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What Are The Best Meditation Techniques?

The hectic work schedule and tension of workload are not only just snatching our sweet sleep but also leaving us in an unrestful condition, driving our sweet sleep away. Do you feel the same? Do feel that you are not getting the adequate amount of sleep? Did this ever happen to you that you want to sleep, but tensions are disturbing your concentration and distracting you from getting sweet sleep?

If how to get sleep is a question that often haunts your mind, I have the answer. I will suggest you some meditation techniques that will help you to get back your sweet sleep.

3 simple meditation exercises

1. Breathing

Right breathing can bring relaxation to your body which is imperative for sleep. Breathing from abdominal and concentrating on them can be extremely beneficial to get sleep. Lying in quiet place, and dim the lights, concentrating on counting out the breaths can help you to sleep faster than normal. You can do it in more relaxing way by putting your hands on your belly. In such circumstances, your hands will move along while your belly will go up and down due to breathing. Henceforth, this is good meditation techniques to get sweet sleep.

2. Imagination

This is a good way of controlling our minds to get the right concentration. A good thought, calm scenario, lovely moments help you to get mental peace. Connect all your sense with your mind through imagination. It will help you to sleep better.

3. Counting Process

This is often a good method for getting sleep. When we count, it involves sheer concentration. So, lying on your couch, thinking of good things and counting along with these can help you to get sleep faster and better.Listening music: Music is often used for reducing stress. Binaural beats or such slow meditation tunes can be of great help for getting the right amount of sleep.

What to do before applying to these simple meditation techniques?

Wear comfortable and loose outfits that will help you to stay relax as well as help you to breathe well. Switch off mobiles, TV and other such disturbing elements which can distract your concentration. Dim the light, if comfortable switch off the light. Sleep in your bed because it will make you feel cosy. Wipe out all the tensions, worries for tomorrow. Think about good things, bright colours and lovely moments that make you feel happy and fresh.As far as the effect of meditation is concerned, most of the people find it to be positive, while few of them hardly observe any changes.

It is believed that meditation is like medicine that shows positive effect only if it suits an individual, while do not exhibit any change if does not suit him. But it’s not at all true. Meditation is suitable for all and not a single person on earth can remain out of its positive influence if the meditation techniques practices are appropriate. Thus, if you are not getting a desirable result, don’t give up. Instead, try proper meditation techniques that could provide you some relief from the stress and anxiety.

how to do meditation at home

Classification of Meditation Techniques

1. Concentrative

The technique that is concerned with focusing on an object which is normally outside oneself falls under this category. The practices where one needs to concentrate on objects like the flame of a candle, an instrumental or enchantment of a specific mantra, etc. are concentrative in nature.

2. Basic techniques

This is among the meditation techniques which sound simple, but it’s not actually is. Sit in a quiet room in a comfortable position and evaluate your own thoughts and try to understand what it says. This will provide you relief from your daily tension.

3. Focused Meditation

Concentrating on an object and focusing on it for quite some time will surely be a great idea if one genuinely desires to reach the peak of stress relief.

4. Activity-oriented technique

This is among the best meditation techniques that involve the regular and repetitive practice of certain activities, such as, yoga. Doing this quiets the mind, thereby reducing the level of anxiety in a person.

5. Mindfulness meditation

This is concerned with ‘be in the now’ principle. Focusing on each and every sensation of your body will be an effective way of attaining what you wish to accomplish.

6. Spiritual meditation

Religion acts as the base for practicing this meditation technique. Speaking to God through prayers is the best way. This will let you experience inner wisdom, once the whole ambiance and your mind come to peace. Practicing any of the above-mentioned best meditation techniques for stress would help you get a significant level of stress relief, thereby promising you a healthy life ahead.

effective meditation techniques

The main aim of meditation exercises is to calm your mind and body. However, where to start and how to start meditation is the most difficult part of this valuable art. Therefore, meditation techniques for beginners in the initial stages always remain a little tricky. If you have the right knowledge about meditation and its techniques, you would do well and go a long way in your journey. Some individuals buy Online Magic Mushroom Tea and incorporate into their meditation for enhanced spiritual experiences and deeper introspection.

There’s no set pattern for a meditation session. They are different and can be customized according to your convenience. So, just don’t get confused and anxious if you do not make it right on the first occasion. Choose whatever way best suits you because relaxation of mind and body is the most important purpose of meditation. A free mind will help you to go through your meditation sessions smoothly.
The best meditation techniques for beginners invariably follow the art of breathing in some stage or the other. In fact, this is the easiest way to begin your learning process. The central concept of breathing exercises is noticing and controlling your breath in a relaxed manner. If you do this technique rightly on a regular basis, you will notice its beneficial effects within a very short period. The walking meditation has also become very popular these days. It just involves a casual stroll in your garden or park but being in a state of awareness of the things surrounding you. This is very simple, and anybody can do it quite quickly. In fact, we sometimes do it unknowingly. And obviously, you have to keep your eyes open while walking!

The best meditation techniques for beginners may also involve guided voice sessions. A voice session can be conducted in person under the supervision of an experienced instructor or in pre-recorded CDs. All you need to do is to sit back and follow the instructions carefully. The choice of the type of voice session rests with you. However, voice sessions like this have proved very useful, as you can listen to the recorded versions as many times as you want. All these meditation techniques for beginners will prove extremely helpful if you practice them regularly with proper discipline and dedication.

Devoting time for meditation on a daily basis is vital. You have to set aside some of your time for learning and practising all the techniques. During the initial stages, practising for long hours would not be possible for you; brief sessions of about ten to fifteen minutes would be what you should be aiming for. But regularity is imperative in the case of meditation. If you are a highly busy person, keep aside some time for your daily schedule by avoiding lesser important things like watching TV or going through the pages of a magazine. To begin is the most important thing for beginners! Be flexible, and make changes in your lifestyle to include meditation; for life will itself become a lot easy through it. You can also search on the internet to know about various best meditation techniques and poses. How do you meditate? For myself, I used the wealth guided meditation below on a daily basis for my meditation purposes.

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