March 3

Everything You Need To Know About Numerology Of Personal Numbers

Numerology is an exciting old science that helps people understand the relationship between numbers and their lives. Everyone has their own numerology numbers that explain their lives and these numerology personal numbers can tell a lot about one’s life. Each one of us has numerology personal numbers that influence our lives, goals, and character. 

So you must be wondering how can we calculate the numerology of personal numbers and know about our destiny. They can be calculated by using the letters of your birth date and your name. Let’s discuss these core numbers in the article below. 

1. The Life Path Number 

Life Path Number is considered the most important number in numerology. It reveals your weaknesses, strengths, ambitions, and talents. It also tells you more about your life experiences and what they will bring to you. Moreover, it is the best number to know about your present, past and future challenges. You can calculate the life path number by adding the digits of your birth date and reducing the sum of a single digit. Once you know your life path number, you can take better decisions about your coming life. It really helps you use your natural talents and strengths in a useful manner. Let me give you an example of how you can calculate your life path number. 

If your birthday is August 18, 1989: 

The month of August is the 8 month 

The date is reduced to 1+8= 9 

The year 1989 is reduced to 1+9+8+9 =27 

27 will be reduced to single digit 2+7 =9 

Now add all the reduced numbers together 

8+9+8 = 26 

Lets further reduce 26 by adding 2+6 = 8 

So your life path number is the numerology 8 number. 

Once you know how to calculate the life path number, you can easily do it for anyone. It may look confusing at first but once you do it, it becomes easier. 

2. The Soul Urge Number 

It is also an important numerology personal number. If you are looking to get insight into your motivations and desires, this number can do the job for you. The Soul Urge number is also called Heart Desire Number. It is very effective way to know more about your inner desires and make a clear picture of them to fulfill them. Sometimes, people are living a completely different life but they have some desires hidden inside them that they are unable to express or know. Many people want to know what the other person’s desires are before getting into a relationship so this number can make the task easier for you to know your partner better. You can calculate the soul urge number by checking the vowels of your name. It’s very simple and easy to get this numerology personal number calculated for you. Let’s take the example of calculating the soul urge number: 

Pankar Kuma is your name then it will be A A and U A 

A A = 1+ 1 = 2 

U A = 6 + 1 = 7 

The total of 7 + 2 = 9 

So the soul number of Pankar Kuma is 9 



3. The Expression Number 

The Expression Number is another essential numerology personal number that tells you about the talents you have been blessed by Almighty and the gifts of nature provided to you. People often have some god-gifted talents that are unknown to them and they can only know by exploring their true potential. This number is related to the name of a person and can be the best way to find out the special qualities of a person. Some of our friends and family know about our talents by knowing us and they want us to believe in them as well. We can discover those gifts and talents we are blessed with by figuring out our expression number. It can easily be calculated by adding the specialized values of all the letters. 

If your name is Lisa then your expression number will be: 3+ 1 + 3 + 1 = 8 

So, the expression number of Lisa is 8. 

4. The Personality Number 

The Personality number plays a vital role as a numerology personal number. It is also similar to the Expression number. People who are interested in knowing the personality of others can get a better idea about them through this number. If you are curious about your personality, you can calculate your personality number by adding the values of all the consonants of your name. It gives you a better insight about your appearance and the impression that can be given to others. Many people got to know about their public image with the help of this number. It is like a mask that doesn’t explain you completely but does give people insight into your external appearance. Your personality is very important to you and it’s better to groom it more by knowing deep meaning through personality numbers as everyone wants to know the details about themselves and want to make more improvements to become a better person. 


At last, you can make the most of your life if you know these numerology personal numbers because they can help you know about things that are not very clear to you. It is the best way to get a deep insight into your personality, goals, destiny, and life path. When you understand these numbers, you will better understand yourself which can be a great confidence booster for you. Moreover, you will also get the direction and a clear pathway once you research your numerology core numbers. If you are someone who is always curious about what’s next and how you can get knowledge about the future, get into knowing your numerology personal numbers. You will be amazed to see the details they will reveal about you. So, you can calculate these numbers yourself or ask a numerologist to do it for you. It’s great to get into details and make your life journey the best of what you have manifested for yourself. 


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