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The 10 Golden Rules To Live By

10 golden rules in life to live by
Written by James Irvine

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People all have questions in life. One may ask the purpose of existence and what is it that we should all aim for. Whatever question it is that you may have in mind, you exist for a purpose. To live for your dreams, for other people and to be happy are the most important things in life. Here are 10 golden rules to live by that will help you live a fulfilling life.

1. Do Unto Others What You Want Them To Do Unto You

Whether they be family, friends, classmates, workmates, or mere acquaintances, it is always important to show kindness to people without asking anything in return. Even if you are wronged, it is praiseworthy to always turn the other cheek and kill people with your genuine kindness. By doing this, you will develop a good reputation and people will learn to respect you. Whether or not you believe in Karma is another story, but people will surely notice you for the things you do. Some will even judge you and say negative things about you. What is important is what you do to them and how you interact with people from all walks of life. Your kindness will surely be rewarded in the future.

2. Embrace Failures Quickly

There is this saying that you should fail forward. We fail because we are human. Even if we try so hard, sometimes it just will not work. Our mistakes may define us for a time and it is understandable to feel disappointed or dejected. What is important is how we rise up and learn from our failures. For most people successful people, failing is the best thing that has happened in their lives because it means that they tried. One should not let failures define one’s being but it should motivate them to succeed, move forward and learn from your mistakes.

Most self-made billionaires did not always have a successful life in the beginning. Like most billionaires, Bill Gates did not even finish his college education and was frowned upon. He went on to finish his goal and he put up one of the best and well-known companies in the world, Microsoft. Likewise, Abraham Lincoln failed several times. In all the elections he participated in prior to his election as President of the United States, he lost every single one of these electoral contests. He is now widely regarded as the best president as he challenged status quo by abolishing slavery altogether.

More than this, Studies have shown that optimistic people tend to have a longer lifespan compared to negative people. Have a positive outlook in life and learn to look at a half glass full. When problems arise, always think of answers and solutions. Remember that success requires positivity and hardwork. Success does not come easy as you have to go through the bitterness of failure first in order for success to become sweeter. So, try your hardest until you reach your goal and succeed in life.

3. You Can Make A Difference

No matter how small or big it is, the little things you do will influence the lives of other people. One does not need to hold a position of influence in order to touch the lives of many. Sometimes, what matters are the little things that small people do for other people. Find something you are good at and yearn to give back to your community and to your family. Always make it a practice to think about others and you will find peace of mind when you know that you have done something good for them.

Every human being has different talents and skills and you can use your unique capabilities to influence and inspire other people. Be it through the arts, public speaking and leadership, sports, and entrepreneurship, people can benefit from what other people can offer. Sometimes, you do not need to have a skill to make a difference. Standing up for what is right and having integrity in your principles speaks a thousand words. Take the case of Malala Yousafsai when she spoke up for women’s right to education in her native Pakistan. She was shot and was almost killed, but people around the world admired her for her advocacies and integrity. She was able to inspire women to stand up for their rights.


4.  Just Be Patient

Most of the time, things will not always turn out the way that you want them to be. Being patient is a skill that successful people have learned to master. Be it just merely waiting in line or patiently working on a project. Patience helps people overcome frustration. It gives people a stress-free life because by being patient, we delay our personal judgments to arrive at informed decisions and avoid hasty choices.

Being patient with people and with tasks is a hard skill, especially if we have our own standards. Impatient people usually get stressed over little things because they cannot control every aspect of their lives. One must learn that by taking in every little thing one step at a time, the results are much better compared if it were done hastily.

When Albert Einstein was working on his formula, he failed several times but he did not quit and he remained patient. He eventually made his world-renowned formula which is still being used up to this day.


5. Always Speak The Truth

Be it a white lie, we have all lied at least once in our lives. It is understandable but if it becomes a habit, then maybe it’s time you reassess yourself. There should never be any excuse for lying. By speaking the truth, you not only get the respect of other people, but you earn their trust as well. It is always a comfort to feel that you are valued and that your reputation is clean. When we are honest, it builds our strength of character and it contributes to a steady emotional and mental health. Dishonesty, on the other hand, leads to hatred, distrust, stress and further anxiety in life.


