February 12

5 Of The Best Wealth Videos for 2017

These are the top 5 of the best wealth videos for 2017 that I have watched personally, and would like to recommend to everyone. Wealth, at the end of the day is only a tool to a better life and everyone can become wealthy. It all starts from your state of your mind and these wealthy therapy videos can do just that.

Here’s what you can do, study the psychology of wealth through these 5 wealth videos by bookmarking this page.

PS. You don’t need a wealth psychologist to be become rich. 🙂

1. The Psychology of the Rich – Motivational Video 2017

2. Jim Rohn – Psychology of wealth thinking

3.   200 Powerful Abuduance Affirmations and images

4. Health, Wealth, Happiness POWERFUL Affirmations

5.Sleep Programming for Prosperity-‘Millionaire Mindset’ -Attract Abundance & Wealth While You Sleep!

If you are looking for a structured course that can take your study of wealth psychology to the next level, I recommend you try out Dr Steve G Jones Total Money Magnetism.

It retails at only $47, and is just about the best investment one can make to learn about the psychology of the rich.

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