June 9

What Is Your Manifestation Example?

**I am sharing this story heard from my team mates**

Let me share my manifestation example in this blog. My dad is my idol. I am eternally ‘daddy’s little girl’. My mother and he were the ones who first exposed me to leadership and motivation, and they did it via the use of Dale Carnegie books and Les Brown CDs (yep, cassettes—you know, you have to complete side one before you can listen to side B). In addition to that, he gave me Kirk Nugent’s CD to listen to.

Kirk Nugent is a motivational speaker, poet, and novelist who was born in Jamaica but now lives and works in Florida. The moment I listened to his Pursue Your Passion CD, I was hooked. A few years later, I established a Myspace page on which I hailed my hero’s people such as my father, Kirk Nugent, Oprah Winfrey, and Tyler Perry, as well as “everyone who triumphed over the odds to accomplish their objectives.”

After having this information included on my profile for two years, I got a message from Kirk Nugent a few months ago in which he expressed his admiration for the job I was doing in the entertainment business. I was overjoyed to have such a glowing note of praise from a person whom I held in such high regard. After we started talking to one another and exchanging ideas, he finally asked me to collaborate with him on some promotional work aimed at the Caribbean market.


Even better I was acknowledged on the updated version of his CD titled “I Just Want to Testify.” We work together quite a bit, and he has just become a contributor to both my YaadNoyz Newsletter and my soon-to-be-released online magazine, YaadNoyz Magazine.

See? I am putting myself out there in the hopes that I may one day meet individuals with whom I can network, learn, and share my own thoughts on leadership and business. The Law of Attraction and manifestation power is an actual physical law. Even though I have had my fair share of setbacks, I continue to believe that positive thinking is the driving force behind not just success but also accomplishments and a sense of accomplishment. The question is, is manifestation real?

The Breakdown

Yes, it is, in addition to it, there is a procedure involved. Once we set our sights on something that we want, our minds immediately begin to formulate strategies for fulfilling those aspirations. This is how I personally interpret this principle of the law and manifestation power. After that, we begin to convert those ideas into actions, which ultimately leads to us accomplishing what it is that we desire without consciously calculating the steps necessary to do so. If we combine our aspirations with thoughtful and methodical preparation, we have the potential to accomplish practically anything.

On the other hand, if we have the mindset that we are unable to accomplish a particular goal or gratify a particular desire, our mind “believes” that we are unable to do so, and it stops making any efforts to do so, Instead, it begins to accept the fact that it cannot fulfill the desire and aims for a less impressive accomplishment; in other words, the mind “settles.” Therefore I recommend everyone to read about manifestation affirmations.

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