6. Treasure Heartbreaks And Love Yourself

Oftentimes when we fall in love, we tend to give everything we have, even your sense of pride, to the point where we lose ourselves in the process. Our capacity to love is what makes us human, but being human also means not being perfect. Love is irrational, even if we get hurt we continue to love because it feels good to love. If you feel the pain, let it soak in, embrace it and cry it out. But move forward and don’t let your pains affect you and define you.

Most people who have self-esteem problems compare themselves to others. You should know that you are not an accident and you have a purpose. You are special and beautiful in your own little way. You should know and accept that you are not perfect and you should not blame yourself for this. Blaming yourself will cause you no good at all, but loving yourself and patting yourself at the back every once a while will not just make you happier and more content but it will make you healthier as well.

7. Be Happy

Happiness is important because it affects how you see yourself and other people. It also affects how you see life and helps you achieve more goals and dreams. We all have our own source of happiness, be it from family, friends, a thing, an event, or a dream. Whatever it is, hold on to it and put it in a pedestal. This will give you a higher sense of purpose in life. In order to attain happiness, one should get rid of all the negativity in life.

However, being happy is easier said than done. It is an evolutionary trait of human beings to always spot the wrong things and this has helped human beings survive from predators and calamities throughout the years. You are not perfect and you may have committed things in the past that you regret. Count your blessings and be thankful. Tell yourself everyday that you are happy and no one else can make you feel unhappy. By practicing this, you are sure that nothing can ever stand in the way of your feelings.

8. Always Keep Your Foot On The Ground

Humility is perhaps the most important lesson in life that everyone needs to learn. Being humble is not just about being quiet about your talent or with what you have. More than this, humility requires a lifestyle change and a new perspective. Humility is being able to know when to speak up and knowing when it is proper to keep silent. You will not only gain friends but you will learn to be contented even in the small things that you have.

In the workplace, it is usually the humble but skilled people who get noticed for their actions because it means that what they are doing is genuine and out of the heart. Arrogant people, on the other hand, show a lot of insecurity and negativity in life. People tend to steer away from arrogance. After all, isn’t it better to just let your work speak for itself, rather than boasting around? It is never too late to work on being humble and thankful in the most little of things.

Being humble also means being able to admit mistakes and learning how to apologize for it. When you do this you are also being honest to yourself and to your feelings. People will definitely understand you when you are modest enough to admit your mistake.

9. Learn To Forgive

There will come a time in your life when you will definitely get hurt and feel wronged. Most of the time, it is very painful and we find it hard in ourselves to forgive people. Perhaps it is a defense mechanism, or just plain hatred. But you will learn that if you have a heart that is ready to forgive, it will make you feel happier and healthier. It is like a heavy burden has been lifted from you back. Of course, forgetting is different from forgiving. It depends upon the gravity of the situation where you should forget the bad things in your life because if you just forgive and forget, you betray yourself and you tend to commit the same mistake all over again.

In every situation, whether it is someone or it is you who wronged the other, learn to forgive yourself and promise to yourself that you will not commit the same error again. In this way, you also admit that you are human, you have emotions, however rational or irrational they may be. Forgiving others and yourself requires a huge amount of courage and can be painful, but by learning how to forgive, you move forward from where you were stuck and you will start the healing process immediately.

10. Cherish Every Moment Of Your Life

A moment is defined as a brief period of time that usually lasts a second. Some are good and some are bad memories. Some moments become long-term memories when they mean a lot to a person or when something important and worth remembering occurred. Life is short to complain and not be happy. There may be many what-ifs and regrets in the past that might have brought you down, but what is important is the what-is and the what-had-been. Every single day is a page in the book of your life and a book will not be complete without even a single page. One day, when you’re old you will look back on your life. Will you be happy? Will you say that you lived life to the fullest? Remember to always live your life to the fullest, as if it is your last day. You only have one chance at life and you can still make it count.

These are mere suggestions that will surely give people a fulfilling and happy life. There are no clear guidelines on how to live a perfect life because there is no such thing as a perfect life. But once we know how to abide by this golden rule, we can be happy and contented with our lives. At the end of the day, it is us ourselves who determine how we should live our own lives.