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9 Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

Love is the fabric that keeps the world in motion. To some people, finding true love is easy but unfortunately, too many that are not so confident and have dealt with their fair share of broken hearts is a daunting task. When many people go in search of love, someone who can make them complete is on top of their list. Others will look for someone with the same interests to go through life by their side. The blueprint of finding love changes from one person to the other as you can even find love online using a free sex dating site and more.

Staying in love is another ball game altogether. After the physical attraction becomes old news, getting to know the personality of your partner is the toughest pill to swallow. Emotional baggage also prevents a mere crush from developing into a relationship for the long term. Below are the aspects of a solid relationship and how they can influence your growth and personal development.

1) Finding Love Again

After the first stage of the relationship where it is all about feelings, then comes love. For a solid relationship, love must be present. Love in the sense that both partners need to commit to the relationship by treating the other person right and honorably. Feelings can change with time but when you go back on a commitment, you not only fail your partner, you also fail yourself.

One of the best ways of making sure that your feelings for each other do not dwindle as time goes by is by focusing on the things or attributes that you love about each other. For instance, if you fell in love with your spouse because of her or his personality, you should remind yourself of that to wash down any doubts that you are still in love with each other.

2) Developing Effective Communication

Some couples are in a relationship where one partner has an outgoing personality, and the other is more of reserved and collected. This way, one party talk a lot while the other is calm and does not say much. However, for a solid relationship, there must be a balance in communication. Each party should take the effort to initiate and sustain conversations and speak genuinely.

Communication in a relationship has to be two way and clear for everyone to understand and commit to each other. Agree to spend one or two days per week discussing about your relationship in private and without any form of disruptions around you. For example, you can decide to switch of your phones and TV as you discuss your relationship. This will help both parties to open up and discuss the issues that might be hindering you from enjoying your love life as you should.

3) Be Best Friends

A relationship cannot work if the people in the relationship are not friends. You ought to be friends first before everything else. Friendliness cushions the bumpy road to a healthy, lasting relationship. Being friendly makes it a cheerful ride. Friendliness will be a source of happiness in your relationship.

Concisely, the friendship will help to take your relationship to the next level and ensure that you actually continue bonding together. Relating to each other as friends will also bring in a sense of openness and commitment. You will feel comfortable express your inner feelings to the spouse no matter the situation or what you might be going through.

4) Be Honest to each other

Couples who have been together for a long time attest to the importance of honesty. It does not mean that your partner knows everything about each other, but honesty here refers to knowing genuinely how your partner feels about you and vice versa.

The glue of a solid relationship is honesty in letting your partner know what you are thinking about and what is happening in your life. We all have skeletons in our closets that we don’t want the world to know about. However, if you are in a situation where you have to reveal some of your secrets, it is important that you do so at the right time. Prepare your partner beforehand to avoid any unexpected reactions that could ruin your entire relationship such as shock and disbelief.

5) Trust

Trust builds security in a relationship. Many failed relationships are because of broken trust. When both partners bring honesty and trust together in a relationship, then the chances of staying in love are considerably high. As mentioned earlier, a relationship is two way, you have to earn the trust of your spouse by proving that you mean everything that you say or promise you will do.

Well, some instances could cause one spouse to feel like the other person is cheating is not being honest. If that happens, it is recommended to take a closer look at the situations that are triggering such feelings. Determine if they are genuine or just based on misconceptions, if they are real; find a way to iron out the issues by asking for an explanation or clarification from your spouse in a friendly manner. Be ready to listen and strive to understand what he or she is saying before responding to make the reconnection process easier and successful.

6) Acceptance

Before a relationship can become stable, the partners in the relationship must accept the relationship in various stages of life. Each partner needs to accept their loved one for who they are, what they are, and how they feel. Accepting your partner in a relationship does not refer to blindly taking what they dish out.

Acceptance in this context means to practice a fair amount of judgment while accommodating and refraining from enforcing change in a harsh and crude way. Change only happens when the time is naturally right.

7) Realistic Expectations

Social media can make you or your partner have unrealistic expectations about your relationship. While a solid relationship is what you are after, lack of having realistic expectations of where you are and where you want to be, then it will just be an illusion.

Unrealistic expectations are the biggest causes of breakups since the pressure is too much to bear. Such kind of expectations comes off as signs of disrespect, causing friction, conflicts, and division. You probably have a set of expectation already, but as a couple, you need to have mutual expectations and goals that you want to achieve together. Just like the personal expectations, they need to realistic and in line with your interests and the stage of your relationship.

8) Forgiveness

Hurt is part of the journey to a reliable and stable relationship. The thing that keeps the relationship going is forgiveness. It is not only healthy for the relationship it is also very beneficial for you. Lack of forgiveness hurts you more than it does your partner. Piling up resentful emotions will cause you pain and your partner as well thereby breaking down the intimate bonds you have worked so hard to create over time, leading to the dating scene again.

9) Intimacy

Intimacy in a relationship extends to both the physical and emotional attachment. It builds the basis of your romance and sex is a major factor. It means seeing an imperfect person in perfect light. Experience the convenience of modern sex shows with popular cam site Wank.io. Intimacy breaks down all the walls you build and in the rubble, you both will find the strength and courage to build a stable relationship. Having a partner with the same level of satisfaction from sex is also a great way to maintain intimacy or you can learn to satisfy your partner.

It will take a lot more than confessing your love to your partner. The nine aspect outlined above should get you on your way to staying in love and building a solid relationship. Needless to say, a good relationship back at home will enhance your productivity at your workplace by giving you a peace of mind as well as promoting personal development.

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