July 10

How to Manifest Your Best Life

If you are anything like me, then you must admit how hard it is to manifest things into your life. I know and follow the Law of Attraction but I cannot join the dots. I find it tricky to manifest the things I want in life.
I think it’s because I am unsure of the real meaning of manifestation. But have read many articles that say that to become successful in manifestations, you must believe in what you manifest.
I came across this article about how to manifest your best life ever and I thought I should share with you.
After reading this article, you will be able to tell what manifestation is, how it works, and how you can manifest the life you want.
Well, in its simplest form, manifestation can be termed as the ability to see the life you want and believing that it will happen, however, the process requires more doing than saying.

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What Really Does Manifestation Mean?
The term manifestation has different interpretations but in simple terms, it’s the act of bridging the gap between your wishes and your reality. It’s something that you feel or believe it will happen in reality.
What you spend more time focusing on may happen in reality. What’s important when manifesting is to set your aims and get rid of fear or impatience that could prevent you from achieving your goals.
In this article, I have shared useful tips on how to manifest the things you want or desire in life in easy steps.

How Manifestation Works

manifesting your future

Manifestation works similar to the Law of Attraction in that your thoughts and your energy attract the reality you want. If you are always negative in your feelings and thoughts, you will attract negative things in your life.

To manifest, you need to put your thoughts and feelings into consideration. Do you always have negative feelings? Do you think negative? If you always have negative thoughts and feelings, you will manifest negative things.

That’s why it’s important to clear negative feelings and thoughts and cultivate positive ones before you can start to manifest.

In addition, you cannot wait to attract the life you want by sitting down and manifesting, you have to take action on your part as you manifest.

If you want a job, you can manifest while at the same time apply for your desired job.


How to Manifest Your Best Life

When you think about the Law of Attraction, you might feel like it can take longer to manifest your best life. But as experts advise, it can take a short period to get the results you want using the tips I am about to share below.

Follow these manifestation strategies to attract the life you want.

1. Decide What You Want to Manifest

First things first: Before you start, you must decide what better life you want. This way, you will manifest knowing exactly why you want that type of life. Picking too many things to manifest can be hectic and if you want to manifest in a short span of time decide on something you are self-assured you can manifest within the specified time.

For instance, you cannot have goals to start a business and decide to manifest in 24 hours unless you are sure of achieving that goal. Nevertheless, you can successfully manifest some components of the business, for instance, get a loan, create a business plan or find a partner.

When deciding, ask yourself:

  • Is it REALLY something I want?
  • What positive things can I get from this?
  • Do I feel good when I think about this?
  • Can it be beneficial to me and others?

So decide what you want and why you want it, and believe you can get it when you ask for it.


2. Start With Gratitude

best time to manifest

Before you start manifesting, show gratitude for what you have. Write down five things you are thankful for each day you wake up in the morning. When you show appreciating what you have, you tell the universe, “It’s true, I have these ones, and I want more of them in my life”. This way you turn negatives into positives.

3. Get Rid of Obstacles that are Preventing You From Achieving Your Goals

how to manifest your wishes

In your way to success, you will come across obstacles. That’s a fact. However, they should not keep you from manifesting. The three common manifestation hindrances you should observe include:

  • Negative mindset

Before you manifest anything, get rid of the negative mindset. After all, how can you expect to achieve good things yet you are focusing on the bad ones.

  • Toxic people

When manifesting your best life, you need to stay away from people who are holding you back. People who tell you, “This is hard to achieve” People who don’t see good in you.


4. Create a Vision Board

how to manifest your vision

Create a vision board with pictures of the things you want. Make your vision board more specific for you to manifest with ease. As you create a vision board, do not disclose your vision to anyone before you achieve your goals. Sharing your visions with other people may prevent the Universe from taking the right action.


5. Prepare for the Life You Want

What are the things would you be required to do if you really expect a better life? For instance, if you want a job, buy the best suit for the interview, if you want a spouse; buy some things that she/he will be using, if you want to attract money, get a bank account.


6. Forget and Be Patient

Things can work for you or against you. If the latter happens, let go and learn to trust the universe.

Understand that good things don’t come easily and fast. For you to get better results, you need to go one step at a time.

When you live the Universe to control the outcome, you will have opened the doors for endless possibilities. The Universe will make it happen at the right time.


Final Words

When manifesting, don’t force things to happen as you wish. Pushing things may end up getting you what you didn’t want. Take action as you manifest and wait for the Universe to deliver when the right time comes.

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