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The Best Advice of Numerology Compatibility Match for Your Love Life, Part 2

Different factors can influence love relationships. In Part 1 of this article, we took a look at the main compatibility indices in a couple, the ones that are crucial for building a solid relationship. However, another important point is when you and your future lover met. According to various numerologists, the date of your first meeting can be vital for a numerology compatibility match.

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Predicting the Success of Your Relationship by the Date You Met

Try to remember the date of your first meeting. For men, for some reason, the memory for these things is often short-lived, or sometimes at all absent, but there is nothing terrible about it – women, as a rule, remember everything. And they can make use of free love numerology to help you both work on your relationship.

In order to calculate the numerological number of your acquaintance date, you need to add up all the digits of the year, month and date of your meeting until you get a single value.

An example:

20 November 1991 (20.11.1991) = 2 + 0 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 1 = 24 = 2 + 4 = 6

Hence, the figure 6 patronizes your relationship. The meaning of each number on the zodiac numerology calculator is given below.

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Compatibility According to the Acquaintance Date

  1. The number of the Sun

The core of number 1 is the ambitiousness of partners, their self-confidence. As a rule, this relationship is able to combine some common professional and business qualities, aspirations for high achievements and growth. Often, partners with a given number of acquaintance date tend to either general cooperation, or, on the contrary, secretly compete with each other.

What can harm the relationship? In this case, a stumbling block may be envy and the desire to prove something to the other person. In addition, this number of acquaintance date is often subjected to “well-intended” interventions from relatives and friends. Try to listen to your heart without taking the advice from the outside too seriously.

What can unite this couple? Variety of emotions, events, impressions. Romantic meetings, travel, versatile and informative conversations will contribute to your love.


  1. The number of the moon

It implies romanticism, softness, sentimentality. Even in relationships initially tied to self-interest and sex, the moonlight can illuminate the path to true love. However, for this, it is necessary to have patience, because you can be hindered by uncertainty in yourself and your partner, doubts in feelings, weakness of spirit. Having overcome everything, you will prove to be able to build a quivering relationship with care and affection.

What can hinder your relations? Haste and the desire to speed up the events can harm your union. Any forcing of the events in a relationship can destroy a couple, so be patient and avoid sudden and unexpected changes. If you find that the challenges are becoming overwhelming, consider seeking guidance from professionals who can help navigate these complexities. In such situations, it might be beneficial to hire a divorce lawyer from Law Offices of Sandra Guzman-Salvado, ensuring that any decisions made are well-informed and legally sound.

What can unite the couple? A prolonged honeymoon period will cement this relationship. The beginning of the relationship must certainly be romantic. Long-term relationships and marriage can be refreshed by separation or dates which can bring new emotions and sensations.


  1. The number of Mars

This number contributes to the creation of strong families, whose difficulties can be tempered. Mars will help you analyze your behavior and avoid mistakes in the future. The 3 will help in solving financial and psychological disagreements, which will only help strengthen your love affair. The best numerologist online also advises not to lose prudence.

What can harm this relationship? The most important thing is the envy of other people of your happiness. The planets advise you to beware of intriguers and conspirators in your company, people capable of plotting against you. In addition, couples with this number of dating should beware of laziness.

What can unite the couple? New goals, aims and ways to achieve them. Joint business and chores. Fresh ideas, romantic evenings and trips. Refresh your relationship with positive emotions.


  1. The number of Mercury

The planet empowers couples with sociability and boosts frank conversations in relationships, thereby helping to avoid boredom together. In this couple, private conversations are rare, since their communication attracts friends and relatives. They will be the first to seek advice, and also money. By the way, the “4” also promises the pair material prosperity and stability.

What can harm this relationship? Excessive gullibility of the couple and interference of surrounding people in the relationship. Be sociable, but not too open. Do not take things out of the closet. Also, avoid jealousy. Try to lend money to reliable people, otherwise it can be a reason for quarrelling about domestic issues.

What can unite the couple? First of all, your trust to each other will help to pass any tests. In addition, the numerological forecast advises the couple to pay more attention to their relationships, and not to waste much energy on the problems of others.


  1. The number of Jupiter

This is a planet of great happiness. It promises you a successful marriage and a wonderful future, and your relationship after fifteen years of living together will not be deprived of sensuality and love.

What can harm the relationship? Even this relationship cannot be called cloudless. If there is a quarrel in the pair, then it can be accompanied by impulsive separations and no less emotional reconciliations. Try to moderate your emotions – this will help to preserve feelings and respect for each other.

What can unite the couple? As mentioned above, restraint in quarrels. Try not to sink to insults when discussing or arguing. Before blaming each other, analyze the situation with the greatest possible objectivity.


  1. The number of Venus

The numerological forecast of this number promises the couple many feelings and experiences. Often, this number is pursued by secret admirers and ex-s trying to lead the couple to parting. This relationship can have many fights, jealousy (and, most often, not unfounded).

What can harm the relationship? Cheating and secret meetings with former lovers.

What will consolidate the union? The ability to forgive, patience, loyalty. Try to make compromises.


  1. The number of Saturn

This relationship will likely not be accepted by others. The cold Saturn can deprive the relationship of ardor and feelings. This couple gets visits and friends very rarely. However, they are not bothered with this, because the world for them exists only in each other. Talented children are often born into such couples.

What can harm the relationship? Excessive talkativeness and excessive seclusion from the outside world. Do not forget about the people who love you. At the same time, do not take the criticism of your “strangeness” from others seriously.

What can unite the couple? Balance in the relationship, mutual concessions, romantic madness. If all this is to your liking – you will be all right. In addition, do not think too much about whether your partner is offended by a poorly cooked meal. Take the world and your relationship a bit easier.


  1. The number of Uranus

A very unpredictable relationship. The numerological forecast of love for couples who met on this date number advises you to be cautious: any little things can ruin the cloudlessness that accompanied your love yesterday. Lovers can be subjected to various tests, at times incessantly whispering about love, and then announcing their separation. But despite the exclamations about the latter, separation is unlikely to happen, because a difficult period of misunderstanding and disagreement will certainly become a good experience for the relationship and grow into love.

What can harm the relationship? A lot of criticism, nagging, excessive care and constant monitoring.

What can unite the couple? It is very important to respect each other’s personal space, allowing a loved one to engage in self and personal hobbies.


  1. The number of Neptune

The date of acquaintance with this number brings dreaminess and passion. Neptune tends to invent ideals and build castles from sand, which leads to a frequent burst of short-lived, though sensual love affairs. Most often, the passion in such love outshines the subsequent disappointment, and the break up in most cases is painless. Pleasant memories and vivid emotions will remain in the memory, as an indispensable experience in building relationships.

What can harm the relationship? Imposing yourself on your partner, annoying calls and conversations in the early days of dating about the joint future. Enjoy the affair that you have and release your emotions – let them circulate freely.

What can unite the couple? Moderate manifestation of imagination and its embodiment in life by romantic ideas, sudden trips, beautiful emotions. Even if your affair is short-lived, like a flash, it will certainly remain in your memory as a pleasant adventure.

Of course, the prediction of a relationship’s destiny by date should not be taken as fate. Numerology does not create or break up relationships – you do. But a certain influence that planets can have on our destinies should be taken into account, at least, there is not harm in it. So, take note of them and do what it in your power to make the relationship last.

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