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In numerology, are one’s life path number and birthday number equivalent?

Although it appears to be both extremely simple and extremely difficult to understand at the same time, numerology can be both. If you’re interested in astrology, the study of numerology is similar in that you can learn about your sun sign and, if you want to go that far, you can create your complete natal chart as well. On the contrary, numerology, unlike astrology, does not require that you know your exact birth time (or location) in order to understand and appreciate it.

Life Path Number

According to most, your life path number is the most critical number in all of the numerology. Your master number, or destiny number, is sometimes referred to as such because it tells you not only who you are, but also who you were meant to be in this lifetime.

How to calculate your own life path number, all you need is the month, day, and year that you were born. Let’s go through it together using the example of someone born on 9/14/2001. From the month onward, you’ll look at each of those numbers separately.

Birth Number

Your date of birth is a little easier to remember than your social security number. Instead of determining your whole birthday, your birth number entails merely adding together the month and day. The meaning of this is a little less specific, but it still provides valuable insight into your personality. You may use the same meanings that are allocated to your life path number to acquire that knowledge. While your life path number is similar to your sun sign calculated with your exact time of birth, your birth number is more like your sun sign by just month and day.

Put Your Life Path Number into Action/ How to find my life path number

Even the desire to learn more about your life path number demonstrates a certain amount of reflection that is vital to living a healthy, fulfilling life. When you are willing to be vulnerable and look within yourself with honesty, you will be able to learn and grow in ways that you never imagined were possible. Growth does not occur as a result of remaining stagnant and entrenching oneself in old habits. Instead, it comes from making those hard changes after really owning and recognizing anything that may be working against you internally.

The bottom line

The possibilities are endless when it comes to utilizing your life path number and your birth number to make your world a better place. It is possible to discover far more about yourself via the use of a Birthdate Book or Candle than just these figures alone. It is ultimately up to you what you do with that information, but it has the potential to assist you in developing yourself more deeply than you have ever done before.

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