May 14

10 Manifesting Tips To Achieve Your Dreams

There is something you REALLY want in life and you are following the manifesting tips closely. You have setup your vision board setup and acting as if what you need is actually yours. But the manifestation is STILL not happening yet. You might be wondering exactly how to manifest your vision?

Why Law of Attraction Isn’t Working

  • Rule 1: Attachment to a particular object

Your attachment to particular object of desire is interfering with your capability to manifest your vision. Learn to understand that you are manifesting something more generic while keeping the universe in harmony.  For example,you might be wishing for 2-storey with a beach view and a pool and this is totally within boundaries, but if you are wishing for Elon Musk’s house then your law of attraction practice might be a little controversial and unlikely to come true no matter the timeline.

  • Rule 2: Messing up other people’s lives

You cannot control other individuals with law of attraction, it just does not work that way, and, if you think of it, you wouldn’t actually want it to work that way, either. You will not want anyone else to be capable to manipulate your life, would you? Put simply, the thought of someone else being capable of making you do something you do not want to do simply because it’d help them establish something they wanted probably does not sit well with you, does it? It should bother you, since that could be taking away your free will and also capability to create your very own life circumstances.

So does this mean that you’ll never be capable of manifesting your dreams? Not necessarily. Below are 10 manifesting tips that can help you do so.

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1. Have Your Goal And Find A Mentor

The first thing you need to do is find a great mentor who can guide you along the right path. You will find that when you begin to follow your heart, your process of manifestation becomes easy and your dreams will happen.

2. Go After Your Dreams

Is there a dream that you are desperately working on? Go after it. Why? Because there is an old saying “your dreams are within you,” and we often forget that.

Imagine it, right now. See it, have it, and live it in the now. A dreamer should be able and willing at times that they want to do things in their own life rather than take advantage of others through “what’s good for me”.

3.  Visualize Your Dream

If you’re finding it difficult to visualize what you want, then imagine it in the now. It’s not difficult, believe me!

Here’s a few suggestions: Visualize being able to keep all the money that you earn. You can make a wish for this to happen at the end of the month and begin building the necessary action towards this dream. It doesn’t matter if you have very little or a lot of money, but it will happen if you focus on it.

Visualize the actual situation. There is a strong possibility that this will be easy for you. It’s like playing a game of “MOTION”!

Imagine this situation in your life. The first thing you’ll find that it’s your conscious mind that seems to be hindering you from moving towards the desired outcome. The second thing you’ll find is that the act of imagining is actually making it possible. The third thing you’ll find is that when you start the exercise of imagining what it would be like to achieve the goals that you want, you will be surprised at how powerful it actually is.

When you are having trouble with thinking about a goal or concept, start imagining it from your part of the world. You will find that the distance between the reality you live in and the concept that you visualized will be made smaller.

4. Imagine It In The Now

The more confidence you have, the easier it will be for you to visualize. If you are afraid of this activity, you should remember that there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Think about what it is that you are wishing for and imagine it in the now.

5. Be Energy efficient

You can make your life better with the realization that you are already a lot closer to your goal than you realize. Visualization brings this realization to you in a very natural way. You might not think you are a genius when it comes to developing visualization, but the truth is, you are! I am not a genius, but when I was able to create this amazing ability for myself, I am able to manifest almost anything that I want in my life.

I was able to put negative thoughts out of my mind and become energy efficient, and more successful than I ever imagined possible. After I discovered this amazing ability, I could literally manifest anything that I wanted in my life.

In fact, I have been able to become so much better at what I do because I now focus so much better on my goals and become energy efficient. Instead of wasting so much energy on something that doesn’t matter, I use that energy to do what I love. I don’t spend energy on something that doesn’t matter.

So, why not take that same simple step, and use visualization to grow and transform into something more? Why not use the power of your mind to become successful?

6. Be Laser Focused And Give It All Your Attention

Some of the things we consider do not take an hour or even a minute, but actually take some time. If you give your goal your attention, your intention, and your effort, you will grow and transform that goal into a reality. Your focus and your intention are a way of keeping your mind focused on that goal, instead of the goal being in your mind.

Whenever you are giving your goal your attention, your intention, and your effort, you have two things to concentrate on. The first thing you must be doing is focusing on the outcome of your goal. What your goal is intended to do for you, the second thing you must be doing is focusing on the goal itself.

7. Be Unattached To The Situation And Outcome

Be unattached. I often suggest to people who are striving for manifesting, that they become more detached from the situation. At first, this seems difficult because you want to focus on the end result. Eventually, though, you will begin to feel like you don’t really matter because you are just being attached to the situation.

8. Be Grateful And Appreciate Everyone In Your Journey

Be grateful. In order to be truly grateful, you need to appreciate every day. If you say, “I’m grateful for all the rest of my life,” then you will manifest it because you will want to repeat it every day.

Be attracted to what you want. When you come across a person who matches the description of what you want, be attracted to them.

The most common manifestation tips are about being grateful. Although this is helpful, it will not guarantee success in manifesting. You will still need to work on attracting the gifts you want. But working on building a positive attitude can help you attract positive feelings.

9.  Forgive Yourself, Let Go and Follow Your Heart

The reason it is important to let go of the past is because you need to free up your mind. As you let go of the past, your subconscious mind will take over. It is not the case that you can have an unlimited amount of money or a great career but you need to make sure that you find the love of your life and work towards creating your dreams.

A dream that seems impossible is actually possible if you just give it a chance. You need to have faith that your goals will come true and believe that you can reach them. As long as you can follow your heart, you will have no problem reaching your dreams.

Your future can happen but not today. You must have the courage to follow your heart and let go of the past. It is only then that you will find that your dreams can come true and you will begin the process of manifesting tips.

10. Always Dream 10x Bigger

Dream ten times bigger than your dreams. Just imagine that you are trying to create a way for you to reach the next level in your business. Your ultimate goal is to reach a level where you will be able to become successful and have the wealth you always wanted to have.


Your present should be filled with joy and fulfillment. You will find that manifesting tips are the same as those found in the best motivational books or those found online. They all say the same thing: look within yourself and have faith in your inner self. The truth is that you are the only one who can manifest your dreams and put them into fruition.

Follow your heart and you will find that you will manifest your dreams. Just remember to allow your dreams to manifest themselves so that you will learn to love them and let them follow their own destiny.

Good luck on your journey on the long road to manifesting tips. Keep following your heart and I am sure you will have plenty of success in your future.

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