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How to Read Your Astrology by Date of Birth

astrology houses

astrology houses

Every one of us has that special day in their life they call the date of birth. It is obvious that the individual age is accounted from the number of calendar years passing. The question that hits most people’s minds is what this astrology is. From definition, astrology can be said to be the investigation of the developments and relative places of heavenly bodies translated as having an impact on human affairs and the common world.

Astrology is all about the perceived positions of the planets and constellations at the precise moment of someone’s birth, and claims that these relates systematically to their character, personality traits, relationships with others, profession and auspicious times of their life. Astrology is not widely regarded as science and is typically defined as a form of divination.

Why even at 21st Century we are still captivated by Astrology

Cynics say one of the primary reasons astrology still appeals is on account of we don’t care for the uncertain. By promising a knowledge into what the coming weeks and months could be, astrology gives us the sentiment control over our lives and the unforeseen.

Another reason is honeyed words: identity profiles have a tendency to be peppered with attributes, for example, delicate, passionate, dynamic, down to earth, charming et cetera; characteristics everybody likes to connect with themselves. With a specific end goal to do that, prevalent soothsayers require a decent handle of brain research, this is the place the purported Forer impact becomes an integral factor: a few proclamations appear to apply particularly to yourself, when in certainty they have a universal legitimacy. Individuals see what they need to see, hear what they need to listen. Astrologers realize that and their segments and forecasts are frequently brimming with these sorts of explanations.

Then again, as indicated by a few reviews, it has been demonstrated that individuals can be successfully classified. A contention in soothsaying of astrology is that individuals of same sign have a tendency to have comparable identity attributes and that some particular signs tend to meet and improve with other certain signs. Be that as it may, this could have a mental and logical clarification.

At a given time, the relative position of the Earth, Sun and Moon at the season of birth or conception may affect the identity, in light of the emotions, air and conditions of the mother on that particular season and time of the year. Some researchers have contended that the moon’s gravity may influence ladies’ period cycle, so clearly feelings are additionally influenced. In numerous old societies, the name decided for the new-born depends on the time and date of the birth and relates to normal wonders of regular qualities; e.g. for the Native American Indians, kids conceived in spring are frequently called falcons whose characteristics resemble a seed coming up in spring, with vitality blasting out, brimming with essentialness and audacious. Be that as it may, clearly, numerous different occasions will impact an individual: the family, school, society, qualities, and childhood, and so on add to make up the identity.

How to Read Your Own Birth Chart

To start with, a calculator is provided for you where you are expected to input your birth data and In return, you are offered the best astrological results. The chart field is may look as follows.


Fill in at least Rows 3 – 5



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Date of Birth


Time of Birth


Place of Birth

(Town/City, Country, State (USA Only))


The most essential thing to recollect while interpreting any birth chart is: Synthesis. The entire diagram must be taken all in all. A natal outline overflows with odds and ends of data around a person. Each different piece must be combined into one entire description of the individual.What we mean is that you can’t take one bit of the diagram(for instance, Mercury in Sagittarius) and conclude that it characterizes the whole individual. In the event that you do that, you will, without a doubt, be in mistake.

Obviously, you will be enticed to stop at some of the planetary meanings, and imagine that it is the characterizing component of a man. This is a major mix-up. For instance, say that two people both have Mercury in Sagittarius (meaning something of a “big mouth”). You might be enticed to accept that both of the people are “outspoken.” But, say the primary individual has the Sun in Capricorn, while the second individual has the Sun in Sagittarius. While they both have Mercury in Sagittarius, the main individual (Sun in Capricorn) will have a substantially more held correspondence style than the second individual (Sun in Sagittarius). This makes more sense on the emphasis that the entire chart must be blended together.

It is as though two of us is a mosaic, made up of minute individual pictures. In the birth chart, each different planet in a sign and house resembles one minute individual picture, one small piece of the entire mosaic. Presently, two distinctive finished mosaics, on the off chance that you look sufficiently close, you will get that it may contain modest pieces that are precisely the same, yet they are a piece of two totally unique completed mosaics (this point is outlined by the case of Mercury in Sagittarius above).

In spite of the fact that the mosaics contain comparable pieces, the last items look nothing similar. So what we’re stating here is the opposite age-familiar proverb: “Don’t pass judgment on a book by its cover.” The inverse is summarized as don’t pass judgment on a book by a solitary page inside. The work of the crystal gazer, then, is to take every one of the odds and ends of knowledge in the birth graph and combine them into an entirety. What develops is an incredibly exact picture of a person.

Translating Planets in the Signs

Take a gander at the birth chart and observe what sign and house every planet is in. Here is a convenient, printable worksheet that will help you monitor your birth chart data. Likewise observe the Ascendant’s sign (Rising Sign), and which house the Ascendant’s ruler settles at.

