June 21

How do I cultivate a growth mindset vs fixed?

A growth mindset is defined as the belief that intelligence and skills can be improved with the help of continuous hard work and persistence. The Stanford psychologist and author of growth mindset, Dr. Carol Dweck, explains the two mindsets: Growth mindset vs fixed. In a growth mindset, the person embraces the challenges and goes through his failure by being firm and not thinking of it as a sign of unintelligence. Meanwhile, a fixed mindset is a belief that talents, skills, and success can be achieved by talent and a little bit of effort. Everyone is different in this world and has unique experiences, talents, and skills but they can always grow big with the help of a growth mindset. Talent and skills are not static and people grow by opting for new experiences and learning different skills of their interest.

You don’t need to worry if you have a fixed mindset, you can always work to cultivate a growth mindset. It may seem very hard in the beginning, but you can take the baby steps to build a growth mindset. Here are some of the ways:

Acknowledge and embrace imperfection

Every single human has flaws, weirdness, insecurities, and peculiarities. All we have to do is acknowledge our imperfections and carry on with amazing experiences in life. Remember, imperfections make us unique so self-love is a key to embracing imperfections and doing great things in your life. It will help you to develop a growth mindset.

Pay attention to your thoughts and words

It is important to watch your words, even the words you have in your mind that you cannot speak. If your words are low, the result won’t be good too. Try to censor yourself and make your own guide. Replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts to develop a growth mindset. Read books for a growth mindset and do activities that include thoughtful work. Also, raise your standard, and start respecting yourself to let others respect you. Think higher and set big goals in your life.

Be brave to face your challenges

Don’t take a challenge in your life as a hurdle to your success. Take it as an opportunity to grow and beat the fixed mindset approach. Make sure to shift your perspective and engage yourself in activities that can resolve the problem. It will definitely bring a new experience for you to learn and develop a new skill. The people who face their challenges bravely can discover abilities they didn’t know they even possessed.

Take risks in your life

There is no harm in taking a risk because it’s essential to make mistakes to grow. If you have a growth mindset, it is supposed to happen. People who don’t take risk are not likely to grow as faster as the one who is ready to take the risk even if they fail.

So, make sure to follow these ways to cultivate a growth mindset. It will help you achieve heights of success and be a better person. Always take responsibility for your words and do efforts to attain the goals in your life.

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