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ClickBank University Review VS Super Affiliate System Review

Clickbank University Review

Clickbank University Review

If you are an affiliate marketer, you must have heard about affiliate marketing courses such as ClickBank University and Super Affiliate system among others. This is a comparison guide between clickbank university review and super affliate system review to determine  if these courses are worth the money if you want to make money online, especially clickbank email marketing.

Top tip: If you still have not gotten your first clickbank sale online, you need to focus on building your email list. And these courses specifically caters to clickbank email marketing and  thus sales. The money is in the list.

To begin with, Affiliate Marketing is the practice of promoting products for other companies or brands after which you earn commissions when customers buy the products. When promoting products for other companies, you are doing affiliate marketing and so you become an affiliate marketer. You do not produce the products, you promote them to customers.

Note that internet marketing strategies is getting complex day by day and that’s why affiliate marketers opt for training courses such as Super Affiliate System.

On the other hand, if you are an affiliate marketer or a vendor and you would want to make money online you must also have to be trained on how to make it happen. That’s where ClickBank University comes in.

The two terms can be confusing to users and that’s why we’ve prepared this comparison article to help you out.

That being said, we will help you understand what the two terms mean and discuss more about each.

Let’s get started.

What is ClickBank University?

ClickBank is one of the leading affiliate platforms for promoting and selling products online. ClickBank University is a training program offered by ClickBank and it contains a collection of video training courses that take 8 weeks to complete. The video training course is meant to train affiliate marketers how to create their own digital products and promote them to other affiliate marketers on the platform. With ClickBank, you will also learn how to become an affiliate marketer yourself. ClickBank was introduced to bring together affiliate marketers and vendors for the purpose of promoting and selling digital products.

ClickBank was introduced by Adam Horwitz & Justin Atlan in 2013. The two are expert when it comes to internet marketing and has helped many people to earn a living by promoting products.

Who Is ClickBank University Created For?

Although ClickBank University is a video training course that is meant to train people how to create their own digital products and promote them to other affiliate marketers on ClickBank, it might be a good fit for newbie affiliate marketers and other people who are still in the learning stage only. However, it will benefit you a lot if you have a website that’s up and running and with stable traffic. In other words, it is suited for people who want to create their own digital products to promote. If you are already an expert when it comes to creating digital products, ClickBank might not benefit you much.

Main Features of ClickBank University

How Does ClickBank University Work?

ClickBank features step-by-step video tutorials that are meant to train people especially beginners about affiliate marketing and ClickBank marketing. Affiliate marketers go through an 8-week training course on affiliate marketing and vendors go through a 12-week training course.

The program contains live weekly sessions, private Facebook groups, the ClickBank toolkit, and builder. The ClickBank builder is the greatest tool of all since it teaches you how to create an outstanding website and more.

The training course is broken down into two main sections where one section (8-weeks training) is for affiliate marketers and the second section (12-weeks training) is for vendors.

Section 1 (8-weeks training)

The 8-weeks training course is meant to teach people about affiliate marketing and how to start making money online. Here, you will learn the basic features and tools necessary to start your affiliate marketing business.

Section 2 (12-weeks training)

The 12-weeks training program is meant to help vendors how to make their own digital products to start selling online. Here, you will learn how to create your digital products and promote them online.

How Does Super Affiliate System Work?

As mentioned above, the Super Affiliate System is a paid Ads affiliate training course meant to teach people how to create profitable campaigns online to start making money. The program is broken into 6 weeks with video tutorials on how to use paid traffic techniques and earn money through affiliate marketing.

Below are the topics taught in 6 weeks:

Week 1 – System Setup

In this week, you will learn basic features about your business such as your website, presell page and Facebook Ads.

Week 2 – Success Skills

This week covers all about strategy and planning. You will learn about choosing the appropriate niche, product, Ad platform.

Week 3- Promotion Skills

Week 3 educates people on copywriting which is the vital skill of every internet marketer. You will be taught how to write a compelling copy and Ads optimization.

Week 4 – Facebook and Google Ads

This week covers all about setting up Facebook and Google Ads campaigns by adhering to the rules.

Week 5 – YouTube Native Ads

Here you will learn how to create Ads on YouTube

Week 6 – Scaling and Automation

Now that you are equipped with ads and marketing skills, in week 6, you will be taught about automating your business.

How Much Does ClickBank University Cost?

ClickBank costs $47 per month which equals to a yearly membership of $564. Note that this is aside of the amount you spend on advertising bearing in mind that you will need to register your own domain.

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What is the Super Affiliate System?

Super Affiliate System (SAS) is paid advertisement affiliate training course that was launched by John Crestani to help people especially newbies and novices in affiliate marketing to create massively profitable affiliate campaigns and start making money online.

It features a 6-week training course on paid ads and teaches people from the basics to advanced affiliate marketing techniques that helpful when it comes to marketing on Google and Facebook. The Super Affiliate System as a program features numerous webinars and campaigns to help people to start their affiliate businesses.

After completing the paid ads training course, you will become proficient in copywriting, research and data analysis. These skills will help you to effectively promote products online. So, if you want to become a successful paid ads affiliate marketer, the Super Affiliate is your online training course.

Super Affiliate System main types of support are

·        Email

·        Help Desk

·        Facebook Group

The 6-week training course covers:

Week 1: System Setup

Week 2: Success Skills

Week 3: Marketing Skills

Week 4: Facebook & Google Ads

Week 5: YouTube Native Ads

Week 6: Scaling & Automation

Who is Super Affiliate System Created for?

As we’ve mentioned above that Supper Affiliate System is a paid ads training course meant to help people create massively profitable affiliate campaigns so as to make money online, this program is suited for newbies and experienced marketers as well. This program teaches people how to become affiliate marketers and in fact, if you are a blogger and you would want to become a proficient affiliate marketer, then this program will help you to increase conversions and sales.

The process of creating a campaign is easy since you just need to follow the steps mentioned below

  1.  First, you join and get your affiliate links
  2. Install WordPress on your site
  3. Design your affiliate page
  4. Attract traffic using Google or Facebook Ads

It’s that easy.

How Much Does Super Affiliate System Cost?

Super Affiliate System is an upsell of Internet Jetset and all are created by John Crestani.

The cost is $47/month for Internet Jetset, $47/month for JetsetLive Webinars and $997 for Supper Affiliate System.

As you can see the program is costly but it’s worth it, but you need to apply what you learn.

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Super Affliate System (SAS)

The Pros and Cons of ClickBank University



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The Pros and Cons of Super Affiliate System



Final Thoughts

If you want to create your own digital products and promote them, you will definitely need to have useful resources and that’s why we recommend that you use ClickBank University. However, if you are most interested in affiliate marketing, then this program might not help you since it is created to train people primarily in product creation.

On the other hand, if you want to build a profitable affiliate marketing campaign for your business then Supper Affiliate System is the ideal program for you. However, you must follow what you learn and put it into action. It is a genuine program and features a lot of valuable resources and tools.

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 Super Affliate System (SAS)


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