Presently you can search the chart Interpretations of each of your planets and Rising Sign. The Chart Interpretations on the connected page are just broad implications of what everything speaks to. As you figure out the essential vitality of every planet, and of the characteristics of each sign, you can include your own understanding. The zodiac sign will indicate how the planet is showed.

Adding up the Astrology Houses

The other thing to recall is that the planet in the sign will concentrate on the House. This implies the action signified by the planet will happen in the field of your life assigned by the House in which that planet falls. (Keep in mind, each House represents a circle of life – i.e. work, home, fellowships, and so forth.) The planet is the “what,” the sign is “the manner by which” that “what” is done, and the House is “the place” it happens.

Planets = energies; what you like to do = “What”

Signs = the way you do it = “How”

Houses = parts of your life = “Where”

A case of why mulling over the House is so essential:

Say a man has Saturn in Capricorn in the seventh House, which could show as reserved (Capricorn) state of mind in love relationships (seventh House). At that point, say this same individual has Venus in Sagittarius in the eleventh House. This individual will be neighborly and cordial (Sagittarius) in social circumstances and gatherings (eleventh House), yet apathetic and confined (albeit tried and true) in love connections (Saturn in Capricorn in the seventh). (Astrology is a capable apparatus for understanding those apparently repudiating inclinations that we as a whole have. The birth chart discloses to it all. With time and persistence, you will have the capacity to peruse every single such detail from a birth graph)

House Rulers

Another impact on each House is the decision / ruling planet of the House. The decision planet of each House in your natal graph is the planet that rules the sign on the cusp. For instance, in the event that you have Capricorn on the seventh House cusp, then Saturn is the Ruler of your seventh House, since Saturn rules Capricorn. The outcome is that Saturn will have an impact in the matters of your seventh House, paying little respect to which House Saturn is really dwelling in.

Here is a table of the Sign Rulerships

Zodiac Sign

Ruler / Co-ruler
















Pluto[1] / Mars*






Uranus / Saturn*


Neptune / Jupiter*.

The sign on each house cusp demonstrates one’s state of mind towards the matters of that house, though planets in the house indicate real conditions. For instance, Capricorn on the seventh House cusp means a disposition of hold or alert towards framing organizations. Then again, Saturn in the seventh house may signify genuine issues coming to pass in associations and in marriage. These are unpretentious contrasts that will culminate your translations when perusing a birth outline.

So a House is affected by any planets dwelling in that House, additionally by the leader of the House. More often than not, the ruler will be in an alternate House. Ordinarily, the goods of the House will be utilized for favorable position in the House where the planetary ruler really lives. For instance, say you have Capricorn on the seventh House cusp, and Saturn (Capricorn’s ruler) in the second House. You might just wed (seventh House) for cash (ruler in second House).

The celestial setup that occurred at your time of birth is a capable marker of your motivations, drives, inclinations, and mental makeup, yet it doesn’t seal your destiny. It shows the potential you were conceived and born with, yet what you do with that potential is dependent upon you.

Take prompt notice of conjunctions to any of the four points (this implies conjunctions to the Ascendant, M.C., Descendant, I.C.). At the point when a planet makes a conjunction to one of the edges, the impact of that planet might be the most grounded impact in the chart. The individual will recognize firmly with the qualities of that planet.

Likewise consider conjunctions made by the external planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) to the inward planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars). These conjunctions will radically change the understanding for the internal planet by including its own particular qualities. A conjunction from Uranus includes defiance and development; a conjunction from Neptune includes disarray or bitterness as well as motivation and enchantment, and a conjunction from Pluto includes control, yet can be somewhat dreadful.

Something else to note is the proper adjust of components and qualities in the chart. On the off chance that you feel overpowered with this new data, then you ought to just attempt this progression first. This is the most effortless understanding that can be gotten from a natal diagram, notwithstanding for unpracticed individuals.Take note of the component of the indication of every planet, and that of the ascendant, and of the mid heaven.


All of the above does not matter in the event that we consider astrology to be an intricate zodiac sign segment. Yet, in the event that we consider astrology to be a wellspring of learning, we are making a claim that, similar to all cases to information, will be for the most part challenged by savants, researchers, and instructed individuals. Shockingly, it appears to be very impossible that astronauts will ever dodge artifacts or take up basic considering.

It’s appears to be remarkable that thousands of years after the zodiac was invented by old civilizations, a few people still surmise that some kind of impact exists, in view of lively contentions. In any case, not just that, it’s astounding that for a few groups, astrology is more significant than stargazing in scientific bases.


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