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Discover Your True Nature with the Power Quadrant System

power quadrant system
Written by James Irvine

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Currently, there are millions of pages and thousands of hours of video and audio content promising to help you on the journey to improving yourself. With so much content, it can be overwhelming to know what to consume and what to ignore. However, most of this material teach the same thing but in different words. They teach how easy it is to transform yourself into your better self in a few steps. Have you ever thought that maybe the system in place could be that which is holding you back? More so, it could be influencing your life from all angles.

Did you know that who you are, the career you should be in, could be locked in your DNA, existent from the second you were born? You have been carrying this knowledge since you breathed your first breath of life and it needs to be joined to a special calendar, after which you will know the secret to unlocking your true nature. For more than 1,700 years, people have used the secret code they learn from this ancient calendar to unravel the mysteries of life, determine who they are, most importantly, know where their special talents lie.

There have been many calendars used since time immemorial, and they have guided millions of people on how to live their lives fully aware of who they are through a secret code. This code was lost to a new world order, and the Roman calendar became law. This is the same calendar hanging on the wall, sitting on the desk at the office, and in the smartphone in your pocket.

The Julian Calendar

Thousands of generations used this calendar from the old world in all aspects of their lives, for example, knowing whom to marry, as well as determining the best time to plant. When the Spaniards stepped off from their ships to pillage, burn, and conquer new lands, the calendar was lost, buried in the ground. In its replacement, the Roman calendar became the calendar of the new world, and it has been for the past 2,058 years. Most people know it as the Julian calendar, named after Julius Caesar, the great Roman Emperor.

A calendar to most people is just a system of telling one day from the other, but some people will tell you that it goes deeper than that. The Julian calendar not only lacks the secret code, but it also has significant flaws. Flaws you ask? A good example is that it is missing more than a few days, which is the reason why we have leap years, it also overlooks an entire cycle of the moon revolving around the earth.

You would think that these legions imposing a new world order would get the name of the month’s right, right? Take the month of October for example; the name is derived from ‘octo,’ which means eight, yet October, is the 10th month. When the Julian calendar came into being, the Romans did not take into account January and February as months of the year. The Roman year started on the first day of March and had ten months.

Apart from losing the code necessary to discover your true nature in life, the Julian calendar also took away the ability to know

  • The career you would fit in best and make the most money
  • Whom you should marry
  • Why it is vital that you know the code of your offspring

The surprising thing is that only a few people in the world know of the power held by the code. However, this is an opportunity for you to begin the journey to learning and discovering your true nature, as well as how the Julian calendar keeps it hidden from the masses.

Decoding Who You Are

The system that is so deeply entrenched in the society pushes us to be a particular kind of person, with a certain level of education, being in a particular career, and socializing with certain kind of people. The sad truth is that most people feel that they have a higher calling, but they cannot escape from the system. No matter how many self-improvement books you read, and apply various techniques, nothing will change because

  • You do not have time to change things
  • Where you will get money
  • Someone has to do what you do

To go on this journey of self-discovery, you do not need thousands of dollars, nor do you need hundreds of hours clicking through web pages. All you need is the time and date of your birth, less than $20, and 53 minutes of your time to listen to an amazing message that will activate the code in your DNA. Read on to discover the secret that will change your life for the better.

The Power Quadrant System

The system we are about to share will lead you to discover your true nature and the truth is most of the successful people in the world use it to realize amazing results. We can only make you aware of the code; it is up to you to apply it. It took us over a decade deciphering the code and testing it, so you do not have to go through all the trouble we did. We applied it on ourselves, and it was not easy keeping it a secret once people in our lives started asking questions when they started seeing the changes happening in our lives.

Everything we learned from the secret code, we worked it into a system, the Power Quadrant System. The system is easy to apply in your daily life, and it includes all the resources you need to decode your life and discover your true nature. We will not ask you to read hundreds of pages; we have turned it into a single audio file, 53 minutes long. You can listen to it while driving, riding on the subway, during your break at work, or in the evening after work. You will also get a workbook for those of you who like to take note as they listen, using it however, is not prerequisite to discovering your true self.

What to Expect From the Power Quadrant System

The bottom line is that you ought to take the time out and listen to the entire audio. Once might not be enough, to form new habits and change your life, listen to it repeatedly until it unlocks the secret code in your DNA. Here is what you can expect after 53 minutes of listening to the audio.

  • Who is your perfect soul mate
  • People to avoid working with no matter the circumstances
  • How to find your ideal career and whether your current job is right for you
  • Your children’s codes and why it is vital to know
  • Your spouse’s code and how it aligns with yours
  • Improving your productivity by half
  • Your special talents
  • How to improve the relationships between you and your spouse, family, friends, and colleagues

All of these and more, we learned from an ancient calendar discovered in the 1600’s by Conquistadores from Spain. You have probably read about an ancient calendar set in a giant circular stone, but do not know how to apply the knowledge in their lives to unlock the secret code locked in their DNA. Years of studying the calendar have revealed that the code is embedded in it. With the code, we created the Power Quadrant System, and it will tell you whether you are yellow, red, white, or blue, and what these colors mean.

By know, you might be thinking that you can read a few pages on a website and you will be set for a transformation. We have scoured the internet and every page for information about this ancient calendar and the code held in it. Be warned, ignoring the call to discover who you truly are could lead to a life of endless struggle and depression. Avoid all this, pick up the Power Quadrant System for only $17, and start living your real life.

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