March 23

How Success Is Measured?

Everyone wants to be successful, but the ordinary individual doesn’t have a clear concept of what that “success” means or how to quantify it. People have varied definitions for success in life, and what one person sees as the summit of life may be a nightmare for another. We had to start with the monetary aspect right away because that was the most often used metric for assessing our achievement at the time.

Yes, money is a major factor. It alleviates more than half of your issues, enhances your quality of life, and helps you to better care for people you love. FAME and how many people sing your praises and how many people know about you and what you’re doing were the second most common answer to how do you measure success.
IMPACT is the inevitable next step after money and fame. For the greater good, the more people benefit from your work. The importance of making a positive difference is undervalued.

It’s usually later in life that people discover how much of an impact such behaviors had. When it comes to humanity’s greatest leaps and cultural revolutions, it took a long time for them to take root and take hold.

At the end of your life, look back and realize how many people are better off because of the influence you had on their lives.
You should include happiness in your definition of how success is measured. If you’re having a good time in your life, you should be thankful for it. Get out there and live the kind of life you want to lead!

How many things you have yet to accomplish, try, or live is a good indicator of how far you’ve progressed in your life. Think of these events as milestones in your life. Gaining more life points is the ultimate goal in any game you play. As a reminder of how fortunate we are, these are the moments in which we can truly appreciate all that we have in life.

Think about how you may help others by sharing the nice things you’ve got with them. One of the secrets of happiness is to cultivate gratitude. For as many people as you can, you’re here to make their lives better. Everyone on this little rock, which has existed for less than a millisecond in the grand scheme of things, is a part of this constantly shifting society.

Because we’re so small and inconsequential in the overall scheme of things, we’re so determined to expand our horizons. We’ve built a future in the last two centuries that would have seemed unimaginable to anyone in the past because of the hard work and sacrifice of many determined individuals. We’ve created our heaven, and we’re in charge of maintaining and improving it.

As a species, we have just begun our adventure. Consider what you can do to help this move forward even further. Think about what you and those around you can do to make life a little bit better than it was yesterday.

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