May 7

9 Steps To Create Your Own Happiness

A life well lived is that which every effort is made to create happiness as it is a vital aspect when it comes to attaining satisfaction and fulfilment. We live in a world where we are faced with difficulties and challenges from time to time and an accumulation of that and more is what weighs us down. Every single person could be happier and more successful if only we took some time to recreate our inner-self and find that part within that is ready to reach out to the world with an open mind and heart. Every day should be another opportunity to create purpose rather than wallowing in self-pity, regrets, sadness, and worry.

If you are at a point in life where you feel like nothing seems to be going your way then the book offers effective steps and strategies towards creating your new reality. To create change, then you need to make an effort to change your thoughts, feelings and approach towards life. It is more of dealing with the monster within that tries to create a negative image of what it believes life is, based on the current circumstances or past experiences. I can’t deny that life can at times destroy the little faith and hope we have but if it is your desire to create real happiness then you need to learn how to stay strong and never give up.

We all know that happiness is a cherished human desire but we may not all know that the reason most of us are unhappy is because we don’t understand that happiness is a state of mind that should be created from within. You should not allow external forces to determine how happy you should be because your happiness is your responsibility. The idea all these brings out is the fact that every person’s happiness is totally within their control. On a path to creating your own happiness, you need to have an idea of what works for you and from that point, it becomes easier to put things in place. We say that happiness is the foundation of every success because it improves one’s performance in so many ways.

Happiness has very little to do with a person’s circumstances as many of us may want to believe. No matter how bad a person’s situation is they always need to have the ability to create happiness as it is not dependent on what you have and what you don’t. What you feel is always the product of your habits and view of life which means you can shape your life to enjoy more happiness. Let’s, therefore, find out of how we can create our own happiness despite our current life experiences:

1. Don’t Obsess On Things That Are Beyond Your Control

There are times when we may want to ensure that every little thing in our life is perfect and this makes us feel the need to be in control. What you need to know is that at times life is what it is and that there are certain events and circumstances that can’t be changed. Forcing yourself to control everything or making them go your way only breeds in so much unhappiness and dissatisfaction. You could do yourself so much good by letting events or situations unfold on their own. Happy people are determined and focused but they never allow themselves to worry about things that are beyond their control. This, therefore, means that an important step to take towards improving your wellbeing is accepting things as they are and finding that part of you that is ready to move forward.

2. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

There will be no point in time when we will all be at the same level or have the same things in life. Wherever you are or wherever you go chances are that you will find someone who is better than you or not, in one way or another. Comparing yourself to other people means that you are only looking for reason’s to feel lesser of a person. The moment a person insists on driving their sense of pleasure and satisfaction from comparing themselves to other people then they are no longer masters of their own happiness. Your focus should always be on comparing the person you were in the past and who you are in the present. Each person needs to accept and appreciate themselves for who they are, where they are and what they have.

3. Cultivate Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand and manage your emotions and those of others. It can be an important skill when one is looking to enjoy more happiness in life because it prevents you from allowing emotions to determine how you should view or judge situations in life. Anyone with emotional intelligence takes the time to reason with situations before determining how to react towards them. That chance to think through things instead of acting out of anger or disappointment prevents you from making drastic decisions, which means more room for more happiness. One other thing about emotional intelligence is that it gives you a positive view of life and thus a chance to focus on the brighter side of life. Emotionally intelligent people don’t get angry or view situations negatively but instead, recognize emotions when they arise and try to put them under control.

4. Avoid Negative People

The kind of company a person decides to keep always determines who they are because you tend to share the same opinions about so many things. When you decide to choose negative minded people then you ultimately become one yourself. The thing is that they will easily influence your feelings as they portray negative attitude and moods which you easily pick up on. The best way to create happiness is hanging around people who are happy and positive about life. You will always share stories and ideas that don’t depress but rather make you feel more motivated.

5. Love Yourself

If you have never found it important to exercise self-love then thus is the best opportunity for you to consider doing it. There is really no way one can be happy if they don’t appreciate who they are. What you feel inside is what reflects on the inside and it also determines what others feel about you. To achieve general happiness in life one needs to see themselves as worthy of their own love and of the love of others. General appreciation and acceptance allows you to always view life from different eyes. It simply makes you feel good about who you are which means that every moment will be a chance to create more happiness for general wellbeing.

6. Smile And Laugh A Lot

When an individual always finds a reason to smile and life then they are likely to lead a happier life. This is mainly because every smile and laughter reduces any kind of tension or negative energy. It neutralizes all negativity at mind and heart and makes you happier no matter how difficult things seem. The more you laugh and smile, the less you feel stressed or depressed. Smile and laughter always have a way of positively influencing your inner feelings.

7. Live In The Now

There is really no need for a person to feel sad about what happened in the past or worry about what will happen in the future. This is because the past is gone and the future is undetermined, the only time you have control over is the present moment. When you decide to live in the now then you will have made an effort to create so much room for real happiness in life. So many of us are caught in a depressing moment because we want so much to cling on the things that went wrong in the past and have allowed life to be shaped by our past experiences. The moment you choose to be in touch with life as it happens you will create new experiences that bring you more happiness.

8. Always Be Willing To Help Others

I am sure you know how satisfying it feels to help anyone in need whether you do it in a big or small way. There is always a part of us as human beings that cares about the wellbeing of another. Being in a position to make a difference in the world of another person makes you feel good inside. Doing this more often assures you of long lasting happiness.

9. Count Your Blessings

This step requires you to always take the time to notice the good things in your life instead of always complaining or noticing the negative. You will need to note down everything you appreciate in life no matter how small you think it is. Bringing your mind to realize that there is actually so much good in your life that has always been ignored is reason enough for you to be happier. A number of us are tied to unhappiness because we don’t want to open our eyes to the good that is in our lives and therefore lack a reason to laugh or smile.



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