July 29

12 Traits of Millionaires to Start Making Serious Money and Building an Empire

One of the most confusing and misleading mindsets that have become very prevalent nowadays is instant gratification. We live in a society that has an on-demand mentality which motivates everyone to look for the quickest way to get results with little effort. Any successful entrepreneur in your circles can attest to the fact that life is not as easy or as difficult as most people perceive it to be. However, you need to work hard and smart if you want to be successful and gain serious not only in your business but also in life generally.

In the context of wealth creation solutions, there is a set of healthy habits which can push you forward in the right direction if you nurture them. There are also bad habits that can derail and hinder you from becoming as productive and fruitful as you were engineered to be.

Well, you can make $100 an hour selling used items online, but if you want to make serious money, you need to follow what millionaires do. Note that we have carried out extensive research to understand the particular practices that have helped the most successful people in the world to get the wealth they have so you can be sure that by embracing our advice, you are guaranteed tremendous results.

It is also important to note that making money is different from creating wealth. So, let us look at these specific strategies that will position you to become one of the top 20 millionaires.

1# Strives Always to Follow Value Added Concept

The first thing that you need to note is that value is one of the intrinsic factors that make the world go round. Every person that you meet wants to get an absolute value from your interaction and exchange. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are always adding value to the project or any other task that you are hired to do. That is, you need to add more value to everything that you do. For example, if you sell software or products, you need to make sure that you are always offering more value than the client expects from you.


2# Understand the Advantages of Early Morning Wake Up

Any successful entrepreneur can attest to the fact that waking up early gives you the power to start off your day on a high note. Studies have shown that early morning hours are quite a solitude and replete. This is the right time of the day to think about your day ahead and refine your thoughts before you start working.

If your job entails dealing with interruptions, the morning hours will help you to organize your thoughts and prepare well for the day ahead. Concisely, wake up one hour than you are used for to lay out the necessary plans that will advance you towards the goals and objectives that you want to achieve.


3# Take Part in Physical Exercise Recommendations

Unknown to most people is that making money not only entails making the right decisions in business or having the right networks or connects. Even though these two will help you to advance your business in the right direction, you need always to be physically and emotionally fit. Your body will be able to produce the power it needs to support your other activities. The physical activities will promote blood circulation to all organs of your body, help you think clearly, improve your concentration and focus.


4# Set and Use Daily Goal Tracking App

What do you want to achieve at the end of the day? Sure, long term goals will help to give your life direction, but the daily goals will help you to go about your daily activities with laser focus and determination. Consider these aims as milestones that you have to achieve before you leave the office or retire to bed. List down the milestones based on their level of priority to ensure that nothing is left behind. Decide the specific thing that will help you get closer to your financial goals before the sun sets then go out them and just do it!

The use of daily goal tracking app can help you maintain your discipline towards your goals.  You can also set reminders to yourself admist your busy schedule to remind yourself that you have goals to hit.


5# Plan Your Time With Daily Time Management Tips

Time is one of the most limited yet the most valuable resource in the world. We all have the same number of hours per day; the difference is how we spend them. In fact, most philosophers are on record stating that the 24 hours of each day is the greatest equalizer in life. This means that it does not matter where you are in term of business or financials; you just need to learn how to manage time.

Smart time management is a must if you want to start making serious amounts of money and succeed in building an empire that your children and grandchildren will be proud of. How you are going to manage this resource will determine if you will succeed in life and the level of success.


6# Learn How to Business Networking

Networking is one of the most important habits that you need to make your life more fulfilling and fruitful. As the saying goes, your network is your net worth. Reach out to people whom you look up to and ask for advice and inspirations that you can start applying in your life to get ahead of the competition. When making new connections, you should not start asking for favors right away. Instead, strive to establish a connection and show that you always bring value to the table. Eventually, your connects will help you to expand your business as well as avail to your opportunities that you can take advantage of to achieve financial stability and freedom.


7# Innercising

Have you watched the documentary, The Secret, by Bob Proctor? If you have not, it is the high time that you purchased and watched it. One of the featured entrepreneurs, John Assaraf, emphasizes on the power of Innercising.

What is Innercising? Innercising is a mental exercise that helps to reprogram or re-engineer your subliminal conditioning that is deeply embedded in your subconscious. Your primary objective as you do this exercise is to train your mind to have a positive financial outlook that will attract opportunities and money to your life rather than push or chase them away.


8# Maintain an Healthy Diet

How can eating healthier food help to attract more wealth and opportunities? Unhealthy foods have not only an adverse impact on your body but also your mind.  Having a sound mind and body will enhance your precision thinking capability, improve concentration, and focus. Note that our bodies are engineered to spend an enormous amount of energy processing foods. Therefore, unhealthy eating will deplete your energy levels thereby leaving you with little or no energy to take part in activities that will bring you close to your goals.


9# Find out the best way to invest savings money

Saving and investing are the two pillars to wealth creation solutions. As mentioned earlier, you will not get the results that you are yearning for as fast, and you might want, but the most important thing has enough cash to invest when the opportunity knocks. When you have enough capital, and you are no living from paycheck-to-paycheck, you are ready and set to earn more money when that gold opportunity presents itself.


10# Mindfulness

Living without caring about the feelings of the people or playing the cutthroat game will result in few opportunities coming your way. Therefore, you need always to be respectful and mindful of the people around you to attract the opportunities. These opportunities will eventually convert into cash that you can invest. More importantly, you need to be mindful of how you act and what you say so it does not come back and bit you!


11# Work with Mentors and Contribute to Others Success

An abundant mindset will motivate you to contribute to the success of the other people in your circles. When you realize that you are sated, look for opportunities to impact other peoples live positively. You can trick your mind to have an abundant mindset always by setting aside more time to others. You do not necessarily have to give money; time is enough. After all, time is one of the most expensive resources in the world. Mentors will help you make informed decisions along the way to work with as many mentors as possible.

Start practicing these simple yet very powerful and actionable habits to position yourself to making serious money and building an empire that will stand for decades.

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