November 16

The Definite Review Guide:Wealth Compass VS Einstein Success Code

This is our honest review of wealth compass and einstein success code, where both products aims to achieve help people attract wealth and success in their lives. 

Important Notice: Our duty is to present you with all the information you need so you can make your own decision. The information we provide here is based on our research from numerous resources including the official websites of the two products- Wealth Compass and Einstein Success Code.

Have you ever wondered why other people are wealthier than others? Or have you been asking yourself if you will ever be successful like other people?

Well, these are the concerns of many people so it should not worry you much. Fortunately, there are products that can help you achieve the desires of your heart. But that does not happen overnight. Also, before you purchase such a product, do enough homework to avoid being scammed. People are aware that desperation is the act of the day and they will hype a product and convince you to buy, but after buying it, you won’t get what they claim.

So, be wary!

Chances are that you know about the “law of attraction” but still you haven’t used it to your advantage. The law of attraction is crucial when it comes to changing people’s lives but the challenge comes on the way to put it into action. However, it’s easy to put the law of attraction into action and achieve the desires of your heart and mind.

Whether you’ve heard about the law of attraction or not, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ve prepared a detailed comparison review of the two commonly used programs that are helpful and work magic to help you take advantage of the law of attraction and achieve your dreams in life- The Wealth Compass Vs Einstein Success Code.

Without much ado, let’s get started.

What is the Wealth Compass?

The Wealth Compass Program

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The Wealth Compass is a powerful program designed and developed by Mark Pescetti, a professional and expert in wealth compassing and works magic by erasing all the negative thoughts, old stories of limitation, troubles, and issues in your mind. The program then feeds your mind with positive thoughts, new stories of limitless abundance to give you the fulfillment you desire. The program accomplishes this by introducing the law of attention which then guides you to access your natural state of wealth to enable you to live a wealthy life.

Mark Pescetti created this unique program to ensure it accomplishes the work smoothly and give you nothing but the best results. By using this program, you will be able to understand how to use your positive energies hence take advantage of opportunities in life and be able to transform your life. And the best of it all, the program will help you to achieve the desires of your heart in your life.

Wealth compass review

How the Wealth Compass Works

The program is created with the aim to help you to understand your worth in life by utilizing tools and tactics within the course. It helps you unlock the secrets of happiness, love, creativeness, and wealth. It will speed up your decision-making process, make you do appropriate judgment and achieve the desires of your heart in life.

Think it’s a scam?

It’s legit, it has been used by many people and this is what some had to say.

Testimonial #1 by Craig Dave

The wealth compass testimonials 1

Testimonial #2 by Scott Mills

The wealth compass testimonials 2

Testimonial #3 by Temaey Gottuso

The wealth compass testimonials 3

Once you purchase the guide, it will guide you on how to transform and change your life. As a result, you will be able to use your positive energy to become self-determined, wealth and enthusiastic. You only need to listen to the audio track created by Mark Pescetti.

The program is segmented into 4 parts namely:

  • Your Natural State
  • Feed the Good Wolf
  • Wake up from the dream
  • Celebrating your dream


  • The program is easy and simple to use
  • No side effects
  • The program is equipped with tools and techniques to help you improve and facilitate your style
  • It helps you to get rid of negative thoughts, old stories of limitations and life issues and feed you with positive thoughts and new stories of limitless abundance.
  • It’s a digital product which is easy to listen anywhere at any time.
  • The program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee


  • You must listen to all the audio tracks for you to get good results
  • It is a digital product so you have to download it online.

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What is Einstein Success Code?

Einstein Success Code is a program that has attracted the attention of many people worldwide and is among the best-selling products on the market today that guides you on how to unleash your Einstein success mind to enable it to work like the minds of the wealthy people in the world.

The program is created and developed by Kevin Rodgers, a world-renowned neuro-researcher and manifestation coach who has helped people worldwide to transform their dreams into a reality. The program has transformed the lives of people especially those suffering from frustrations of life, depressed, or disappointed. The program works on the basis of the law of attraction by giving you a CODE. The CODE is meant to unlock a series of actions that you need to do to get to where you want to be in life.

The program consists of 13 life-changing CODES that are meant to help you get famous, happy and wealthy among other desires of your heart. It will get rid of your fears and doubt from your mind and fill it with creative ideas.

How Einstein Success Code Works

The program is based on the life and mind of one of the most famous and wealthy person in history named         Albert Einstein and gives you an idea of how you can imitate his ideas and implement them into your day to day life.

According to Albert Einstein’s success formula E=Mc2 it states that all that we do is pure energy. He also stated that thoughts are energies that have frequencies. When you feed your mind with positive thoughts, joy, happiness and peace the frequency level goes up and when you feed your mind with negative thoughts like stress, depression and fear the frequency declines.

To be wealthy, you must reprogram your brain to ensure the vibration frequency remains high. That’s where Einstein Success Code comes in to help feed your brain with positive thoughts and inhibit negative thoughts so that you can get the opportunity to learn how to prosper in everything you do. But the results do not come overnight.

Einstein Success Code


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What’s Inside The 13 Life-Changing Codes?

  1. The Force Harnessing App
  2. The Divine Purpose App
  3. The Bulletproof Confidence App
  4. The Superpower Activator App
  5. The Flow State App
  6. The Become Unstoppable App
  7. The Bold Risk Taker App
  8. The Lateral Thinking App
  9. The CEO Mind App
  10. The Brain Rejuvenator App
  11. The Action Jump-Starter App
  12. The Negative Pattern Clearing App

Think it’s a scam?

Here is what other people, who have used it, had to say!

einstein success code testimonials


  • The program is created in a step by step guide which is simple and easy to implement
  • It is a budget-friendly product
  • All that is claimed in the product is scientifically proven
  • It has the ability to transform your mind


  • It is only accessible online
  • Results differ from one user to another


Our Verdict

The wealth compass is a digital program created and developed to guide you into tapping your positive energies to help transform and change your life. It is created in a manner that helps you to completely transform your brain to create wealth and a successful life.

On the other hand, the Einstein Success Code is a detailed guide meant to transform your dreams into a reality so that you become successful in life.

As you will see from the information we’ve shared above, all the products are created to help you find yourself and guide you to the right direction where your dreams are and make those dreams a reality.

We hope you are now ready to take the next step after reading this article.

All the best as you decide whether or not to buy the products.


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1. The Wealth Compass


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2.Einstein Success Code

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