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10 Golden rules of life to remember

golden rules of life

golden rules of life

Golden Rules of Life to abide by

What are the 10 golden rules of life? Life may not be so easy to be distilled into some golden rules, but there always some principles to make life much more better for everyone. My favourite golden rule is Rule number 10. Read on to find out more!

1. Examine life, engage life with vengeance

These golden rules of life are not new. It usually echoes the verses of the living who examine life through nature reasons of the greatest gift to humanity. The reasons are important in sensing and examining life that it is evident in all of the life phases. From the infant who struggles to explore on its new environment, to the active people who reads and also assesses on the headline to appraise and explore the world to discovering new sources of material and spiritual pleasure, we understand that we should worry only about the things that are in your control. There are certain things that we can direct, and thus are part of god’s will.

2. Treasure Friendship and the reciprocal attachment that fills the need for association

Good friendship cannot be easily acquired, but instead be nurtured and treasured in relations with trust and amity. Before opening to point to other people’s faults, let us slowly pay attention to our own personal shortcoming and also on what value we can give to the world. Hence if you ponder over how to be happy in life, then starting giving and you will receive it back in hundredfold. You may not believe this, but it is the experience that reaps what you sow. Some people even go the the extent to say one of the golden rules of life is to remember what goes around comes around. Therefore, treat others with absolute respect regardless or status in order to get the same in return.

3. Experience True Pleasure

Potentially every individual we meet up is gifted to teach us something new within, thus inspiring more in our life. Avoid shallow and transient pleasures just keeping life simple to seek calming pleasures that contribute to peace of mind. True pleasure is disciplined and restrained. Avoid the shallow and pressures and seek the calming pleasures that contribute to peace of mind that shapes and forms, pleasure in every human being. Observing people over and over again, not just observing, but absorbing what they are feeling in the moment and even the challenges they are facing the simplicity of sitting down alone at lunch and the struggle scale the flight of stairs wondering how they should work out more . Hence the challenges faced are simply for all being human.

4. Stay True to Your Commitments

The commitments come in all shapes and sizes and even loyalty are seemingly the rare commodities in a society. People are busy and connected to so many different things at once that easily lose track of things you promises to make.

5. Remain Courteous at All Times

Courtesy is something which requires much effort that is possibly one of the reasons that seems surprising. But if all is put in a concerted effort to be little kind to each other a valid difference can be realized in peoples lives.

6. Be Honest and Genuine With Everyone

People tending to have a strong positive disposition showing more interest toward those people who also showed interest toward them on the first place. These things are often difficult to remember when we see someone dashing through lanes of traffic or cutting ahead in line at the grocery store.

7. Care less about who are right and more on what is right

Two people can perform the same thing in different ways both feeling what they did is correct, because they are finely used to. Therefore If the two people come together to do the same thing it’s natural that there will be some argument on how it should be done. Then what is fare to everyone is involved in a way that makes them more comfortable.

8. Show appreciation to others

Whether personal or professional lives, the most important things done for our fellow human beings is to let them know well how much we appreciate what they do. Therefore a small “thank you” is shown a long when it’s combined of words to be heard thus not increase self-centered people in the society. It is too easy to lose the track of the things others do for us even when they are too small. We should give appreciation to these acts of service in our minds, but if the giver does not consider your appreciation towards them because it s not existing then it’s the same thing.

9. Admit when you are wrong and apologize

Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes from time to time, but it’s perfectly acceptable. Even if you screw up and waste money, time or hurt people’s thoughts. But by only admitting you are wrong and apologize. You will be shocked how people will understand when you are humble and self-effacing enough to admit your mistake. Learning something from the successful entrepreneur, you can even learn it from a homeless person , because everyone has something that they are good and best at, thus do not be too fast to dismiss someone as having no value thinking that you are better. Two people can always see the same situation and problem differently and the inner different attitude will highly determine whether they will easily work out of it as winners or suffer a defeat from it.

10. Smile and laugh every day

Laughing makes your worries disappear and make it a habit to laugh, smile as much as you can, because life is better when you do. Even a simple smile from a stranger can also light up your day positively in a communicable way and find people that will like you always happy. Many People say that a smile is always a universal welcoming to everyone it does not matter what type of language a person speaks but away of understanding a smile. Therefore when you give your smile to someone you will eventually get it back.

Golden Rules of Life – Conclusion

In conclusion, life can be much more enjoyable if we follow these golden rules of life. I am not sure what you might be going through right now, one thing is for sure, smile and laugh every day. This is one of the golden rules of life I abide by, and I invite you to download my 67 golden rules ebook by entering your email address below.

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