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Numerology Lessons for Your Career and Business, Part 1

The lessons I have learnt from numerology is that it is mostly well-known for being a science of personal growth. It can predict your individual character traits, your life mission and compatibility with other people. However, not many people use it for the purpose of making career or business decisions. It is clear that, in such important matters, logic and rational thinking are the most significant factors in making all the major decisions, simply because too much is at stake. But if you have tried out the power of numerology on your personal life and already know that it gives a lot of wisdom, you can also try using numerical astrology calculator for your business life. In this article, we are looking at how you can do it.


Using Numerology to Choose Your Career

The energy of numbers is an additional opportunity to give your business a boost. In the numerological science, basically every number can be chosen or adjusted in order to give your business additional strength and help from the universe. But before you start doing any business activity, you need to make sure that it is the right one for you personally. Numerology of business starts with personal indicators that help you understand what kind of activity you will be good or bad at, what talents and obstacles in your professional life you may have. To do this, you need to calculate your Life Path number. Use a birth date calculator numerology or simply add together the individual numbers in your full birthday date.


17 April 1990: 1+7+4+1+9+9 = 31

In numerology, you almost always need to get to a simple digit, so continue to add together 3+1, and you get 4. 4 is your Life Path number, and the number that will characterize your professional life in the future. If you get 10 after the second addition, you don’t need to add anything up anymore – your number is 10.

In accordance with the number you get, you have the following characteristics of your personality:

  1. Number 1 is guided by the Sun. The Sun can choose any business for itself. The solar psychological type is characterized not by what he or she does, but by the way they do it. The sun goes forward no matter what. They inspire respect and some degree of fear to less fortunate businessmen. Among the solar types in business, there are a lot of women, despite the fact that daylight in classical astrology is considered to be a male symbol. Typically, women of this number are even more successful in business than their male counterparts.
  2. Number 2 is guided by the Moon. In business, the typical lunar type is practically useless, they cannot stand up for themselves. The “2” person can be pushed into such a field of activity only as a decorative element (for example, a formal CEO). It is typical for these people to be only formal participants of a business, for example, to be relatives of stakeholders. Lunarians are not the strongest character and do not have the strongest nerves. On the other hand, they have high adaptive abilities. They try since the early years to find a strong patron or to hold on to powerful groups or individuals.
  3. Mars is a living embodiment of the god of war. They have excellent feels in the business world: they are strong, assertive, know what they want from themselves and others. But the Martian, along with virtues, also has a number of shortcomings: this fiery type does not know when to stop. They can get carried away from the topic of the meeting or the core of their activity by emotions like excitement or rage. If the Solar type has a clear tactical plan before his eyes and at any time can change the direction and style of behavior, the Martian takes some steps in a chaotic order, not calculating the consequences of his steps. The Martian is typically attracted by a dynamic sphere of activity – trade or production. However, an intellectual “3” will always choose science above everything else. Martians often choose politics, but they are rarely successful there because of their hot blood. The Martian promises a lot, constantly disperses and almost never fulfills the promised.
  4. The Mercury is a natural at business, more so in the intellectual areas: literature, science, publishing, communications with the public. Thanks to the ability to lightly handle large amounts of information and move around the country at the speed of light, build true business plans and quickly adjust them, the Mercurian becomes an excellent entrepreneur. Number 4 is a fairly calm leader. Unlike the types 1, 3 or 5, this person will never shout out loud what wonderful staff he has or punish anybody publically for their mistakes. In the office, a Mercurian has an ideal order, because “4” is a rather meticulous number.
  5. Jupiter rules number 5, and it is the star of kings and philosophers. A Jupiter person is a good businessman, but he has one small flaw: he likes to build a general line, while forgetting about the details. In this respect, he is the opposite of a Mercurian, who often finds himself buried in the details. “Fives” do business with a certain social meaning (for example, consulting in the field of law, politics, marketing). The Jupiter, as the Sun, suffers from their own sense of grandeur and arrogance, which they need to manage if they want success in the long run. The office of the Jovian is more like a stone castle of an influential family clan or a medieval knights order. There is strict subordination everywhere, the walls are covered with the portraits of great businessmen.
  6. The patronizing planet Venus gives its children a special feeling of beauty. Venusians create around themselves an atmosphere of stability and reliability. Their perfect spheres of work would be beauty industry, fashion, design, any kind of manual labor. They are never conflict-prone or indignant, they prefer to lead by example, while maintaining faith in the best qualities of people. Despite all the good looks, the “6s” are surprisingly pragmatic in business and always avoid unjustified risks. They are all about saving and economizing.
  7. The children of Saturn are businessmen above all praise, but they lack freshness of perception. Saturnians are dogmatists who think in terms of stereotypes. Moreover, the “Seven” are very stubborn, and any attempt to change their minds stumbles upon stubborn resistance. A Saturnian expresses his disagreement with a deafening silence and complete reluctance to make contact. They are very rational and rely only on facts. If 7 is your type, your primary task is to learn flexibility and well-roundedness no matter which sphere you work in.
  8. Uranians are excellent businessmen who are equally good at both logic and intuition. Where the “8s” lack logic, they will take advantage of the sixth sense, and vice versa. Any business sphere will suit the Uranium, but he will try to realize his childhood dream. An “8” forgives the staff a lot: being late, skipping work, extreme hobbies. But he will never forgive lies, laziness and poor performance.
  9. Classical Neptunians are never very good businessmen. They tend to feel extremely uncomfortable in business. Firstly, they constantly need to critically assess the situation, which the Neptune people simply do not like to do. Secondly, making decisions and adjusting plans all the time is too much a strain for them. Thirdly, the Neptunians simply don’t look like the right kind of businessman. Their relaxed manners, uneven voice tone and other characteristics make it difficult for them to look like one. However, much depends on their environment. Neptune needs an impulse for career growth: someone needs to be there all the time and push them to new heights.
  10. Plutonians like to tickle their nerves and walk on the blade of a knife, but in business, there is no one more thoughtful and calculating. These people are inclined to analysis and introspection, they intelligently hide their own weak points and seek a breach in the defense of the competitor. Psychological talent allows them to easily penetrate the inner world of another human, so they never make mistakes in the selection of employees. The staff for the Plutonian are everything. He needs a team of professionals, and not obedient, easy to manage ones. For the Plutonian, business is connected exclusively with money, and not with PR.

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As you can see, your Life Path number can give you an initial understanding of what career is the right one for you. Don’t forget, though, that you should also take into account your Zodiac sign while choosing your career. Your Zodiac’s ruling planet can either boost or mitigate your Life Path number. Do some additional reading here and here to get a better idea about your Zodiac sign’s ideal career path. If you have chosen everything right, and your own business is a good idea, move on to Part 2 of this article to find out how numerology horoscope by birth date and your business’ numerical data can help you start and grow your business.

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