February 17

8 Ways To Make People To Like You Immediately

Every moment in life, all experiences or events offer us chances to expand our social circle or simply meet new people. To make people to like you instantly is actually an important aspect as it is through it that we are able to cultivate healthy relationships. We all know that being a people person plays a vital role in determining how successful we are in both our personal and professional lives. One thing to note is that being able to connect with people or getting them to like you is highly dependent on first impressions. You need to bring out a character, attitude and personality that is welcoming to all and from there grows friendship. The truth is that it only takes seconds for a person to decide whether they like you or not so whatever one says or does within the first seconds of meeting new people is what matters most. With these eight ways you won’t feel the pressure of meeting new people.

1. Maintain A Positive Body Language

Body language is generally your way of communicating nonverbally and that is basically through gestures and body movements. To have a positive body language it means that you show enthusiasm, interest and positive reactions to what others have to say or to the company of people you are in. it is an easy way to get them to like you as it confirms that you also like or appreciate them. People like us for a different number of things but that is almost immediate when you have a way of portraying a positive image through a positive body language. The thing is that body language is an important aspect of communication as it signals our true feelings. Portraying a positive body language is a sure sign that you share positive feelings and vibes and this is something that captures other people’s attention. Do not underestimate the importance of body language but instead seek to understand some positive body language tips below.

  • Whether in a sitting or standing position, maintain a relaxed body posture to show that you are comfortable.
  • Crossing your arms shows that you are turned-off so avoid it.
  • Always give a firm handshake because a weak one shows that you are fragile.
  • Maintaining good eye contact confirms your interest in the conversation


2. Have A Sense Of Humour

Laughing, smiling and being relaxed could just be what you need to get people to like you. It is a natural way of making sure that you are being welcoming and friendly, character traits that people connect with easily. When someone says something, whether it is funny to you or not just acknowledge that by laughing or smiling about it. This actually makes it easier for anyone to open up and communicate with you without any kind of tension. When you have it in you to always lighten up moods and maintain the same when you meet people, then you are always liked. A person with a great sense of humour always has a wide social life as it is through it that you get to know their unique personalities and life stories which connects you to some level. The reason why having a sense of humour attracts people is because we all love a good laugh which means always feeling the need to be around those people who make us laugh and are fun to be around. Any conversation that stems from some good sense of humour always captures the attention and interest of people and having that allows you to bring out the kind of fun that makes people like you more. Humour generally improves a person’s mood, which includes feeling good about yourself and life. This puts you in a better position to communicate and relate with people everywhere you go.


3. Go And Love Yourself

Exercising self-love is an aspect of life that not only affects how you feel and think about yourself but also what others think and feel about you. People will always treat you how you treat yourself because what you feel inside about who you are always reflects on the outside. Loving yourself confirms to others that you are worthy of their love and respect too. It is one thing that highly boosts your confidence and self-esteem which increases your chances of being liked by others. There is also the idea that love always grows from inside us and that we cannot be able to love other people when we don’t love ourselves enough.


4. Have Great Emotional Awareness

An emotionally intelligent person is one who is able to recognize, understand and manage their emotions and those of other people. It comes in as an important socialization tool and works perfectly in helping you to get people to like you. Emotional intelligence enables one to control how they feel or react to certain situations and that means you can handle and influence other people’s emotions well. You find that great leaders are always emotionally intelligent as they can easily influence emotions and that is what gets people to like them. The one thing about emotional intelligence that gets people to like you is the fact that you will always know what to say and how to react to different things. There will always be that instant feeling of comfort when people meet you or are around you and that means you will be liked immediately. The moment you are able to positively influence and manage other people’s emotions then the more enthusiastic they are about being around you. For you to cultivate emotional intelligence you need to always think before you act, respect yourself and others; be slow to anger, etc.

5. Exercise Active Listening

It is common knowledge that people love to be heard and understood and with active listening, this is made possible. It is an element of effective communication that ultimately improves mutual understanding as it focuses attention on the speaker. Active listening will in so many ways get people to like and respect you. This is so because you have allowed for an opportunity to understand each other through words and thoughts. One of the benefits of active listening is that it gets people to open up and a bond of friendship grows from that. You may know that listening is actually one of the most important skills a person can have that ill impact hugely on the quality of their relationships with others. Active listening mostly entails making an effort to not only hear the other person’s words but also understand the message being passed across. You will, therefore, be required to pay attention to both their words and body language something that allows you to relate to them in a positive manner. Another thing about active listening is that it shows you are interested in what other people have to say and not just what you personally have to say, which is an admirable character.


6. Look Good Feel Better

This does not mean that you always have to be the most expensive dressed person every here you go, it is just about making sure that you appear attractive in a way by having good clothes on and being well groomed. You know the human mind is corrupt and it will judge you by what they see the first time. If you want to be appreciated and respected then always have a way of maintaining a good appearance. This is important because good hygiene and dressing makes you more appealing to other people. Another important thing about looking good is that it enhances your confidence and self-esteem which means you will be more presentable in many other ways. With confidence and self-esteem, you will know what to say and how to say it in a way that gets people to like you.


7. Be Interested In Them

A majority of people love themselves and a secret to getting them to like you is by being interested in them. This should reflect in what you talk about, your actions and attitude in general. When you keep things just about you, there is a part of their brain that gets defensive and dislike stems from that. If it is in your desire to get them to like and respect you then learn to appreciate and acknowledge their interests with all your words and actions. This could entail finding out about their interests and then trying to learn more. If a person mentions their hobby then ask more questions that relate to that. This way, there are high chances that they are impressed with your interest in who they are and what they love and they will like you more than expected.


8. Maintain Positive Conversations

One other thing that will get people liking you more is if you get in the habit of talking about positive things. No one really wants to be sad and is the reason why we always try to avoid sad environments all together. Maintaining a positive mood when around others will call for you to talk about happy things. It is, therefore, a good idea to put your focus on sharing positive life aspects as this is exactly what others will associate you with. The truth is that happiness is infectious and when shared a unique bond is formed. Making people happy will definitely earn you their interest as they will always look forward to that feeling you bring out in them.

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