September 19

Numerology Lessons for Your Career and Business, Part 2


In Part 1 of this article, we have talked about the importance of numerology in choosing your career path. You can now calculate your Life Path index and make sure it will help you grow your business in the exact sphere that you have chosen. But the exciting part only starts here. When you have decided what kind of business you want, you can use the power of numbers to initiate this business and make sure everything goes smoothly. In Part 2, we talk about the vibrations of numbers that surround your business.

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Find the Best Numberology Number For Your Business

You will always register your business on a certain day. The good news is that astro numerology calculator can help you choose the best date to start a firm or a personal project. The necessary number is calculated just like the Life Path number of a birth date: simply add up the numbers.


For example, you want to register your company on the 23 October 2018.


Add up 2+3+1+2+1+8 = 17, 1+7=8. The Life Path number for your business will be 8.


Another way to calculate the destiny number of your business is by calculating the number expression of its name. Use the alphabet of your country to count the name number by simply adding up numbers of the letters that make up the name. You should get a number between 1 and 9, as usual.


Now more about the numbers:


  1. The potential of the company is huge, and the company itself carries the energy of optimism. It means that the bosses also have to approach work in the same way. The advertising for the business should not contain dark and gloomy tones. The office interior should produce a stunning impression of wealth. In order to get a financial return, it is necessary to implement several ideas at once. Try to make sure that there are as few interpersonal conflicts as possible. In the fate of your company, luck will be of great importance. Loans should be taken only in difficult times. The energy of the number will push to the organization of branches and franchises.


  1. The company is more attuned to travelling abroad than to painstaking work in the office. The firm will feel your psychological ups and downs, so if you are going through a bad period, the business will also suffer. Especially if you give the company your name. Financial turmoil can arise because of bad investments, so before you buy anything, think a million times whether you need it or not. Grow your company slowly, but if you work hard on it, you can expect a return. Your company with such a number is your child, you should take care of it with great warmth.


  1. Such a company will try its best to bring you revenue, and successful deals will follow one another at the beginning. Because the company will demand more and more energy from you, your health is a concern. Money will always be there, only the amount will vary. Be careful with the relationships you get into. The firm radiates so much energy that everyone will think that it is a “gold mine” and will want to get rich at its cost. When the firm enters its bad period, you should start to think differently, innovate, introduce something new, reshape the old, then you can count on success. Your company must constantly explore the market, introduce new ideas and connect with young people. The energy of the firm is tuned into achievements and creative intentions.


  1. The firm is good for teaching. In order to teach someone something new, join associations, meet new people, deal with the problems of the society, especially if they have something to do with children. Similarly, such a firm can have communication with politicians and build its capital around this area. In general, number 4 gives an abundance of possible earnings. To start a company, you yourself must competently approach all issues, especially bureaucratic ones. You cannot risk, control will wait for you at every angle, a source of strength for you is reading laws. Do not think that the company will immediately bring you as much profit. Take care of charitable actions and free promotions to help your firm succeed.

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  1. If you want a constant struggle with competition, then open a company under the influence of 5. It is often necessary to forget about personal gain for the sake of business and to invest in some new and contradictory directions. But if your company is connected with television or film, then this number will help you succeed. With such a firm, money will come and go very easily. You will not feel rich, but you will have a lot of friends and acquaintances who will help you and generate new ideas. In addition, with such a number, thefts can be on all fronts, both material and ideological. The company is set up to compete and win, so participate in contests, tenders, always be active. If you struggle for a long time, life will reward you tenfold. The most important thing is to monitor your spending and competition.


  1. This number is very suitable for earnings, and the company will have a lot of chances for this. Family business is the best idea for this number. Money will have to be earned by your own strength or by the efforts of the family. The firm that was born under the influence of this number will not bring income of millions, but it will be stable. Contacts from abroad will be important. Do not be too stingy to arrange a presentation of the firm. Psychological, financial or legal advice, assistance to developing talents, anything that is connected with help and people in need will bring you success. Helping someone, the firm will win more respect, and hence success. Be careful with loans and don’t take them too often.


  1. Before you start implementing the idea, you should develop your own style, image and immediately create the best brand. According to the best numerologist online, our name will work for you, so branding is important. With such a number, you can become anyone, from a trader to a politician. The main thing is to be the best and original at everything. Change yourself, from your vocabulary to the way you look. You can make a lot of money on number 7, but make sure your products and ideas are not created simply to get income, but to make people genuinely happy.


  1. You will have lots of ideas and directions, but not enough time to implement all of them. The pace with which you need to work will be very active and fast, so be prepared for the lack of sleep. You must keep up with fashion trends. All your ideas should be carefully thought out and developed, and they will bring an incredible income. Of course, you will encounter financial constraints, but this is a temporary phenomenon, and these situations simply give you an opportunity to relax, study science, read new books in order to use this information later. If you open a firm under number 8, beware of accidents. It can happen not with you, but with someone close, for example, an important employee or a potential partner in business.


  1. This number gives confidence that everything is possible. But to gain a good financial position, it is necessary to work purposefully and for a long time. Sometimes you will wonder if success will come at all, but don’t let the fears get to you. Rely on detailed schemes of your work. Even the details such as the full moon and the new moon should be included into your plans, because “9” depends on heavenly bodies more than other numbers. Learn not to spend too much money on useless things, but if you give a donation to an orphanage or shelter, then expect additional energy for your firm. Every creative project will flourish. Work for popularity, appear everywhere, at every event, then you will be noticed, and everyone will want to have business with you. This number brings the ability to quickly regenerate after losses. Financial failures can occur, but such losses will be of karmic nature (a consequence of your own wrongdoings). Often, alcohol is the fault of all problems, so monitor the amount of consumption so as not to become addicted. The risk in your firm does not pay off, so try to avoid it.

Fortunately, if your business hasn’t started yet, you have the luxury to choose your own business number. But, if you have already started a business on a certain date that you consider unfortunate, you can always make a rebranding and choose another name to let other energies flow into your business and make it work. You can choose any free lucky name numerology calculator for that. And remember that numbers don’t decide everything – a lot depends on your persuasion and free will, and only you decide how your life should work out.

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