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Zen12 Mediation Powerful Program Review

Relieve stress, relax more and live better by focusing on your goals creatively by simply pressing the play button on your Zen12 meditation program.

zen12 meditation

According to science, meditation is said to be beneficial in many ways when you practice it.

When you start meditating, these are some of the benefits you will obtain. Some are long-term while others are short-term

Short-Term Benefits of Meditating

  • Relives you from stress and fretfulness
  • Boosts your mood
  • Greater creativity
  • Relaxes your mind and brain

Long-term Benefits of Meditating

  • Enhanced health
  • It boosts your inner peace
  • Enhanced brain power and more
  • Sharper thinking
  • More energy

What Is Zen12 and what’s Its Importance?

It’s no doubt that stress and anxiety affect many people today. Everything in life worries us. We tend to worry about how we look like, our relationships, finances, jobs and etc. The more we worry the more our health deteriorates. We don’t find time to reflect. Meditation is a powerful practice that helps to release stress and anxiety but we don’t practice it, maybe due to lack of time or sometimes we are busy.

The more you meditate, the more you increase the ability to overcome stress and feel relaxed. You will also overcome all the worries and get better control of your thoughts. This way, you will become happier and more optimistic. Some individuals find that combining meditation with magic mushrooms from Shrooms Canada can deepen their introspective experiences and enhance feelings of happiness and optimism.

In fact, if you make it a habit to meditate every day every time, you will take advantage of your crucial brain states which will increase your creative thoughts and gain focus.

Meditating is also scientifically proven to improve your digestive problems and increased energy levels which help to make you start looking younger. After learning all these benefits, why wouldn’t you meditate? Or is it because you have no time to?

Well, even though you may have time to meditate, you will have to practice it regularly and it might even take you many years before you get results. That’s why you need Zen12 meditation program

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What Is Zen12 Meditation Program?

Zen12 is a program that was created by Inspire3 and contains audio files that run for 12 minutes to boost your meditation practice. The Inspire3 team consists of experts in terms of meditation. The meditation audios utilize a special sound technique to give you the utmost meditation. It utilizes a method called brainwave entertainment to get your mind focused on the process.

When you decide to meditate without the help of any program, it will take you more time to get your mind into a deep meditative state, but Zen12 cuts down the time. As mentioned above, meditation is beneficial to our health and mind in many ways; it will be a great pity when you don’t have the time to practice it. And the facts that it helps to relieve your stress levels and make you happier.

In fact, if you are usually busy and you don’t have the time to meditate, then Zen12 is for you. The good thing about the program is that it will do the meditation work for you. You just need some few minutes- about 12 minutes to listen to the MP3 audio files and nothing more.

Who Is Zen12 Created for?

Zen12 is a meditation program for you if you:

  • Want to take advantage of your full potential
  • Want inner peace
  • Want to relax
  • You are stressed and worry more about your career, performance or your relationship
  • Want to practice meditating
  • You get sleepless nights
  • Have a busy lifestyle and have no time to meditate

How Zen12 works

Zen12 utilizes brainwave entertainment which is a technology that triggers your brainwave frequency. The program turns your brain from hyperactive to a meditative state. Zen12 is broken down into 12 levels which you need to start from level one until you reach level 12 each month for one year. The more you progress, the deeper your meditation state gets.

Zen meditation

You have 4 meditation tracks to choose from with each level

Guided Meditation

In this track, you just listen to the audio MP3 files as the program guides you through a wonderful meditation practice. This way, your mind will focus on the exercise so you do not get back to the state you were before.

Relaxation Music

As the name suggests, in this track, you will listen to a background soothing music so that you can feel relaxed when meditating. Each level has a different music to make it less boring.

Sound of Nature

The Sound of Nature track contains a background of natural sound which is uniquely created in each level and has ambient night sounds as well as a transitory thunderstorm.

White Noise

The White Noise track has a special fuzzy sound that is meant to prevent you from getting background noise and distractions. This track is ideal for meditation in big towns where there is a lot of noise.

The good thing is that you can mix and match the tracks for better results.

Zen12 Pros Vs Cons


  • No meditation experience needed
  • You can listen to the audio MP3 files even when you are busy
  • You just put on your headphones and start listening to the audio files. Nothing more
  • It is scientifically proven to be genuine
  • You can meditate with the program everywhere anytime.
  • You get the benefits of meditation you could get in one hour in just 12 minutes
  • It is pocket-friendly
  • You get email support
  • 100% 1-year money back assurance
  • You get an instruction manual and quick start guide for ease of using the program
  • You can play the audio file on any media device including phones and tablets


  • You will have to listen to 3-4 tracks every day per week to get better results
  • You must complete the 12 levels to get better results
  • The email support is sometimes slow, it could be better if one can mobile phone support

Zen12- How Much Does It Cost?

Zen12 offers 3 packages but the most popular option is the Premium which is ideal for everyone. We do not say this just to convince you to go with the Premium options, but there are reasons for that.

First, the beginner pack offers fewer tracks and has no discount.

Secondly, the Premium option offers all the 12 levels and a few more bonuses as well as an instruction manual which is in form of a video.

Thirdly, with the Premium package, you get a one-year money back assurance. Which means you get it, test it for one year and if you are not satisfied, you can claim back your money.

Is Zen12 a scam or legit?

Here are a few of testimonials from other users of the of Zen12:

Zen12 is wonderful and a joy to listen to. The variety of sessions are terrific. I’ve got the whole program loaded into my phone and LOVE listening throughout the day. If you’re short on time, THIS is the program to get!”

Bob DoyleTeacher in “The Secret” movie

Personally, I love this audio. You just listen, and you experience the results. It’s meditation for the modern world”

Jennifer McLean,CEO, McLean MasterWorks

“You don’t have to focus. You don’t have to cross your legs. You don’t even have to try and empty your mind. You just have to listen, and this brainwave audio does the rest”

Brian Tracy,


Final Verdict

You want to feel relaxed, get inner peace, you are stressed and anxious and you want to practice meditation? Zen12 is the program for you. This program comes with many benefits that you cannot get anywhere.

The good thing: When you purchase Zen12, you will be given everything you need including individual-level MP3 audio files, support videos, instruction manuals and a special 24-hour email address you can use to contact the support team.

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