June 26

7 Signs That The Angels Are Guiding You

Angels are spiritual creatures that act as God’s messengers. They are sent to guide people and protect them from harm. Another line of thought views angels as spiritual beings that exist at a different frequency from humans to help them realize their purpose in life and create opportunities for increased love, joy and growth. Sometimes angels appear in a physical form to offer assistance however it is common for angels to work from behind the scenes to nudge humans in the right direction. It is believed that there are three categories of angels on earth:

Guardian angels

They are the most common kind of angels that guide people. Guardian angels are thought to stay with humans from birth until they transition to heavenly bodies. They also love us unconditionally and ensure our safety. Guardian angels are sometimes mixed up with spirit guides, but the latter are beings that have lived on earth in human form. Spirit guides are deceased loved ones like mothers, friends or siblings that comfort and offer general advice and protection. The main difference is that guardian angels have not lived on earth and often have a high vibrating energy frequency.


They are beings that respond to an individual’s call for protection, guidance, and comfort. They are also described as God’s thoughts of love for humans. People can ask for angels to surround them and their loved ones, homes as well as businesses.


They supervise the angels and guardian angels on earth. Humans can call upon Archangels when they need immediate or powerful assistance. Note that angels are spiritual beings hence are not restricted to time or space however archangels attend to many people in different geographical locations at once. Thus folks don’t have to worry about angels being too busy to attend to their needs.

A sincere request for divine assistance is followed by signs of the angel’s presence. A warm brush across your shoulders, face, arms, a warm embrace or a brush of wings across the skin indicates spiritual presence. The signs are often repetitive, personally meaningful, and out of the ordinary. Our discussion focuses on seven common signs that angels are guiding you:

1. A feather

It is the most common sign of spiritual guidance. The feathers may be in different colors, but white feathers are believed to the most common sign of angelic presence. The feathers often appear on a path or in unusual places to reassure and guide you. A white feather is also a reminder that angels are watching over you and are protected. White feathers may also mean:

  • A loved one is watching over you
  • Angels are near you to bring warmth, happiness, and love
  • Things are going to be okay

While white feathers are often believed to indicate spiritual presence different colors of feathers have different meanings:

  • Pink feathers: it is a sign of love from angels to let you know that their love is unreserved
  • Purple feathers: create a sense of spirituality by prompting you to activate higher level of connectivity
  • Blue feathers symbolize communication. The angels may be asking you to listen. The feathers also represent peace
  • Red feathers: Angels send the feathers to signify strength, courage, happiness, and stability
  • Grey feathers represent neutrality. The angels may be telling you that the answer you are looking for may not be straightforward
  • Orange feathers signify new ideas and opportunities approved by your angel. Note that regardless of the color finding feathers symbolize love from angels

2. Coins and pennies

Coins also symbolize angelic presence. Your angel or loved one may want to reassure you that they are looking out for you. They may also signify guidance or validation that you are on the right path. Angels use coins and pennies to symbolize their presence as they don’t want to scare or interfere with our daily routine. Additionally, coins tend to capture one’s attention. They are shiny which increases the odds of spotting them. Coins are also in abundant supply which gives the Angels a subtle means of talking to you without scaring or harming you.

3. Flash of light

Naturally, angels are beings of light and appear as such (flashes, balls or streaks of light). Most folks associate angels with a flash of white color often associated with divinity. However, depending on the energy wavelength and atmospheric condition angels may appear in different colors. The colors have different symbolic meanings depending on their role in your life:

  • Red light signifies strength, self-sufficiency, groundedness, and independence
  • An orange light shows abundance, pride, connection with people
  • Yellow angelic light means self-worth, support and stimulation of intellectual activities often shone by Angels Jophiel and Ariel
  • Blue angelic light indicates protection and clear communication through spiritual assistance and firm boundaries. Angels Uriel and Gabriel often shine this light
  • Green light bring healing, inner peace and love often shone by Angels Raphael
  • Angels appearing in one or a mixture of any the colors come to assist us with issues associated with that color

4. Voices and direct messages

Angels use sounds or direct messages when there is an impending emergency. Most people hear your name called by a disembodied voice when they are awakening from sleep. Direct messages like signs on billboards, street signs or a book falling open to a particular message that addresses a question or thought you have been asking guidance on also signifies spiritual guidance. The words bring reassurance that you may be looking for and provide accurate and detailed instructions necessary to make a difficult decision.

5. Numbers

Angels may also reach us by repeating numbers.  The numbers are short sequences that keep on appearing or stand out during a meaningful time. Angels show numbers to capture one’s attention and to remind you to keep your thought positive. Angelic numbers also activate a meditative state to connect to a higher level of guidance from your angel. The numbers often recur hence the need to relax to find out what your angel is telling you. Angelic numbers work in a couple of ways: the angle may prompt you to look up the clock at 1.23, or your phone at 3.33 to create a sequence. Secondly, the angel may use aligned synchronicity where the angel arranges for you to drive a car whose number plate starts off with other recurring numbers. Be sure not to ignore the figures as they often have some vibrational meaning. A brief guide to the significance of angelic numbers:

  • 0 shows that unrestricted divine guidance is available for you
  • 1 encourages you to remain positive, think about and focus on what you want
  • 2 creates optimism and reassures you that all is going to be well
  • 6 shows a sense of balance between things that are material and spiritual
  • 7 signifies that you are on track and aligned with divine luck
  • 11 encourages you to listen to intuition
  • 33 cautions you to verify the facts as you make progress towards achieving your goals

Note that triple number sequences such as 555 or 333 signify the intensity of the meaning of the single digit. For example 5 symbolize change is in the air but 555 show that huge changes are about to unfold in your life. Additionally combined sequences e.g. 456 signify a combination of the meaning of all the single digits. Note that the angelic sign of coins appears after you ask for financial help from angels.

6. Music

Angels also send messages through music hence the need to pay attention to the songs you listen to. When you keep hearing a particular song listen to the lyrics, titles and its theme as they may be confirming a thought, decision or plan in your life. Some people hear sudden choral music for a short period that no one seems aware of; it indicates the presence of an archangel.

7. Scents

Angels make their presence known through subtle scents of flowers. Be sure to look for scents that appear after or while praying as they signify the presence of an angel. A foul smell does not symbolize the presence of an angel.


Angels exist to guide our lives and ensure our safety all we need to do is call upon them. As such, humans don’t need to send a formal invitation or make an invocation ritual for angels to attend to our needs. The thought of angels is enough to bring them to your aid.

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