in various facets of life sounds easy but it usually easier said than done. It is mind blowing to find a remarkably successful and famous person who is not supercilious or rather arrogant.

If you want to get to the next tier of success, you have to find a way of remaining humble and at the same time appreciative of the goals that you have achieved. Along the way, set specific goals and objectives that you want to achieve and work towards them every day. Do not let any challenges hinder you and when you finally attain the goals remain humble and contended.

7. Don’t Subscribe to Popular Rigid Gender Role Stereotyping

According to tests of femininity and masculinity that were administered to young generation a few years ago, talented and creative girls are more tough and dominant than other girls. On the other hand, creative boys are less aggressive and more sensitive than their male friends.

This statistics means that creative people naturally do not believe in the rigid gender role stereotyping. It is this personal trait that enables them to form successful relationships with people in their professional and social circles easily.

8. Conservative and Rebellious

First, it is not possible to be creative in life without first understanding and internalizing a particular area of culture. It is almost impossible to comprehend how one can be creative without being conservative and traditional. There is also a small group of successful people who are iconoclastic and rebellious despite being so productive at their businesses and workplaces.

9. Passionate About Their Work and Objective

You have to be passionate about everything that you do in life if you are to do it successfully. Without deep passion, you will soon lose interest in a difficult task. On the same vein, without being objective about it, your work will lack credibility and vigor that is required.

As Natalie Davis, a famous historian, said, find a way to detach from what you write so that you cannot be identified with your work to the extent that you find it difficult to accept response and criticism.

10. Their Sensitivity and Openness Exposes them to Pain and Suffering

One of the most important personal traits in all creative individuals is their inherent ability to enjoy the whole process of creation. They understand the reasons for undergoing the creation process, and this helps them to go through everything without complaining too much.

Without this personal characteristic or trait, poets and writers would give up striving for perfecting their work and physicists would easily consider quitting research projects to work in industrial laboratories were the working environment and expectations are more predictable.

It is never too late to change your life for the better to achieve greater success. Start training your mind to achieve these paradoxical traits and become more productive, outgoing, and creative in every aspect of your life. If you need help along the way, do not hesitate to speak to one of your local personal counselors for advice.

11. Confidence and Self-Motivation

Confidence and self-motivation are two of the common personal traits that you need to have if you are to succeed in understanding your purpose in life and achieving the goals that you set out for yourself. There are many things that you can do to boost your self-confidence, but the bottom line is; you have to motivate yourself to get to the next level.

The most creative and productive people are confident about their skills and their potentials. This helps them to act on new ideas and make sure that they strategize. This has so far helped them to get ahead of the competition in the business realm and continue to dominate the world.

Secondly, they do no wait for someone to push them to get going. Instead, they look inside themselves to find some level of motivation to keep on keeping on. For example, when their businesses look like they are failing, they look deep into the business structure for certain traits that they can use to revive the business. They also look at the underlying problems that caused the issues and try to come up with ideal solutions to the issues to prevent them from recurring in the future.

The point to take home is that you need to have confidence in your skills and capability. You also need to be self-motivated to continue doing great things not only at your workplace or business, but also in your social life.

12. Surround Themselves with the Right People

You are the average of the five people that you spend most of your time with. This is one of the rules that the most productive people that you know have and always abide by to continue being successful. They surround themselves with the right people and this creates a positive energy that keeps them going even when there are challenges or when things start to snowball downhill.

One of the ways that they use to connect with the right people is attending events that likeminded people are most likely going to attend such as conferences and seminars. During these events, they go out of their way to connect with the experts and this greatly helps them to expand their networks. The discussions that they have with these people give them ideas on how to move their lives and businesses forward.

Therefore, you also need to look at your life and evaluate the people that you surround yourself with. Do they add value to your life? This question will help you to know the net worth of you friends and come up with a plan on how to do away with people who are not of any help to you. This however does not mean that you should only connect with people in your field or area of speciality, there are people you can connect with at a social level who will teach you how to become a better version of yourself. You also need to prove you are worth partner or friend extending a helping hand when your friends need your help or assist to benefit fully from the association.

Note that there is no precise formula for personal or individual creation. The creative people are remarkable for their inherent ability to adapt quickly to virtually any situation that comes their way and makes do with what they have at hand to achieve their goals.

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