September 4

20 Risk Taking Quotes

For certain that all individuals on Earth have their own motive to do things. We are all doing something for a reason. There is something out there that drives our actions. Every life story has its own risk taking and every person has some risk taking quotes that he or she abides by. The quotes and motives differ for everyone. Some take on a more serious approach to things while others give the cold shoulder. Thus making us all unique in some type of away. Believe it or not but some people build motivation from others and follow trends while creating their own. In a way the risk taking quotes build a more precise decision inside us and boost our confidence to accomplish something.


1. “Only the people that risk going super far can figure out how far can one go”-T.S. Eliot.

Risk takers are the ones that normally want to see the limit of everything. Because that is their motive to see what’s out there. They will always know how far out there is. Taking those steps that others don’t want to.

2. “You can compare opportunity and risk on the same level. They go together”-Earl Nightingale.

Usually risks are taken where there is an opportunity involved. Therefore if you do not take the risk, you will not find out the value of the opportunity. A great risk taking quote for those that are always stuck to make a decision in an important situation.

3. “If don’t want to risk then you have to settle for the ordinary”- Jim Rohn.

Most of the time a risk holds a great reward. A reward that you will by far be on another level from the ordinary. Thus if you do not take that risk you will be just like the rest of the people.

4. “You don’t focus on risks so instead you focus on the results that get the job done”- Chuck Yeager.

A couple of factors to point out in this risk taking quote. At the end of the day what really matters all the time is the results that opportunities bring you. Therefore if you mission for completion is strict and precise then no risk out there should stop you from accomplishing it.

5. “Don’t be scared to take bigger steps. You cant cross a pond in two small jumps”- David Lloyd George.

When we are adults we are trained to take on bigger and better things. This risk taking quote implies that for big things to happen you need to take big steps. Steps that include putting forth effort, and great risk at times.

6. “Life is made up of risks. So your only life risk to not do is do nothing”- Denis Waitley.

Doing nothing means going nowhere. Life as a whole is risky by its nature. We take on every day with risk. That is where opportunity lies. Therefore if we avoid nothing, we gain something.

7. “Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today”-Tim Fargo.

This can be interpreted as for long term and short-term durations. Our actions sometimes don’t speak for themselves until later on. Therefore if we take the risks of making them today, then some time down the road we will see them appear. Affecting us in a positive way.

8. “The only certainty in life is that it is uncertain”-Charles F.Glassman.

A great example of what nature we live in. Tomorrow is not promised so thus we have to make decisions while we have the time. That includes taking risks because no one can guarantee the next day.

9. “You have to risk falling to be capable to fly”-DebasishMridha.

In order to do certain things, risk is a part of the process. In order to learn to fly you need take on the chances that you might fall.

10.“Bad bets sometimes pay off”- Marty Rubin.

There is always a good and bad side to bets. Those that pay off are usually the ones that involve the most amount of risk. This giving a reward that is above average.

11.“Because if you’re ready then you are aware of what it takes, it is not a chance. There are way that exist to get there”- Mark Cuban.

This is a perfect risk taking quote that focuses on prepared individuals. Aside from taking them you can always prevent the risk as well. And preventing it is a risk either way. So if you are prepared then you have nothing to fear.

12.“When doing it too safe, you’re exempting a big risk. Factor of time is the only thing we are rich with”- Barbara Sher.

Every person has a lot of time on his or her hands. As a result they are considered rich with it because they have so much. So playing it safe on risks is the worst thing you can do. Because if you win or loose you will still be left with time and lots of it.

13.“Those people that try can be forgiven. Those that do not are know to be a failure”- Paul Tillich.

As they say if you do not try you do not win. And if you do not win then you can be forgiven because you tried.

14.“A ship in a bay is good, but that is not why the ships are meant for”- John A.Shedd.

Yes if you stay in your safety zone and not come out you will be safe. But if you take the risk and come out then you can discover better zones for safety that you can stay in.

15.“Play the field for more than you can get to lose..resulting in you to learn the game”-Winston Churchhill.

A great risk taking quote that can be used in the field of sports and business.If you don’t try a new strategy or a new move then you wont know how effective you can be. Better yet you wont discover how to better play your field.

16.“If you never budge, don’t expect a push”- MalcomS.Forbes.

Not trying something new will result in you not getting help to conquer something better.

17. “Somebody takes on the chances. Some monkeys turned in to humans over time and laughed at those who did not take a risk in doing so” Lincoln Steffens.

The people that take the risks for the better end up looking at those who did not with big laughter.

18. “If want to be flashy, don’t be different. Be outstanding”- Meredith West.

A very common sense risk taking quote. Exceeding the rest of the pack and having the urge to stand out take a lot of risk. So if you wish to stand out the best then you have to take on more than average amount of risk.

19. “If there is no risk, there is no reward”- Christy Raedeke.

This particular quote speaks for itself without any explanation needed. No rewards will a non-existent risk in order for you to achieve it.

20. “Most things worth doing come with their fair share of risks”- Kirsten Beyer.

All things in life take something for you to do. Whether it’s moving your hand to reach something or moving your feet to walk. A great risk holds with all things that you want to reach.

Individualism makes us very unique. Thus making us have different principals to live by. If everyone were the same then there would be no fun or point in life. It is the fact that we learn to cooperate and interact with one another that makes life great. Not boring, useless, and senseless. To get the most out of life all of us choose a different meaning to that. For some it takes very little to be fulfilled while for other it takes a whole lot. The one thing both types of those people share is taking on risk. Whether its small or big it is still present. A lot take it on without even noticing it but when the chances are large and there can be some big change. That is when we use our motivation to be more confident with our decision. A risk taking quote can most certainly make the right push towards that. No risk no glory!

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