July 21

Why Tesla Called 369 Angel Number the Secret of the Universe

Are you wondering about the numerology of 3, 6, and 9? There must be a lot of questions in your head when it comes to understanding numbers. Nikola Tesla, the great mind of all time, also had an obsession with these numbers. He quoted “3, 6, and 9” as the secret of the universe. He was a master at thinking about frequency, energy, and vibration.  It would become easy for you to learn the meaning of 3,6 and 9 if you understand the numerology of these numbers. Let’s discuss the numerology of these numbers first.



369 Numerology

When we understand the 369 angel number meaning, we get to know that it is a powerful number in numerology. It is connected with energies of abundance, joy, and creativity. Moreover, the 369 angel number is also associated with frequencies of service and kindness. People who see 369 number frequently, it’s a sign of positivity for them. So, it’s important to take some time out to meditate and understand what angels are trying to tell you about these qualities. As a result, it will help you connect with the positive energies of the universe that are deeply associated with the number 369. Remember, this number can bring a lot of positive changes in your life and help you get support from angels when you are making changes in your life. It’s a kind message from the angels that you are on the right path. This number also signifies that you should follow your heart and trust your intuition to enjoy your life. It’s a hope for people and a reminder from the universe that it’s not too late to make positive changes in life.

This number has great significance in the Holy book Bible. It has appeared in many verses to discuss God’s love and abundance.


Tesla’s approach with the 369 manifestation method

Tesla’s theory has a lot of connection with people manifesting their desires. People write down the goals they manifest. It can be in any career in the world. Even in a newly created app, Tiktok, people manifest to have so many followers and they achieve it one day. They post videos on it like three times in the morning, six times in the evening, and nine times at night. So, people are manifesting what they desire and these numbers are an integral part of their lives. Tesla also manifested his desires in several ways. He used to walk three times around the block before entering the building for work because he found growth, vision, and deep knowledge. In today’s world, it must not be exactly how he envisioned these numbers but his connection with the numbers has prevailed till now.


369 angel number meaning in life

There is a great meaning hidden behind the 369 number because it opens up many positive secrets in your life. People who are curious about understanding this number should take time out and reflect upon it. It has many messages for you to progress in your life and transform it for the better. Have a look at some of the aspects of 369 as a positive number.

369 angel number meaning in career and money

If you have a 369 number in your life, know that it’s the right time to make the move. It is the sign telling you that it’s the perfect hour to succeed in life and have faith in your abilities. Tesla said this number was special for a reason because it proved to be lucky for him and he was obsessed with the numbers that were divisible by 3.

The number 369 is also a reminder that you can manifest your desires and achieve them by staying optimistic in life because the universe is always giving you positive signs when you see this number. All you have to do is to trust the calling of the universe as Tesla did in his life. This number can be a great guide while you are taking major financial decisions because it tells you to trust yourself while you are manifesting wealth.


369 angel number meaning in love

The 369 angel number is associated with empathy, love, and compassion. If you are in love and see this number, it is a sign of a strong connection between you and your partner. If you are not in a relationship and often come across this number then you should be hopeful that you are going to meet your soulmate soon. This number helps you understand that universe is working in your favor and you will find true love soon.


Role of 369 number in your spiritual life

In order to make a strong connection with the universe, you should have a strong spiritual side. it’s a message from your guardian angel to spend time in nature and meditate to connect with the universe. Once you connect with the universe, you get to know its secrets. So, Tesla was a spiritual person and he found his connection with the universe with the help of these numbers.



369 Method

It is very important to work on your manifestation if you want to achieve big things in life. It takes seconds to think positive and write about it. Align your words and put the energy to make those words true. The 369 method help you learn that it’s the time to start and it has helped many people bring money, love, and a safe shelter into their lives. It’s just that you have to make a spiritual connection with the universe when 369 comes across your way.

Lastly, Tesla’s theory is very much about expressing your desire for the universe. Use the words like “I want” to attract those things in your life and understand the signs of the universe that it gives you with the help of numbers. So, Tesla’s obsession with the 369 number may be the key to the universe that directs you to have a meaningful life. Keep noticing the numbers you see in your surroundings and reflect on them to understand the calling of the universe.


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