April 24

How to use the best manifestation method – 2 Glasses Manifestation Method Process

It would be hard to find anyone who doesn’t desire something. Whether it’s money, job, good health, or relationship, everyone has one or two desired realities. You don’t need to continue making endless google searches or follow generic ads; all you need is to shift from your current dimension to a dimension that contains your desires. Incredibly, this doesn’t take more than two cups and water, using an approach known as a 2-cup method.

Understandably, making our dream come true may not be one of the easiest things in life; however, it is possible. And more interestingly, you can make it happen earlier than planned with a single JUMP!

The 2 Glasses Method

The best manifestation method, a two-cup method uses a dimension-shifting concept to realize our aspirations. The idea of dimension jumping and manifestation are similar as both utilize thoughts, emotions, and feelings. It would help if you expressed a strong belief in your desire to make the most of the law of attraction and jump to a different dimension.

It’s important to note that focus and positive thoughts are crucial in dimension jumping. You need to have a clear view of what you want to get rid of in your life and what you seek. For instance, perhaps, you are single and lonely – this is your current situation – but you desire a “happy and fruitful relationship.” You need to focus on your positive thoughts with a clear view and feeling of what you want in your new dimension. You’ll be leaving behind your current dimension for a different version featuring a “happy and fruitful relationship.”

2 Glasses Manifestation Method Process

After becoming a little concerned about the new board vacancy at work, I made some google searches, and I decided to perform the 2-cup method with a strong belief. Interestingly, I became happy and full of optimism after completing the process.

• I started with 2 glasses and labeled one with a statement that described my current situation, and the other with a statement that described my desired reality.

• Then I filled the current situation cup with water and sat with my feelings towards what I wrote on the labels.

• I maintained the positive feeling that my desired reality evoked, and I slowly poured the water from my current state into my desired reality. I kept myself attentive during this.

• I visualized my desired reality as I drank the water and imagined that now, I am living in my desired reality and it really worked for me.

As long as you are clear about what you desire, the two-cup method works – and sometimes, quickly. Depending on your desire, the period of manifestation varies. However, you may see the result for a modest desire within 24 to 48 hours. Some people with considerable goals and aspirations have recorded five days or a few weeks. Thus, this manifestation method depends strongly on what you seek to possess or experience. Adhering to the procedures and maintaining a positive feeling are crucial to a quick and successful manifestation.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, the 2 glasses manifestation technique works. All you need is to take an aspired action after completing the process. For those who seek a soul mate, make sure you take action by going out more and meeting new people. If you desire a new job at a Google company or wherever, seek out opportunities as you would do on a regular day.

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